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House Panels Okay Obama-Care Bill

From an elated Associated Press:

House panels OK sweeping health care bill

By David Espo, AP Special Correspondent

WASHINGTON – Health care legislation atop President Barack Obama’s domestic agenda cleared two House committees on Friday, but the White House as well as rebellious Democratic conservatives called quickly for changes to rein in the skyrocketing cost of care.

Given the complexities, as well as fresh calls for delay in the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., opened the door to pushing off a vote past an early August timeline she and Obama laid out weeks ago.

Whatever the difficulties, she predicted legislation would pass that will transform the nation’s health care system, extending coverage to millions who lack it while slowing the growth in costs generally. "It is really historic. It’s transformation. It’s momentous," she told reporters at a news conference.

For now, it was also messy.

Two House committees approved their portions of the bill on party-line votes in marathon sessions, one shortly after midnight, the other after an all-night session than ran 20 hours.

Republicans sought unsuccessfully in both the Ways and Means Committee and the Education and Labor panel to strip out key portions of the bill, including a new tax on the wealthy and a requirement for the government to sell insurance in competition with private companies.

That left one more panel, the Energy and Commerce Committee, to take action, and there, renegade Democrats were seeking greater cost cutting as well as other changes before providing the votes necessary to send the legislation to the floor for a vote by the full House…

"We’re very proud of the savings (already in the legislation)" the speaker told reporters, although she added, "Of course, we want more."

We need to remember these smiles.

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30 Responses to “House Panels Okay Obama-Care Bill”

  1. proreason says:

    What a hag she is.

    How does a mother of 5 children turn into a hate-filled oligarch?

    • Reality Bytes says:

      Are face lifts covered? If they are she alone could bankrupt us!

    • U NO HOO says:

      I was going to ask, are these facking bustards stupid or just evil or both?

    • U NO HOO says:

      “How does a mother of 5 children turn into a hate-filled oligarch?”

      She started out as an oligarch, her father was mayor of Baltimore.

      Rotten crab apples don’t fall far from the tree.

    • proreason says:

      “stupid or just evil or both”

      Almost always, both.

      And of course, you have to add arrogant, greedy, and dishonest to the list.

      And for most, add perverted and traitorous.

    • Flession says:

      Does anyone else just want to deck Pelosi after looking at her smug smile in that pic?

      …maybe it’s just me >__>

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Flession, if you strike her, your hand might get stuck in the melting glycerine. Her face is only 27% real at this point.

  2. BatK says:

    Whatever the difficulties, she predicted legislation would pass that will transform the nation’s health care system, extending coverage to millions who lack it while slowing the growth in costs generally. “It is really historic. It’s transformation. It’s momentous,” she told reporters at a news conference.

    It’s scary as all get out, and these clowns don’t mind because they’ll be the ones stealing, er taxing, our money

    • U NO HOO says:

      “extending coverage to millions who lack it”

      because maybe they don’t need it so we’ll now pay for insurance that isn’t needed…

      or introduce a middle man to pay for treatment that used to be paid by the patient directly to the doctor…

      Earth to Obama: Grow Up!

  3. bill says:

    Government run health care — Abort the young, kill the old, save money.

    Why does it take 1000 pages?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      After a 50 foot fall, 1,000 pages carries quite a load and can do permanent damage if not kill.

      Accidents happen ….. one look at Pelosi and Reid confirms it!!

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    National socialists…..Nazis…..freakin’ nazis running the nation of my birth. These self-important examples of human excrement just get my ire up…and that’s probably exactly what they want.

    I’m trying to figure out a way to circumvent their evil plans on a personal level. Open defiance that lets me continue my freedom while being able to openly mock them.

    As a diabetic, I will have no choice but to eventually succumb to their plans should this crap-fest of a healthcare plan happen.

    My biggest question is, why isn’t it being challenged openly on the floor of government? Why no republicans standing up and literally SCREAMING at these idiots?

    • bill says:

      Three words — State run media.

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Rusty, after watching the GOP roll over whimper in fear before Sonia Sotomayor, I have decided, essentially, that the Republican Party is a pathetic circle jerk. I think 2012 is time for a serious 3rd party. It won’t even be a 3rd party, more like the 2nd party, after the Republicans basically sing odes to Lincoln on the 150th anniversary of the famous Lincoln defeat of Democrat Stephen Douglas, and then decide that 150 years is enough and disband. I can think of better places for Orrin Hatch, Linsey Graham, Libby Dole, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Charles Grassley… much better places than the Senate. How about the night shift at Denny’s?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      BP, In a very odd way, I liken all this to the way the cools kids take something over. Everybody wants to look cool, right? Even if what they’re doing is beyond the ridiculous. However, it woudl appear that nothing on the face of the Earth is more easily intimidated by bad press right now than an incumbent republican.

