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House Passes Bi-Partisan Deficit Cutting Bill

From a doing their best to change the subject, Associated Press:

Huge deficit-cutting bill sails through GOP House


July 19, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defying a veto threat, the Republican-controlled House voted Tuesday night to slice federal spending by $6 trillion and require a constitutional balanced budget amendment to be sent to the states in exchange for averting a threatened Aug. 2 government default.

The 234-190 vote marked the power of deeply conservative first-term Republicans, and it stood in contrast to calls at the White House and in the Senate for a late stab at bipartisanship to solve the nation’s looming debt crisis.

What objective and unbiased reporting from the Associated Press. And never mind that this vote was bi-partisan. Five Democrats voted for it. Which is five more Democrat votes than what Mr. Obama’s last budget got.

President Barack Obama and a startling number of Republican senators lauded a deficit-reduction plan put forward earlier in the day by a bipartisan "Gang of Six" lawmakers that calls for $1 trillion in what sponsors delicately called "additional revenue" and some critics swiftly labeled as higher taxes

Notice how quickly the AP changes the subject to this non-bill that has not even been written down. It’s just a vague outline. In fact, the AP spends most of the rest of this article talking about the Gang Of Six’s proposal, instead of a real bill that has actually passed through the House in a bipartisan vote.

So it’s pretty clear that the Democrats and their news media minions have trotted out the Gang Of Six’s ‘outline’ to take the attention away from this very real and very sensible bill.

By the way, the "startling number of Republican senators" who back this plan turns out to be exactly five.

Wall Street cheered the news of possible compromise as well. The Dow Jones industrials average soared 202 points, the biggest one-day leap this year

Could it be that Wall Street knew that the House would pass this bill? After all, it is real. Unlike the Gang Of Six fantasy plan.

Yet a few hours after Obama spoke at the White House, supporters of the newly passed House measure breathed defiance.

The nerve of these legislators who have written and presented and voted on an actual bill not dropping it in favor of some nebulous outline that contains no specifics about cuts but a lot of huge tax increases.

"Let me be clear. This is the compromise. This is the best plan out there," said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, head of a conservative group inside the House known as the Republican Study Committee.

And he is right. Lest we forget, the House bill still raises the debt ceiling. Which is far beyond meeting the Democrats half way. Probably too far.

The legislation, dubbed "Cut, Cap and Balance" by supporters and backed by tea party [sic] activists, would make an estimated $111 billion in immediate reductions and ensure that overall spending declined in the future in relation to the overall size of the economy.

It also would require both houses of Congress to approve a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and send it to the states for ratification. The amendment itself would require a supermajority vote in both houses of Congress for any future tax raises…

Senate Democrats have announced they will oppose the House passed-measure, although it could take two or three days to reject it.

Why isn’t this a sensible plan? How come we don’t even hear what the supposed objections are? Where is the outrage that the Democrat controlled Senate is promising to reject this plan and that Mr. Obama is threatening to veto it? 

Aren’t they going to throw our country into default by rejecting the only plan that is on the table?

No, our news media are doing everything they can to ignore this highly sensible and very real bi-partisan plan. Instead they want to distract us with some nebulous outline from the hitherto mocked ‘Gang Of Six.’

A ‘Gang’ which Republican Tom Coburn quit in disgust just two months ago.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

11 Responses to “House Passes Bi-Partisan Deficit Cutting Bill”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    If the problems are solved, the media may have to go out and find news.

    • AmericanIPA says:

      That would take some work on their behalf. It’s much easier to just make it up.

  2. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    The Reuter’s article is even more disgusting. Everywhere tax increases are mentioned they are referred to as ‘revenues’ but if there is any mention of decreases, then they are tax cuts.

    As for the bi-partisan nature of the “cut, cap, and balance” bill, those five were given permission by the DNC to vote for the bill so they can keep their jobs come Nov 2012.

  3. proreason says:

    Why didn’t Cut, Cap and Balance happen 2 months ago when it might have established a useful negotiating position?

