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House Plan Reportedly Offers 3 Paths To Amnesty

From the New York Times:

House Immigration Bill Is Said to Offer 3 Paths

By ASHLEY PARKER | April 2, 2013

WASHINGTON — In the shadow of a bipartisan Senate group preparing to roll out broad immigration legislation next week, shortly after Congress returns from its holiday break, a bipartisan group of eight House members is readying its own bill.

In contrast to the Senate plan — which would provide one clear, if difficult [sic], path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in the country — the House legislation will most likely offer three distinct paths to legal status.

And never mind that the United States already has the easiest path to citizenship of any country in the world. (Just try emigrating to Australia, for instance.)

Young immigrants in the country without legal papers, who often call themselves “Dreamers,” and low-skilled agricultural workers would qualify for an expedited road to legal status, people familiar with the negotiations said. The Dreamers should not be punished for being brought illegally to the country by their parents, House aides said, and the members agreed that the agricultural workers perform crucial work for the economy…

Remember, "young immigrants" are now anyone 36 years of age or younger. And the requirements for proving you were brought to this country as a child are non-existent. All you have to do is make the claim. So this would end up covering the vast majority of illegal aliens already in the country.

The second group to receive a path to legal permanent residence would be immigrants who have either a family or an employment relationship that would allow them to apply for legal status, except that they have already entered the country illegally…

Which is the current pathway for everyone. That is to say, this is the country’s current pathway to citizenship.

[These] immigrants would then have to return to their home country to apply for legal status, aides said, but could do so only after completing a series of hurdles including paying fines and back taxes and learning English, aides said…

Unless they are too poor to pay any fines. And unless it’s too hard for them to learn English.

The remaining illegal immigrants could apply for “provisional legal status” if they came forward and admitted breaking the law, paid fines and back taxes, and learned English, much as they could under the Senate plan, aides said. This status would allow them to live, work and travel in the country legally, and they could then apply through regular channels for a green card after 10 years and citizenship 5 years after that…

This is the Senate’s ‘Gang Of 8’ plan. So what exactly is any different?

If anything, the House plan is more ‘generous,’ insofar as the "Dreamers" and agricultural workers get fast-tracked. But that is probably part of the ‘Gang Of 8’ plan, too.

This comprise seems to mollify both sides: Republicans could reassure their base that illegal immigrants would not receive a special path to citizenship, while Democrats are satisfied because the plan would allow for the option of citizenship down the road…

Except that the illegal aliens in the country will be getting a special path. In fact, they will be put ahead of those who are taking the current legal pathway to citizenship.

Anyway, we are hoping The Times is lying here, and this isn’t the House plan. But, for once, they are probably telling the truth in an immigration story. If so, this is really bad news for the country.

As usual, the House was our only hope to beat back amnesty.

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2 Responses to “House Plan Reportedly Offers 3 Paths To Amnesty”

  1. Petronius says:

    So much for the rule of law.

    Now the Republicans are trying to out-Democrat the Democrats. It was very predictable.

    They’re all masochists. They’ve all fattened themselves up and they’re in the market for hungry cannibals. They’re caponized and ready to hop onto the grill.

    Yes, nothing can stop the decline once the will-to-live is gone.

    By the way, there is a fourth pathway that allows citizenship to all illegals with fewer than six felony convictions, and requires all Americans to learn Spanish. Or Nahuatl, Amayra, Quechua, or Jido, or whatever. You can take your pick.

    Actually, the only amnesty that I might –– just might, mind you –– consider would have as its first condition that the number of illegals who are amnestied would be offset by a corresponding reduction in the number of legal quota immigrants. In other words, there would be a moratorium on all immigration (legal and illegal) such that, if eleven million illegals are admitted, then the number of new lawful immigrants must be reduced by eleven million. If it’s twenty million illegals, then it’s twenty million legals. And so forth.

    Otherwise their scheme becomes an open-ended amnesty without limits in perpetuum.

    But what the heck. Who’s counting?

    Mob rule. That’s the American way. Love it or leave it.

    I used to belong here, but I don’t any more.

    You can’t choose where you belong and where you don’t.

    But what if the place you don’t belong is the only place you have left?

  2. GetBackJack says:

    How about “obey the law” go back and try again, legally?

    That’s my plan.

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