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Zelaya Plane Is Barred From Landing

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From a disapproving Agence France-Pressee:

Honduran soldiers stand guard at Toncontin Airport in Tegucigalpa

Honduras ‘to stop Zelaya plane’

Sunday, 5 July 2009

By Sophie Nicholson

TEGUCIGALPA (AFP) — Ousted President Manuel Zelaya was set to attempt a return to Honduras on Sunday, one week after the army threw him out, amid fears of clashes after coup leaders threatened to arrest him on his return…

It was unclear where Zelaya’s plane would touch down, after the interim leaders — who took over after soldiers sent Zelaya to Costa Rica — banned it from landing.

Soldiers surrounded the capital’s main airport as international airlines suspended flights, while thousands of Zelaya supporters from across the country prepared to gather there…

"The landing of the plane which will bring the ex-president is banned," foreign minister Enrique Ortez said ahead of Zelaya’s planned arrival at around midday.

"It doesn’t matter who accompanies him, what the plane is, the landing is prohibited," Ortez said.

Zelaya has said he will be accompanied by a handful of Latin American leaders and other personalities.

The plane was due to leave Washington at around 10 a.m. (1400 GMT), to arrive in Honduras at around 3 pm (2100 GMT), according to Carlos Sosa, the former ambassador to the OAS…

By the way, the aforementioned OAS did vote to suspend Honduras from their ranks, 33 to 34 yesterday, as we foretold.

Those bastions of democracy, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia all voted against the outlaw state.


The latest from Agence France-Presse:

The Venezuelan airplane carrying ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya

Honduras bars Zelaya plane from landing: official

Sun Jul 5

TEGUCIGALPA (AFP) – The interim government in Honduras banned the plane due to carry ousted President Manuel Zelaya home on Sunday from landing, foreign minister Enrique Ortez told local radio.

Quel drama!


And more from the Agence France-Pressee:

Zelaya fails to return to Honduras, violence spirals

By Sophie Nicholson

TEGUCIGALPA (AFP) — Military vehicles blocked the runway to prevent ousted President Manuel Zelaya from landing in Honduras, shortly after troops clashed with his supporters, killing two, according to police.

Zelaya attempted his return to the crisis-gripped nation one week after he was kicked out of power, as tensions reached breaking point, with tens of thousands of his supporters massed at the heavily-militarized airport.

Shortly afterwards his plane landed in Nicaragua, officials in El Salvador said, adding that he was later due to arrive in San Salvador.

Troops fired tear gas and shot on angry protesters trying to break into airport, killing two and injuring at least two others, police said, ahead of Zelaya’s much-anticipated arrival.

In a dramatic climax to the day’s tensions, at least half a dozen military vehicles from the same army that sent Zelaya away in his pajamas one week ago blocked the runway as Zelaya’s plane circled overhead.

Zelaya spoke live from the airplane on Venezuela’s Telesur television, rebroadcast on CNN in Spanish.

"I’m doing everything I can," Zelaya said. "If I had a parachute I would immediately jump out of this plane."

Zelaya said he would denounce the situation in Honduras to the international community.

"From tomorrow the responsibility will fall on the powers, particularly the United States," Zelaya added…

It’s good to see that the Honduran constitutionalists are sticking to their guns.


Zelaya spoke live from the airplane on Venezuela’s Telesur television, rebroadcast on CNN in Spanish.

What a surprise it is to see whose side CNN is on.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, July 5th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

21 Responses to “Zelaya Plane Is Barred From Landing”

  1. proreason says:

    How did our commisars vote on the suspension resolution, Steve?

    The news accounts don’t say which state was the one not voting for Honduras’ suspension.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    If Zelaya, Chavez, Kirchner, and Morales are all going to be on the same plane then by God do I hope it’s a faulty AirBus.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Edited due to more correct info available. Thanks, Steve!

  4. Papa Ray says:

    Following the aviation viewpoint, I hope they filed an alternate landing destination close enough for remaining fuel in the aircraft.

    My hope is that they see the folly of their ways and cancel the flight.

    But I guess there are more political points and media sensation if they just up and go and land somewhere else or land without permission and get arrested.

    Politics is Folly after all, sometimes not so funny.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

  5. Steve says:

    An (ambiguous) update from the Wall Street Journal:

    Zelaya’s Plane Redirected to El Salvador

    July 5, 2009


    TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras—In a high-stakes move to reclaim his post, ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya tried to fly to this Central American nation on Sunday. The provisional government said it would turn the aircraft away, even as it signaled a new willingness to negotiate a solution to the region’s biggest political crisis in years.

    Honduras’ civil aviation director said Mr. Zelaya’s plane was being redirected to El Salvador


  6. I truly hope the Honduran People stick to their guns on this.

    Maybe OURS could learn a thing or two about what “constitution” means.

  7. TwilightZoned says:

    I immensely admire the Honduran government with this whole ordeal. This little government has the cajones to defend their constitution our politicians are sorely lacking.