    I’m beggining to believe in reincarnation. Apparently, Mitch McConnel was Hitler’s strategist in a previous life.

    I’m also beginning to wonder whether the Washington branch of the Republican Party, which I believe consists of about 20 members, but somehow controls events in the entire party, is actually on Obamy’s side. At the very least, it is absolutely clear that Mitch and friends simply do not see an existential threat to the country. If they did, we wouldn’t have already lost this hand wile holding four aces. Whatever happens, Match and friends will still be enjoying their plush offices and perks until Jan 2013, won’t they? And after that, no doubt, they have lush positions lined up as lobbyists sucking at the teat of obamy’s second administration.

    I’m also disappointed in Michelle Bachmann. She could have left an option open other than rescinding Obamycare, which obviously would be vetoed. Much as I agree with 99% of what she says, she hasn’t done the country a service with her rhetoric on this matter.

  4. The Redneck says:

    Several Republicans and five Democrats:

    The 234-190 vote marked the power of deeply conservative first-term Republicans, and it stood in contrast to calls at the White House and in the Senate for a late stab at bipartisanship to solve the nation’s looming debt crisis.

    Several Democrats and five Republicans:

    President Barack Obama and a startling number of Republican senators lauded a deficit-reduction plan put forward earlier in the day by a bipartisan “Gang of Six” lawmakers

  5. BigOil says:

    What we are witnessing is the ratchet effect in all its destructive glory. As unacceptable as Cut, Cap, and Balance is to the Marxists, it would still advance the ball in their direction. It allows for trillions more in deficit spending. Liberals also know they can block a balanced budget amendment.

    I agree with Michele Bachmann. There should be no increase in the debt ceiling without immediate and deep cuts to spending. IMO, spending cuts must include elimination of federal programs and agencies – otherwise the leviathan will continue to grow unabated – until it collapses. Without the line in the sand now, we are simply delaying the inevitable conclusion, not averting it.

    The laws of economics do not change simply because a political deal has been cut.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    That piece Pro posted about the Marxists being on their last threads, completely desperate and unhinged couldn’t be more dead on.

    Or as Steve says “they’re out of bullets.”

    They’re doing anything to find a wedge; isolate, divide, and wrestle us down with the full Alinsky until we submit. It’s a full assault from their end on the Tea Party, on the Congressional Republicans; they got Tucker Carlson’s rag to launch another broadside on Michele Bachmann, which the Army of Davids handled quickly and effectively. We’ve also got Col. West’s back; he was on Levin today reporting on his embattlement with the sisterhood of the screeching harpies lead by Blabbermouth.

    The Leftist coalition is, and has been very weak politically. That’s been our point since before the 2010 Shellacking, a point that the Shellacking should’ve overwhelmingly vindicated. They haven’t proposed a realistic budget plan in 8## days because the plan they actually need and intend on implementing got skunked when it came for a vote because of how politically toxic it is when it gets stated in a direct public forum.

    As the CCB/BBA goes forward, it’s time to return the favor by driving the wedge between the ‘moderate’ Democrats and their intransigent, idealistic leadership. Even after Obama and the regime lied and threatened default if we didn’t meet his demands, we compromised on that premise to allow a debt increase, and we compromised by taking the entitlement reforms we seek off the table, to produce a plan that would be substantively beneficial to the country and politically palpable to Washington. The overwhelming majority of the Republican caucus and 5 Democrats (bipartisan!) agree with that approach. If we can create enough pressure to force a floor vote and the Senate is really going to keep choosing the tax and spend Marxist approach to protect their precious, then we are going to have it on record and we’ll make the effort to make sure that those “blue-collar voters” they presumably represent know who they really are – as well as that there’s a political party with a responsible and compassionate alternative that will encourage private sector economic stability and thus job growth, which has especially affected the tradesman class hard.

    Keep it up patriots. They get the most vile when on the verge of defeat. Always darkest before the dawn.

