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Democrats Had Foley Emails A Year Ago

From a very disappointed Reuters:

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, left, and other members of Congress, take part in a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2006 to discuss ethics reform. From left are, Collins, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., Rep. Martin Meehan, D-Mass., and Sen. John McCain.

House panel finds Republicans negligent in scandal

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A House ethics panel concluded that Republicans failed to adequately respond to early warnings about a lawmaker blamed for the Internet sex scandal that shook the U.S. Congress this year, a source said on Friday.

The source [sic] the bipartisan panel found that no one violated specific ethics rules but were negligent in protecting young interns in the matter.

Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida, a six-term lawmaker, resigned from the House of Representatives on September 29 after it was disclosed he had sent sexually explicit electronic messages to former teenage male interns.

The revelation triggered charges that Republicans had tried to cover up the matter and likely helped Democrats win control of an already scandal-rocked Congress in the November 7 elections.

What’s this? The House Republicans committed no crimes? None? They didn’t even violate any Congressional ethics rules?

We were lied to for all those weeks? But that’s okay. As long as it helped elect Democrats.

Funny though how nobody even thought of investigating the Democrat leadership’s role in this non-scandal.


In today’s latest misrepresentation by Reuters of the House ethics report, we find these two paragraph buried near the bottom:

House panel finds Republicans negligent in scandal

The panel said it found that many people on and off Capitol Hill knew about Foley’s e-mails, including members of the media. It said the communications directors for the House Democratic caucus and campaign committee had copies of some of his electronic messages last year.

A Pelosi spokeswoman said she was unaware until after the probe that the communications directors had copies…

Even a colleague of the libeling “reporter” Brian Ross at The Blotter manages to report on the DNC’s cover-up of the Foley emails:

Democratic Leadership Knew About Foley E-mails

Rhonda Schwartz Reports:

The House Ethics Committee Report includes new information that top Democrats were also aware in 2005 of Mark Foley’s inappropriate e-mails to congressional pages at about the same time as outgoing Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office was informed.

While the report is critical of Hastert and his staff for not taking sufficient action, nowhere is there any evidence that the Democrats followed up.

According to the Committee’s report, “the communications directors for both the House Democratic Caucus and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee” in the fall of 2005 also had copies of e-mails written by Mark Foley to a congressional page, which the high school student described as “sick, sick, sick, sick.” …

So top Democrats in the Democrat Caucus and the Democrat Campaign Committee and their henchmen in the media had the emails for more than a year. And still they did nothing, except hold on to them until it was too late to remove Foley from the ballot.

Yet all the mainstream news headlines about the panel’s report are blaring how “negligent” and otherwise culpable the Republicans were.

Even though nobody can point to anything the Republicans did wrong.

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