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Hotel Pays Katrina Victims $2.5K To Scram

Which is exactly what they and their poverty pimp Al Sharpton were demanding.

From the New York Times owned NY1:

Hotel Near JFK Wants Katrina Evacuees Out As Soon As Possible

Under a deal reached Tuesday, a group of Hurricane Katrina victims staying at the Radisson Hotel near JFK will receive $2,500 if they move out of the hotel this week.

Nine families who fled Hurricane Katrina remain at the hotel, but the hotel is in the middle of a major renovation and FEMA stopped paying for the families stay in February.

Now, the hotel has agreed to pay the families to clear out as soon as possible to make way for the renovations. The hotel has agreed to pay the families $2,500 to move out this week, $2,000 if they move out next week, and $1,000 if they leave in the next 30 days.

"Hopefully I can move on and get some public housing and start working and get my life back on track,” said Katrina evacuee Charles Ebans.

“The Radisson has collected millions of dollars from Katrina survivors and I understand that a business has to make a profit, however this is just vulgar, this is greed,” said attorney Ashwani Prabhakar. “They could allow the people to stay a little while longer."

The Radisson says it will evict any evacuees still at the hotel in 45 days.

The indomitable human spirit.

I wonder what Al got for his help with the shake-down?

(Thanks to IHateScammers for the heads up.)

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