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House Offers Budget Cut Amendments

From the ‘Caucus Blog’ at the New York Times:

House Members Offer Hundreds of Budget-Cutting Amendments

February 15, 2011

More than 400 times, members of the House of Representatives have proposed new and different ways to cut the federal budget, from dropping all efforts to block Arizona from enacting its new immigration law, to eliminating money for Planned Parenthood to saying to Department of Agriculture employees engaged in loans for marketing mohair — Sorry! No funds for you!

While some federal programs seemed particularly vulnerable to lawmakers’ knives — look out Department of Housing and Urban Development — agencies and programs all across the federal government were cited for large cuts.

Were all of these amendments to pass, $115 million for additional alternative energy expenditures in the Department of Defense would go away, new flight suits for Armed Forces members would be off the table and the American Community Survey, a unit of the United States Census bureau, would be totally defunded.

How can we ever survive without the "American Community Survey’?

Some of the items offered by the members were highly specific, such as the proposed end to the Department of Defense sponsorships of NASCAR race cars. But there were also calls for broad-based cuts, such as a $14 billion haircut in security and military spending

NASCAR? This must be a Democrat proposal, especially since it is also a Defense cut. In fact, notice how many of these cuts sound like they might have come from Democrats.

Do you oversee a nation that regularly disagrees with the United States over matters before the United Nations? Under one amendment, funding would no longer flow your way.

Imagine not helping to fund our political enemies around the world. The outrage!

These ideas, should they be adopted by the House, would be part of a budget bill that would then go to the Senate, which is all but certain to reject the measure.

What is truly hilarious — or deeply troubling — are the responses to this suggested cuts from the readers of The Times. Such as this one:

East Amherst, NY
February 16th, 2011

Viewing these amendments and what they would do to the everyday ‘Jane and Joe’ in our country, is just a sample of what will happen if the Democrats lose the Senate in 2012.

What we’ll see will be a period of dark days like we have never experienced before. Everything will be on the chopping block as we become serfs in a medieval existence where the strings are pulled by the likes of the Koch Brothers, the Coors Family, and members of the Wall Street Mob.

The Democrats have to start ‘Getting Out the Vote’ NOW! and not wait until until next summer. Blacks and Latinos have to be mobilized, educated, that if they don’t vote for the Democrats running for office in 2012, any chance of their becoming or of holding on to their Middle Class Status, will be lost.

Apparently cutting the federal subsidy for mohair or NASCAR will destroy the middle class and drive us all back to the middle ages.

But wait, there’s more. It turns out that any cuts in federal spending will cause a genocide worse than Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’:

Carl Ian Schwartz
Paterson, New Jersey, USA
February 16th, 2011

They say NOTHING about the cause of these problems–the myth behind "supply-side" economics and two unnecessary wars that have ruined our reputation and the lives of many of our troops–to whom these people just give lip service. The new GOP motto: "Throw Grandma under the wheels of a truck."

The way the GOP "cuts" are skewed make the architects of the Final Solution look like rank amateurs in their fairly successful effort to rid the world of people they didn’t like.

God help our country if these commenters are not paid Soros web stooges and their posts actually represent a popular view.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “House Offers Budget Cut Amendments”

  1. proreason says:

    How many ways is the federal government a spendthrift?

    – left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is spending
    – bureaucrats are more incentivized to expand budgets than contract them
    – most services should never be performed in the first place
    – once a function is in place, it is almost impossible to eliminate it, no matter how useless it is
    – SEIU
    – gold plated pensions, can’t fire people, incompetant workers, gold-plated benefits
    – $200B annual fraud in medicare alone. Defense is probably more.
    – rife with errors
    – most spending is bribes from congressional criminals to puchase votes
    – most spending is not authorized by the constitution
    – much spending is replicated by the states
    – bloated bureaucracies
    – spending is never dependent on taxes raised
    – not transparent
    – more spending is “off-budget” than “on-budget”. In other words, it is hidden
    – $700B “sitting” in government accounts, so bloated the agencies can’t figure out how to spend it
    – virtually no accountability
    – bureaucrats see themselves as superior to the people
    – virtually no financial controls
    – they fire IG’s when the IG’s point out waste

    Well, that took 3 minutes. In 30, the list could triple. In 3 hours it could be 5 times longer.

    This government needs to be shut down, not pared down.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      I concur with ALL your points, pro.
      We must eliminate waste from the top down.
      Not the other way around and until they get in gear…..
      they are just rotating their wheels and “WE” all lose!!
      Well said, bro!

