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House Passed Border Funding Bill, While Senate Vacations

From the Associated Press:

House tumult shows immigration still flummoxes GOP

By Charles Babington | August 3, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Midterm elections that will decide control of the Senate are three months away, and the 2016 presidential campaign will start in earnest soon after. Yet the Republican Party still can’t figure out what to do about illegal immigration…

Unlike he Democrats, who have decided to do away with the concept entirely.

It’s the one problem the party declared it must resolve to win future presidential races…

And never mind the polls that have shown Romney beating Obama ever since the elections. And never mind that polls that show amnesty to be at the bottom of importance to voters. (Even below climate change.)

And it still managed to bedevil the party again last week, when House Republicans splintered and stumbled for a day before passing a face-saving bill late Friday night.

"Face saving bill"? Meanwhile, the Senate did nothing to fund the border crisis. They just went on vacation Thursday, as planned, without one word of condemnation in the news media. While the Republicans get blasted for actually acting.

The fiasco proved anew that a small number of uncompromising conservatives have the power to hamper the efforts of GOP leaders to craft coherent positions on key issues — including one that nearly two-thirds of Americans say is an important to them personally, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll released last week.

What utter BS. The main thing that AP poll found was that the vast majority of Americans, even Democrats, were against giving the latest flood of illegal aliens amnesty or refugee status. Which is the position of the conservative Republicans in the House.

Moreover, a Gallup poll from last month found that the current flood of illegal aliens across the border was the country’s number one problem. And the public doesn’t want it to be solved by giving everyone amnesty. Which is again the same position as conservative Republicans.

Even if President Barack Obama moves ahead with a proposal to give work permits to millions of immigrants living in the country illegally, removing the threat of deportation, Democratic strategists say Republicans won’t reap much of a benefit. Republicans, they argue, have already squeezed as much as they can from voters angry at the president by hammering at his record on health care, the IRS, foreign policy and other issues…

In other words, the Democrats are already resigned to losing the midterms. But they don’t mind, since they believe amnesty will keep them from ever losing another election.

Ultimately, the party’s rank-and-file refused to start Congress’ five-week break without proving the GOP could pass some type of immigration bill. It would clear the way for eventual deportation of more than 700,000 immigrants brought here illegally as children.

That way never needed to be clear. That way was always cleared. Any money spent on lawyers and judges will just hinder the deportations. (Which is the goal.)

It also would allocate $694 million for border security efforts, including $35 million for the National Guard.

Which the Senate will never go along with. For some odd reason.

The action kept Republicans from ending the summer empty-handed on immigration. But that doesn’t mean the party is any closer to untying the nation’s immigration knot…

Again, the AP says nothing about the Democrats in the Senate ending the summer empty-handed.

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