  8. retire05 says:

    You have to wonder why Nicaragua’s President Ortega and Venezuela’s President Chavez are threatening to invade Honduras if Zeyala is not reinstated.

    for updates I suggest you follow this blog:


    Seems to me that Zeyala has been cutting deals with the devils.

    The interim president of Honduras has reported that Nicaraguan troops are amassing on the Honduran border. Why would that be? Haven’t they read the opinions of Obama that nations are not supposed to “meddle”? Is is also being reported (at faustas) that tons of money was found at the presidental palace, even in drawers, after Zelaya’s removal. His credit cards have been cancelled after it was learned that he was spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave (no insult to drunken sailors intended).

    The [discredited] Washinton Post is also reporting that the Obama administration (or the Hillary State Department) dropped the ball on this one, knowing for months that there was a possibility of Zeyala’s ousting since the Administration had been in negotiations with both sides in Honduras for months.

    Let’s see:

    dropped the ball on Iran
    dropped the ball on North Korea
    dropped the ball on Honduras.

    Somewhere Putin is smiling.

  9. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Like a really bad Saturday morning cartoon….Ortega and Chavez are talking….

    “Curses! Those imperialist interlopers! Death to them all!”

    Ortega took a puff on his cigar and stated flatly, “They will be destroyed, my master….I assure you.”

    Chavez grabbed Ortega by the collar and spat, “You’d BETTER destroy them…..or you will regret the day you were ever born!!!”

    Ruffled, but still self-assured he said, “I have a plan.”

    And so it goes……they live the drama that writers imitate and yet they, themselves never see their folly. From SPECTRE of James Bond fame, to KAOS of Maxwell Smart history….they never get it.

    Of course, this is not some piece of entertainment for the masses but for me, it might as well serve as thus. I can’t take much of this seriously from an ethics standpoint though I do from a political and need-for-freedom standpoint. These people, these “leaders” actually live, breathe and function as the stereotypes they so vehemently deny.

    But of course the point is that history repeats itself and mostly due to those who cannot remember it.

  10. VMAN says:

    Barry is taking his 5th, count em 5th overseas trip in almost as many months. Could we just do the same to him and no let his jet land when he comes back? PLEASE!!!!!

  11. Howard Roark says:

    Credit must be given to the Honduran congress, supreme court, and military. They smell yet another rotting banana republic in their future at the hands of Zelaya, and after ample warning after warning, they use their own constitution against a sitting president to shield themselves from the nightmarish reality of their neighbor Venezuala, where the tin pot dictator Chavez inflicts “referendum” after “referendum” to tighten his communist grip upon their throats.

    Zelaya is in NO position to bargain, yet he preens and gestures as if he is a leader in exile. I only wish that the communist cabal of Chavez, Castro, Zelaya, Ortega and Obama would wade out into the Honduran streets where angry mobs wait to tear them from limb to limb.

  12. canary says:

    Rusty great catch. My first hunch too. I guess those rogue soldiers from Ft. Campbell, TN visiting the WH were handy to have on take-off too. Now off to Russia again.

    retired05, Putin is an absolute threat, and I sure don’t trust Russia,…or Obama.
    There are Israelian scholars that someone I know, knows, that baptised my dad in the Jorden River, that has a different opinion, the two, and I will try and get any update as to change in their opinions.

    First some caveman Muhammad convinces millions that he turned into God in flew his white horse over a rainbow and landed into Israel, now the commies &

    Zeyala saying he has the powers of God. And we are stuck with a chosen one wannabe.

    AP: Zelaya’s plane circles Honduran runway, can’t land
    WILL WEISSERT and NESTOR IKEDA, Associated Press Writers July 5 2009

    TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras –

    … Zelaya said from the plane. “Today I feel like I have sufficient spiritual strength, blessed with the blood of Christ, to be able to arrive there and raise the crucifix.”

    Zelaya said he would consult with the presidents of Argentina, Paraguay and Ecuador and the secretary-general of the Organization of American States, Jose Miguel Insulza, who flew from Washington to El Salvador.

    Zelaya won wide international support after his military ouster, but the presidents decided it was too dangerous to fly on Zelaya’s plane, which carried only his close advisers and staff, two journalists from the Venezuela-based network Telesur and U.N. General Assembly President Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, a leftist Nicaraguan priest and former foreign minister.

    Honduras’ new government has vowed to arrest Zelaya for 18 alleged criminal acts including treason and failing to implement more than 80 laws approved by Congress since taking office in 2006. Zelaya also refused to comply with a Supreme Court ruling against his planned referendum on whether to hold an assembly to consider changing the constitution.

    President Barack Obama has united with Chavez and conservative Colombian President Alvaro Uribe in insisting on Zelaya’s return.

    Speaking on condition of anonymity under ground rules set by the State Department, the officials said the United States and other OAS member countries are coordinating contacts and outreach to facilitate a resolution, despite their insistence on having no formal relations with the interim government.