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The comments by the bloggers says it all. Ignorance begets more ignorance. I went to high school and college with people like that who latched onto the “socially acceptable” meme and I also served in the military with many more like that. Myth and magic was more important than getting facts right or trying to get to the truth.

    The skill of careful skepticism seems to have vanished. To be so is to be criticized by teachers and many bosses as “being negative” when in reality, it’s a necessary instinct. Their categorical hatred of conservatism and the republican party as Nazis or potential murderers is very interesting, to say the least. And, again, rather than investigate and get to the truth of any matter, they simply latch onto whatever their coffee shop faggot friends believe and never bother to find out for themselves with any objectivity.

    I liked how Rush asked today…something that he does periodically and did also during the Clinton years. Something I do instinctively, which is ask, “Who is doing better now or are you doing better now since Obama has been president?” One might argue that the 200,000+ new federal employees probably are and thus, are now drooling obamanauts, if they weren’t to begin with. But then, one must next ask, “If you’re now a government employee, what did you used to do for employment and what skills and training do you have that transferred to your new ‘position’ in the obama government?” I’m fairly certain but just guessing that there isn’t much to go on there. Take the TSA…people who lack most basic skills to even make change, be courteous, see the world in a much bigger light than in their own myopic way, etc., etc. That being the average uptake of the typical high-school kid.

    The bureaucracy of the government operates in a very insulated fashion. Cubicle monkeys have limited responsibility and whenever any situation falls “outside of the lines”, they have to get a supervisor. Often, it goes a couple of layers higher than that. Yet, they are comfortable that when things go wrong no one is to blame. That is perhaps the single most angering feature of round-robin bureaucracy that I have found. You can never find someone to pin at-fault. All by design. Many large corporations learned this and do similar, thus avoiding having to listen to complaints from customers.

    But for the bloggers who live in a vacuum, I stopped caring about them years ago. Just like the idiots in high school who were convinced they were right and again the groups and cliques in the military who were the same way. If everyone pays attention to what they need to do and doesn’t bother with what everyone else is doing, the world seems to work a lot better.

    Like Willie Nelson sang, “…Cuz if you mind your own business then you won’t be mindin’ mine”.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    You know what gets me here – re the comments & a caller to Rush after he asked the question – What I do not get – isn’t the gov entitlements (and also to a degree Union ‘deals’) – a form of slavery where you trade your freedom, choices and independence to many things/options – for the ‘security’ of a guaranteed job and/or set income? Pardon me, but isn’t that what slavery is – now apparently done freely and by choice (isn’t that a form of suicide?!?) Talk about the mental illness of liberalism – 2 parts suicidal tendencies, 2 parts base amoral lying and 6 parts blind ignorance. Count me out

    And that idiot on Rush – it is terribly frightening to me that someone truly believes that something a comedian said on a skit on tv is attributed to a political candidate – and he can vote!

    Sadly I think a requirement to property ownership and/or civics test must be required to vote – the US is being destroyed by morons who not only don’t have a clue – are too stupid to even realize how taken for a ride they are.

    • untrainable says:

      We’ve hit a tipping point where there soon will be more people collecting “dat Obama stash cash” than there are paying taxes. And the fact that you can vote yourself a check (vote democrat), combined with the fact that most of the those same people are misinformed (by those same democrats) uneducated or just plain stupid leads directly to an Obama in the White House. But I think you should give some credit to the NEA and the brainwashing they give children from kindergarden until they graduate from the hollow halls of the amazing university system. They charge more and more, educate less and less, and put the serious dry clean and martinize on the empty headded little buggers.

      Meanwhile that same education system says “Eh, we don’t need to teach civics, or government to kids anymore. We need to replace it with some touchy feely green themed communist BS. Yeah that’s the ticket.” No wonder there is a marxist in the White House. It’s actually suprising that it hasn’t happened before… wait a minute, there was Jimmah Cahtuh.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yep, it was that semi-funny comedian from SNL who said it, not Sarah. But perhaps the line between entertainment and real news is now so blurred that the average person cannot tell the difference. In part, I’m blaming the media. But even more, there is an individual responsibility to evaluate all information sent to the brain. “Is this genuine, or is it crap?” should be the first filter. I was taught this by my parents and reinforced by my grade school/high school teachers. I noted many of my “peers” did not have these skills when I entered into the real world. Superstitions, urban legends, etc were all considered accepted “wisdom”. And it’s truly frustrating to have to get past all that before discussing more important matters.

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