    • proreason says:

      I’m becoming more and more convinced that we are approaching Armageddon in 2012, at least, political Armageddon. And I’m not talking about just the US; I’m talking about the world. I know everybody thinks I’m a nut, but that’s how I see it. I believe that the reason other people don’t see it is that Americans have been wrapped in a cocoon of peace and stability for 65 years. We never were particularly concerned with internal subversion anyway, and the immense economic success since 1945 has made us incapable of seeing what is really going on. I also think that awareness of that cocoon is a key element in the strategy of the people plotting Armageddon against us.

      The pace of history has changed radically from about 1900 forward and it has just accelerated more in the 1990’s and early years of this century. This is consistent with the pace of innovation, communications, worldwide politics and life in general. Since 1990 alone, the US has been involved in at least 5 wars or major skirmishes. The world watched Sadaam attempt to seize control of the entire Middle East, the British Pound nearly collapse, a major financial crisis in Malaysia, the collapse of the Japanese economy, the internet bubble and bursting thereof, the Enron and WorldCom scandals, 9/11, the loans-to-deadbeats financial crisis, multiple oil bubbles, the economic collapse of 2008, the unnamed Depression of 2009 through 2011, and much much more.

      Most people seem to think it’s all random. I don’t. I think it’s all orchestrated by people who salivate to take over the world, and they don’t care what they have to do to accomplish it. Whether you believe that is the driving force or not, it’s obvious that there are millions of people with radically different life-views than we have, that they have seized power in the US, and that they are determined to force their will on us.

      The entire problem with the world, from their perspective is the United States. For 70 years, the US has been the lynchpin of freedom and stability in the world. The US has been the cop and the judge. We have kept the peace, and despite the events I listed above, overall, the world has prospered and the violence compared to all prior generations has been minimal. And as I’ve said many times, the innovations that have occurred since 1900 have revolutionized the world economically in ways that dwarf anything the marxists have ever conceived of. But these people don’t give a rats ass about peace, stability, freedom, and innovation. They care about their own power, and only their own power. Period. Peace, freedom and stability are their enemies, not their friends. In other words, in their minds, what is good for 6 billion human beings is a disaster for them.

      It’s even more clear now that 2008 was a watershed. For the first time, radicals seized power in the city on the hill. It was a genuinely historical event. It’s the crest of the Marxist ascent that they have been desperately seeking for over 150 years. They had their run in Russia, but the US defeated it. They had their bubble in China but leaders there finally abandoned Marxist economics to retain their own power. They have had many successes in Cuba, North Korea, North Vietnam, etc., etc., but none of them ever take hold…all because of the US resisted them. Now, at last they have the chance they have been working for so long. They burrowed into our very system. They lied and stole and cheated and created conditions that fooled a tiny majority of Americans that their Manchurian candidate was harmless. They are so close that they can taste the sweet wine of total victory. If the US succumbs, it’s all over for freedom. Totalitarian power will rise again, as it has always done. Feudalism will once again reign throughout the world. Kings will be kings, and peasants will be peasants; those that survive the purge, that is.

      But as often happens in life, as the wall of Marxist success has climbed to its pinnacle, just before they can push it over the top, counter forces have arisen against it, and in addition, the coalition that they surreptitiously built with a seemingly unending stream of capitalist money is teetering because the money, at last, drying up. Ironically, the money is disappearing because of their own kamikaze strategy. Perhaps they understand that, but it doesn’t matter. No money – no Judas’s.

      These three forces are coming together in a volatile mix and a direction that nobody can predict the outcome of. Marxist subversion, the counter rise of American patriots, and the collapse of the unending funding streams of revolution. It’s all coming together in 2011.

      On the very verge of final victory by the totalitarians, their foundation is crumbling and their opponents are gathering strength. If they weren’t so close, and the situation were not so dire, they would not be so desperate. But they are beyond desperate. It has to appear to them that if they can’t push this secret revolution over the top, then it will crumble to rubble, and it will take decades to re-build it, if ever. They are beyond desperate.