    Weissert reported from Tegucigalpa and Ikeda from Washington. Associated Press writers Freddy Cuevas, Marcos Aleman and Esteban Felix in Tegucigalpa; and Robert Burns and Jeanneth Valdivieso in Washington contributed to this report.

  13. bronzeprofessor says:

    I was forced to watch CNN at the gym today while working out…. You wouldn’t believe how effing biased they were. Absolutely ridiculous. Some interviewer in a crowd of pro-Zelaya protesters, saying “we have reports from second-hand sources that many have been killed by the military, but these Zelaya supporters say they will fight, even though they are unarmed and peaceful….”

    It went on and on.

    Shameless. Utterly shameless. And how in the world is the Honduran government finding the strength to stand up to so much pressure? We all need to pray for those constitutional watchdogs down there.

    • canary says:

      CNN is worse than ever in history. I can last about 60 seconds, long enough to see their how pathetic the Commie News Network is getting.

      And Bronze, Instead of “my boss” or “my chief” maybe you could just refer to him as “my employer” or “the CEO” like Commander El Obama”?” Because, in reality you are serving America. :)

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Canary, Haha, good point! The thing is, part of the oath I took when I swore in was to respect the president as commander in chief. So I’ll leave it up to all you brave folks on here — most if not all far smarter than I am — to hold the Commander in Chief accountable with criticism, if necessary. For my part, I’m now the quiet grunt in the corner doing as I’m told! :)

      You know, I live and work in an incredibly liberal milieu. You’d be amazed at how many Obama-supporting liberals are hostile or otherwise unsupportive about my decision to join the Army. They can’t even say they’re proud of me or “thank you” or any of that, even when I go out of my way to say I’m willing to risk my life for the current president. I just don’t understand how they think — if they like Obama so much, don’t they realize that he’ll need troops to do what he wants done?

      On the bright side, I went to a July 4th celebration in Warner Park, here in Los Angeles, and I was carrying the Army knapsack they give you the day you swear in. A Vietnam War vet recognized it, as well as an Iraq War vet, and they come up and introduced me, gave me big hugs, it was very touching. The Vietnam War vet gave me — I am not lying — a solid gold medallion with “Soldier’s Angels — let no soldier be unloved” emblazoned on it. I feel bad I was in such shock I didn’t get his name and we got lost in the crowd, but I will carry the medallion with me wherever I go now.

    • canary says:

      bronzeproffessor/ You’d be amazed at how many Obama-supporting liberals are hostile or otherwise unsupportive about my decision to join the Army…

      well, that is really bad where you live. Obama wants more troops. The liberal news and Rosie O’Donnels, have egg on their faces now. People are just projecting their stupidity, rather admit they have egg on their faces.

  14. canary says:

    “I’m doing everything I can,” Zelaya said. “If I had a parachute I would immediately jump out of this plane.”

    Jump! Zelaya! Jump! Such an imagination. What kind of drugs does Chavez and his buddies have? They sure smile alot, and they smiled alot, when Obama visited and all that hugging they do. Very affectionate. Chevez gave Zelaya his own pair of pajama’s to change into, for bedtime story time. “Once upon a time, there were these Amercia brothers, but one had a funny named.

  15. canary says:

    To Bronze Professor, here’s something for those liberal dummies. Ask them if they listened to Obama’s bragging during his speech in front of 2000 gathered in Chicago’s Federal plaza.
    The same speech he said his grandfather fought in Patton’s army, (he never saw combat). Also, Obama’s deception that he “personally witnessed 9/11”, like Hillary lied about she and Chelsea dodging bullets in Bosnia, and Chelsea jogging in central park when 9/11. (she was in her apt watching it on tv)

    In Barak Obama: The Audacity of Hope page 294.

    “I also said that “after witnessing the carnage and destruction, the dust and the tears, I supported this Administration’s pledge to hunt down and root out those who would slaughter innocents in the name of intolerance” and would “willingly take up arms myself to prevent such tragedy from happening again.”

    This was fall of 2002… Quite a poser, he is.

  16. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Zelaya’s Plane Barred From Landing”

    Now there’s some terrific Air Traffic Control!!!

    Could we get these guys for o-blah-blah’s return landing from Russia???

  17. Reality Bytes says:

    What is it about marxists & their great taste in planes?! Course, Obama gets We The People’s nifty heavy 747 (VC-25).

    But o’l Manuel choice, Falson 7X is no slouch either. Tell me, why does a leftist leader from Central America need a plane that flies at mach .9 at 51K feet & a range of 5,900 nautical miles anyway?!


    Check it out. It is a cool plane, none the less. Too bad it’s coming off the backs of the poor he portends to look out after. No wonder Obama wants him back in. They could be cousins. (knowin’ Obama’s father’s past, they very well may be).

  18. canary says:

    Obama sends private plane Early Bird for Zelaya for Gunplay & Torch mission.
    (warning: contains obscene language by Obama’s flight crew)


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