      With that said, let’s say the republicans can regain some form of control of government in 2010; Does this mean they will suddenly all collectively grow a pair?

      Doubtful. I believe they would continue to do the hippie-crats bidding and still fear public skewering, not that I can blame them on the one hand.

      Oddly, inasmuch as democrats generally hate one another almost as much as they hate republicans, they have seemed to form some kind of cohesion allowing them to stick like gum to a shoe and ruin everything.

      To me, it seems so overwhelmingly simple that they, the republicans just simply cannot face being labeled racist simply because they are against programs that create a socialist state and are against the general tide of the adolescent dictator wanna-be. So the nation suffers because they, the police (in essence) won’t do anything.

      So yes, your idea is sound. I have begun to call myself a “Constitutionalist”.

      In my young life, I have never seen a collective group of so-called adults act with such bloodthirsty spiteful revenge than this government we have. And it might just be simple as that. ALL the issues that they have been angry about for decades are now being implemented and it would appear to me, it’s simply out of spite to stick it to the opposite party and obligations to voting citizens be damned.

      Additionally, as has been pointed out, it also makes them wealthier and certainly allows them to enjoy great power.

      The old “fox in the henhouse” comes to mind. But when all the chickens have been eaten, where will they move on to? Well, they’ve already started. They’ll come after you and me. Maybe it’s because they know their time may be limited and they not only want to grab as much as possible….but act out on their constant anger and hatred simply because they cannot have any self-control.

      Self-control, as is the basis of one of the tenets of conservatism, holds no foundation for a liberal. They are run amok. Out of control and there is no collective conscience to stop them and they don’t even realize what they are doing. It’s “do it for the sake of doing it” alone and there are no other considerations. Thus the old washed-up arguments for healthcare, uh, “reform” and climate control….god…it’s just simply un friggin believable. To actually have people….believe……actually BELIEVE that humans can CONTROL the climate. Why, it’s been the basis of many a bad sci-fi feature since the beginning of time. And it’s still just as absurd now as it was then.

      They have cracked the code on how to sell things. I’m surprised they let Billy Mays die (rest his soul) as they could’ve used him to hawk everything from global warming to selling rollerskate cars.

      Al Franken in government? You know, I train pilots for a living and to me, it’s the same as putting Bozo the Clown in the cockpit of a 50 million dollar airliner. Or, perhaps letting a five-year-old play with powertools.

      While we shake our heads and suffer the callous ignoring of our system of government by those entrusted with running it, they care not and laugh at us the way the “cool kids” used to laugh at my new shirt in school. For a group that espouses “fairness” and “equality”, as has been pointed out they are of everything else BUT. They have no manners. Justice is a term used for punishment, to level the social playing field. Fairness means only how it applies to make life MORE fair to them.

      Hypocritical….multi tens of thousands to millions of dollars to go on a world apology tour. I’ll bet even other nations were saying, “What the hell just happened?” when the boy-idiot got done singing Brenda Lee “I’m Sorry…..sooooo sorry” while at the same time saying “Butcha can’t blame meeeeee…….I wasn’t born yetttttt”.

      These people have to go. I don’t care how. Legally, illegally, violently….in chains and shackles….I don’t care. We have witnessed for decades what happens when a government goes bad….now we’re seeing it in the nation that TRADITIONALLY embraced its differences but now has no balance inside. And, adding to that imbalance are people who, they themselves are CLEARLY imbalanced. Pelosi…a certifiable liar and angry old shrew. Barney Fwank, the pillow-biting butt pirate who is retaliating against years of persecution for his perversion, Eric Holder…well, who’s just another angry black man, who has a zero-spine accomplice in Blammo, the boy-king. Reid, Inc. And what the hell is Dodd’s frikkin’ problem?

      I’ll bet…..if one could take the time….and be able to sit down and psychoanalyze the lot, you would find the one common denominator to be anger. Whether perceived injustices or actual, their inner-children are all having tantrums. And they are all complicit in their behavior, magnifying it to a truly destructive degree.

      And the irony is? They have, for their whole lives no one to be angry at but themselves.

    • proreason says:

      ” I have never seen a collective group of so-called adults act with such bloodthirsty spiteful revenge than this government”

      Brilliant essay, Rusty.

      Every word, true to the bone.

  5. Melly says:

    Mark Levin’s show is great this afternoon/evening. The Energy and Commerce committee votes next week. He urges that we contact the 7 blue dog Dems on that committee this weekend.

    Call the 7 Blue Dog Dems

    Don’t want government run health care?

    Call 202-225-3121 and tell the 7 Blue Dogs on Energy and Commerce to vote NO.

