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House RINOs Fear Backlash For Not Giving Obama $3.7B

From The Hill:

House Republicans fear backlash from punting border bill to the fall

By Peter Schroeder and Cristina Marcos | July 24, 2014

House Republicans are growing anxious about leaving town for the August recess without passing a border bill. Ahead of a pivotal conference meeting Friday morning, rank-and-file lawmakers are openly fretting about the questions they would face from constituents if they break from legislative work without taking action to address the surge of child migrants into the United States.

This is pretty hilarious. Especially coming as it does from the same media outlet that told us back on July 12th: ‘Immigration reform fizzles as campaign issue for Democrats.’

But now we are supposed to believe the House Republicans will suffer if they don’t give Obama a $4 billion dollar slush fund which will line the pocket of pro-amnesty lawyers and judges and other Democrat operatives. How quickly things change.

Many argue that if they fail to pass a bill, even one that is a total non-starter with Democrats, they’ll give President Obama five weeks of open airtime to pound them as do-nothing obstructionists…

Obama has been pounding the House Republican "as do-nothing obstructionists" since January 2009. And yet Republicans are far ahead in every midterm poll. So what exactly is the problem?

“It needs to be passed before we go to the August constituent work period. I don’t think we ought to go home until we’ve dealt with it,” said Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas). “The president has done a proposal, and if we don’t act on that, or reject that and don’t come up with a solution of our own, public opinion will swing against us. And we’ve already got such great approval ratings. “I was talking to one member who said, ‘Yea, if we don’t do anything, I’m canceling all my town halls,’ ” he added…

Pathetic. If this is his attitude, he doesn’t deserve to be the opposition party in Congress.

By the way, The Hill doesn’t bother to mention it, but the AP has reported that only $25 million of Obama’s requested $3.7 billion could possibly be spent this year.

So this money is really pointless, if the goal is to do something quickly about the border crisis. It really is just another slush fund for the Democrats for the midterms.

The Republicans pressing for action on a border bill are at odds with the conservative wing of the House. Those members argue that the right move is to do nothing at all, and force the president to address a problem he created with his lax immigration policies…

Cruz said the GOP should vote to defund Obama’s deferred deportation program for children who illegally immigrated to the United States before 2007, arguing it incentivized the flow of child migrants across the border. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) ruled out that approach Thursday, however.


“I’ve been pretty clear that taking some action to solve this problem is in order,” Boehner said…

How about we enforce the immigration laws that Congress has already enacted?

Incoming House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) told reporters Thursday many members of his caucus were eager to act on the issue before the August recess. "Many conservatives I’ve talked to want to pass legislation and solve this problem," Scalise said.

The work of passing a bill has been complicated by Rep. Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) primary loss…

Oh, our sides. You mean some of them are so venal as to put holding on to their seats ahead of doing the socially just thing?

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2 Responses to “House RINOs Fear Backlash For Not Giving Obama $3.7B”

  1. untrainable says:

    When did they start calling it a “constituent work period”? It’s a recess. And though they are supposed to go home and answer to their constituents, most just use the time to polish their golf game, or to work on their tans.

    We have to do something before the “the August constituent work period”. If we don’t, I’m going to cancel my town halls so I don’t have to work with my constituents. Sounds like suspiciously progressive logic to me.

  2. Enthalpy says:

    Many have much more to fear if they do pass a border bill.

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