      And they will do anything. They are not bound by any morality, by any legal code, or by any acknowledgement of rights for anyone else in the world. Not when they are so close to a triumph that in their minds will be the equivalent of the 1,000 year Reich. Obama is the Hitler of this movement, the 2008 meltdown was their Reichstag Fire, and the 2012 election is the Battle of Britain.

      I guess I could be wrong, and the jam downs, the lies, the undermining of this country, the demonization of every opponent, the coded “transformation” that Americans interpreted as more free candy could all just be normal liberal politics as usual. But I don’t think so.

      If the American Revolution hadn’t happened the world would be vastly different and vastly inferior today than in 1750. Until the last day, that revolution could have failed. 2012 is the same way. In the end, there will be no middle ground. Either we win or they do. We both have advantages and disadvantages. It’s going to be deadly.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I’m not an expert by any means on this but applaud your willingness to talk about it bluntly as I think it’s an issue that every Truthseeker has to inevitably confront intellectually. To the best of my knowledge what you’ve essentially just described is much like the Theory of Historical Novelty, which is like a mapping code for charting the flow of change on the Spacetime continuum – one that I dare say does in fact seem to be fairly consistent with what the path of history actually has looked like. Even if you look back to the beginning of time and were to try and graph it, what you’d end up getting is something resembling a Sine Wave that’s being pulled tighter together between it’s peaks and troughs, especially after you insert the variable of human progress (technology) into the graph. At each turning point in the graph are significant markers in history where general stability and the status quo have broken down resulting in fast and rapid changes in the previous environment, and a new distinct path for the direction of History. Major environmental disasters, civilizational rises and falls, wars.

      Global human society has followed this pattern too, but whereas great empires once ruled the Earth for a thousand years before hollowing out from within and being overcome by competitors, we just passed through a century unlike any other – highlighted by two existentially destructive World Wars, a Cold War wherein millions upon millions lived behind an Iron Curtain, Modern/Post-modern economic Globalism, and now a war with Islamofascism, a worldview that does not recognize a doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction.

      Novelty Theory suggests that this cosmic tide will eventually become so condensed that the sine wave will eventually become one solid, stable line. That’s what has been called Timewave Zero, another secular theory trying to explain the possibility of the idea of a Singularity, and it too has indeed been connected to the 2012 pseudo-phenomenon.

      Like Global Warming, I think the Ruling Class has been taking observational data from the fringes of scientific thought and building a propogandist cult of lies around it. The Left’s obsession to cash in on Apocalyptic Intrigue following 9/11 has been something we’ve been assaulted with ad naseum. It’s fearmongering at its easiest/best, and I always instinctively knew there was a broader strategy behind it – even if it simply was to psychologically terrorize our culture in preperation for what they were trying to do to us economically and politically.

      The disgusting thing is how they’ve always tried to portray Conservative Capitalists as the very harbingers they are now showing themselves to be. It’s disgusting because the pattern of hypocrisy has always been in plain sight.

      Whether the current War of the Worldviews happening at this point of time is the inevitable last act of the 11th Hour on the Novelty Chart or not, and the collapse we all fear is actually going to be realized, I personally believe that Redemption for the honest is an undeniable Law of Nature’s God. All I can do is my best to humbly pursue what we know is right and stand up with all my soul when those we know are wrong go to far. The rest of how it’ll play is for the Architect and his Adversary to quarrel over, but it is amazing in this advanced age of information that we have such detailed insight into it. That’s part of why I’ve believed the realization of instant communication networks – the free exchange of ideas – is so revolutionary, even with all the other mass media out there; the power of education (or complete indoctrination!) it has for the common man is undeniable because of how it enhances the Socratic method of learning by allowing you to ask your own questions.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      Dystopia here we come. There are too many too hopelessly dependent upon the government teat. Even if the Marxist can’t fully implement their plans, they will never go away completely. They have rooted themselves in the tragic flaw of humanity, dependency.

      “It is folly for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself.” – Epicurus

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