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House To Push Through SCHIP Increases

From those champion of children of all ages (and national origin) at the Associated Press:

House begins debate on children’s health care bill


WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has opened debate on a bill to increase spending on children’s health insurance as Democrats try to give President-elect Barack Obama an early win on health care.

The bill includes an additional $33 billion for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program over the next 4 1/2 years. The federal excise tax on a pack of cigarettes will increase 61 cents to pay for the program’s expansion.

Democratic lawmakers say that with the struggling economy, it’s more important than ever to cover children’s health care.

Legislation to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program was vetoed twice by President George W. Bush in 2007. This time, supporters are confident that a deal can be struck and the bill passed shortly after Obama’s inauguration.

The measure includes a provision that would expand coverage to children of legal immigrants as well as pregnant immigrants.

This is the full extent of the Associated Press article.

There is no mention that SCHIP is being raised to cover “children” up to the age of 30. And illegal aliens.

But of course we can afford it.

In fact, SCHIP, like the full universal health care that will soon follow, will help boost the economy.

Mr. Obama said so.

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10 Responses to “House To Push Through SCHIP Increases”

  1. clifcrds says:

    Guess how the Commiecrats plan to support the poor this time . . . by raising a tax on the smoking poor (again) without any debate or protest!

    Obama’s recession remedy: Tax the poor!
    By Michelle Malkin • January 14, 2009 04:43 AM

    It’s baaaack. Remember S-CHIP?

    The Democrats are racing their universal health care Trojan Horse through the House today and in the Senate by Friday. Yesterday evening after I filed my syndicated column (printed below) on Obama and the Democrats’ first massive tax increase of 2009, the 285-page text of the proposed S-CHIP expansion went online. It’s H.R. 2 and you can read the PDF in its entirety here — something a significant number of congressional members will not do before voting for the behemoth bill. The tax portion of the bill is broken out here (thanks to the Stogie Guys). Pelosi’s press release is here.

    Every legal tobacco product from premanufactured cigarettes and cigarette papers to cigars to roll-your-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and smokeless tobacco will be taxed out the wazoo. Take roll-your-own tobacco. It’s currently taxed at $1.0969/lb. The Obama/Democrat S-CHIP plan would hike that to $24.62/lb. Cigarette taxes would rise from $19.50 per thousand to $50.00 per thousand for small cigarettes and from $40.95 per thousand to $105.00 per thousand for large cigarettes.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to have an open debate on the bill. House GOP leaders lodged a protest. (But remember that 42 Republicans sided with Pelosi last January in a failed attempt to override President Bush’s veto.)

    So much for transparency and openness. And so much for those promises to provide tax relief to “ordinary Americans.” As usual, Barry O was just blowin’ smoke:

    I think it was Hitler who said “Such luck that men do not think” . . . seems to work great for socialists too.

  2. proreason says:

    and since fraud is rampant in any government program, you have the occasional family earning $290K that has their kids on SCHIP.

    Could that have included Biden. After all, he was the poorest man in the Senate.

  3. Crystald says:

    Dumborats are floggin a dead horse, TAXPAYERS who smoke are a declining group and cannot fund their precious program for illegal aliens and 30 yr olds to get free health care.

    Dumbocrats would need to recruit 22.4 million new smokers by 2017 to keep funding their Medicaid and SCHIP expansions.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to have an open debate on the bill…that should be a huge red flag to any American!

    Seems they forgot something about “no taxation without representation”

    Time for some tea in the harbor!

  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    $33 billion seems woefully short of what will be needed (like most government estimates). Wonder if this and the countless social welfare bills to come are included in that $1.2 trillion budget shortfall that is expected. No it’s not a deficit, it is a budget shortfall. Taxes will eventually be raised to cover the cost once the economy rebounds. I need to make the distinction, only Republicans cause deficits. Like the Trillions spent on 8 years of war by Bush, so dutifully noted by jbharris or what ever that moonbat’s name was. That money is completely unlike the trillions to be spent this year alone to by votes from the poor and stupid masses with universal health care and “education” programs.

  5. caligirl9 says:

    Free maternity and child health care is enough to bring ’em in. Who cares about the lack of jobs.

    Build the southern border fence, cliff or moat **NOW**!!!!!

    The government will start promoting smoking, with #1 smoking poster boy the chosen one, sneaking around the Rose Garden to take a drag at all hours of the day and night. Unless he rescinds the White House policy of being a smoke-free residence/workplace.

    Look at this article from the LA Times regarding health care and who gets it in my lovely home state:


    • proreason says:

      I looked at that story cali, and it’s stunning. More than a thousand illegal immigrants recieving lifetime dialysis averaging over 1/2 a million per illegal.

      Lawyers in this country have twisted the best governmental framework in the world into something that will destroy itself. I’m lifting them up on my enemy’s list.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Do I hear a call for a LAWYER RODEO?
      They are the scurge of the planet!!

  6. oki2 says:

    Well, NOW we know why he was trying to quit smoking. If he hadn’t landed his new high-paying job, he would be lobbying against this.

  7. U NO HOO says:

    ““Such luck that men do not think” . . .”

    Ironically, the only difference between humans and other fauna, and flora, is the ability to think.

    And, in my opinion, the only thing humans have to do when they wake up in the morning, or whenever, is think, and so many humans get it wrong.

  8. clifcrds says:

    And I do believe it was Thomas Sowell (love his articles BTW) who said “They claim horses are dumb animals but they are smart enough not to bet on humans.”

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