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Hostage Taking Dems Demand ‘Card Check’

From the union-busting (in their own business) Associated Press:

More to FAA shutdown than air service subsidies

JOAN LOWY, Associated Press
August 4, 2011

WASHINGTON – On the surface, the partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration is about whether to cut $16 million in air service subsidies, a pretty small amount in this town. Underneath are layers upon layers of political gamesmanship that, at its heart, is about whether Democrats or Republicans get to call the shots in Congress.

"At its heart" this is about the Democrat Party’s desire to subsidize unions with taxpayer money. And the Democrats’ efforts to give unions unprecedented power to intimidate non-union members.

The immediate price is high. Already, 4,000 FAA employees have been furloughed, more than 200 construction projects have been halted and an estimated 70,000 other private-sector workers affected…

These of course are union employees, who must be protected at all costs.

The government has been losing about $30 million a day in uncollected airline ticket taxes since the shutdown began on July 23. If it’s not resolved until after Congress returns from its August recess in early September, lost revenue will tally about $1.2 billion…

The Democrats see tax revenue as their source of income, which too, must be protected at all costs.

Democrats complain that Republicans, by manufacturing crisis after crisis, are trying to force them to accept painful policies that haven’t been negotiated through normal legislative processes…

"This is becoming a very disturbing pattern: A small, uncompromising group, feeling the righteousness of their cause, hurt tens of thousands of innocent people and takes them hostage until they get their complete way," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said. "These debates should not be determined by which side is willing to take the most casualties."

Notice how the Democrats will immediately go nuclear over the slightest issue, and start calling anyone who opposes them on any matter ‘hostage takers.’

Republicans said they have to use the tools available to them because Democrats are unreasonable about cutting spending.

"If we’re having this fight over $16 million in subsidies, how are they going to get trillions (of dollars in cuts) from government? It’s not a good start," Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said in an interview with The Associated Press. "This may be emblematic of what we face getting any cuts." …

Again, all we ever hear is how the Democrats want to do away with government subsidies. That is, unless it is their constituents (unions) and/or their members’ comfort (Jay Rockefeller) that is being subsidized.

Mica made the first move leading up to the shutdown in July when he attached a provision eliminating subsidies for air service to 13 rural communities to a bill to extend FAA’s operating authority, which was due to expire shortly. The FAA has been operating under a series of 20 short-term extension bills since 2007, when the agency’s last long-term funding bill expired…

So Congress hasn’t done its job on this subject since 2007? The hell you say.

One of those issues is the air service program, which was created after airlines were deregulated in 1978. It pays airlines to fly less profitable routes to remote communities. The entire program costs about $200 million a year, about the same as what the government is losing each week the FAA shutdown continues. Critics say some of the communities don’t deserve aid because they are within a reasonable drive of a hub airport or because their subsidies are exorbitantly high — more than $1,000 per passenger…

But the most politically difficult issue involves a labor provision in the House long-term bill. Republicans want to overturn a National Mediation Board rule approved last year that allows airline and railroad employees to form a union by a simple majority of those voting. Under the old rule, workers who didn’t vote were treated as "no" votes

AKA ‘card check.’ Which allows professional thugs to do away with the secret ballot in order to intimidate employees into joining their union. 

Last month, in comments to the House Rules Committee and separately to reporters, Mica said the labor provision was the only issue standing in the way of the House and Senate reaching an agreement on a long-term FAA bill. He said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, R-Nev., has refused to negotiate with Republicans on the issue

So who is holding whom hostage?

One of the communities that would lose subsidized service is Morgantown, W.Va., in the home state of Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller

And goodness knows Mr. Rockefeller wouldn’t be afford to buy airline tickets without taxpayer subsidies. But the Democrats are always looking out for the little guy.

The House bill was approved on July 20 by a mostly party-line vote. Senate Democrats have introduced their own FAA extension bill with no strings attached, but Republicans have repeatedly blocked votes on the measure. Democrats have responded in kind, blocking votes on the House-passed bill containing the subsidy cuts.

A few days ago, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, indicated to Democrats that he’d be willing to accept their extension bill without the subsidy cuts in exchange for concessions on the labor issue, but Democrats refused the offer, Rockefeller said

Again, who are the hostage takers here? Who has a gun to whose head?

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One Response to “Hostage Taking Dems Demand ‘Card Check’”

  1. Dupree says:

    “A small, uncompromising group, feeling the righteousness of their cause, hurt tens of thousands of innocent people and takes them hostage until they get their complete way”

    yeah, like muslims, planned parenthood, and the gheys. More liberal projection.

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