    Reps. John Barrow (D-Ga.)
    Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.)
    Baron Hill (D-Ind.)
    Jim Matheson (D-Utah)
    Charlie Melancon (D-La.)
    Mike Ross (D-Ark)
    Zack Space (D-Ohio)

    (also – Google them to get their websites)


  6. IdahoGal says:

    According to an interview on Fred Thompson’s radio show, on page 425 is a mandatory provision that all seniors on Medicare have a death counseling session every five years (or immediately if they develop a life threatening disease) to learn how to off themselves to benefit society and their families. I haven’t been able to access the bill itself but here’s a link to Fred’s show:


    • Melly says:

      Something Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ezekiel thought of no doubt.

      “Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel (1957-) is a noted NIH bioethicist, and a leading opponent of state-assisted suicide. Ezekiel has been tapped as a White House Health Care policy adviser

      Currently Emanuel is Director of the Clinical Bioethics Department at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. He graduated from Amherst College in 1979 and received his MSc from Oxford University in Biochemistry. He received his MD from Harvard Medical School and a PhD in Political Philosophy from Harvard University.”

    • bronzeprofessor says:

      Why do I not feel comfortable with people who have MDs and PhDs in political philosophy? I think, Josef Mengele.

  7. Melly says:

    Additionally – if you haven’t heard of Pastor Manning – he has a huge internet following. Here’s his latest installment on Barry’s healthcare plan. It is hysterical. The man is spot on.


  8. proreason says:

    The Moron backs away from August as a deadline for his Health Scare monstrosity.

    Politico thinks its impossible to get through the Senate.

    “Obama did not reiterate his August deadline for the House and Senate to pass bills – a possible sign that he’s moving away that goal in the face of growing evidence that it’s simply out of reach for the Senate. Notably, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) didn’t mention August in his statement after Obama’s remarks either, but urged senators of both parties to keep working toward a compromise.

    But one key Republican, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), made clear he didn’t fine much value in Obama’s comments”

    Every day, every phone call is critical.

    Keep up the heat on the bastards.


    If this report is valid, it’s incredibly good news because every day the crap sandwich is delayed is one more day for the country to learn about the demon facists and their plan to turn the country into a banana republic.

  9. douglance says:

    Pelosi is the most evil person in the congress and that says something.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I e-mailed her via her website. Doubtful I’ll hear anything positive. Just had to vent my disdain toward her and I was not impolite…but it wasn’t a happy birthday wish, either.

      friggin witch.

  10. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Why just single out Pelosi? I think Obama and everyone of his inner circle are evil. At my last job location some of the co-workers on lunch break made the observation that even the powerful Roman Empire killed their senators and emperors when they felt they had become too power hungry and their actions detrimental for the good of the republic. I personally don’t advocate this but I sometimes wonder if others are contemplating such extreme measures. Because when one political party controls the house, senate, and supreme court then those left out of the political process feel that the path of violence is the only option they have left.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Not singling her out. Just a good place to start. We can get to the rest as time permits.

  11. proreason says:

    From a commentor passed on by a Rick Moran bit in American Thinker today:

    “”An acute shortage of dialysis machines is causing numerous premature deaths in the UK, a study by the country’s National Kidney Research Fund indicates. More than 100,000 people have kidney disease but only 34,000 are receiving dialysis or have had a kidney transplant.

    Of the 71 UK kidney treatment units surveyed, 12 have been forced to turn away patients. Other units reported that they have been forced to take emergency measures to accommodate increasing numbers of patients. Some offer patients dialysis only 2 times a week instead of 3, while others hold overnight treatment sessions. Most units reported they were working at full capacity, with no appointment times for new patients. “Some providers acknowledged that the final options for such patients are conservative management and/or death,” the report said.”

    The 12 UK kidney treatment centers mentioned above who were turning away
    patients developed a unique technique to fix the problem. All dialysis patients
    over the age of 50 were sent a letter that had the following statement regarding
    the lack of treatment available: “We recommend you put your affairs in order.”

    Not surprisingly the demand for dialysis soon “died…”


    Everybody over 50 in this country should do the same.

    You thought redistribution meant stealing your money and giving it to somebody too lazy to work.

    You probably didn’t realize the Moron and his criminal collaborators were also talking about years of your life.

  12. proreason says:

    “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act”

    How do they come up with these absurd names? Do they have Orwell’s brain pickled?

    It won’t be affordable, it isn’t for Americans, there won’t be any choices, and no real people get to act.

    But as we all know, the most affordable choice is no health care anyway. Probably that’s what they mean.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      But if you opt not to have any and they determine you can “afford” it, then you will be fined.

      So what are my choices again?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      You could croak …… that would show them!

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