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House To Hold Hearings On Sequester ‘Cuts’

From the Washington Post:

House hearing will examine decisions behind sequester cuts

By Josh Hicks | March 19, 2013

Republicans on Tuesday plan to grill agency officials over statements the Obama administration has made about the impacts of the government-wide spending cuts that took effect on March 1.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has called on top executives from the Commerce Department, the Department of Agriculture and the Federal Communications Commission to testify about their decisions over spending cuts and furloughs…

It’s about time.

But some agencies have told the House committee that they’re not ready to discuss their decisions or the impacts of the cuts at this point…

They haven’t gotten their stories straight yet. They need more time to coordinate.

Republicans on the House committee plan to question the administration’s dire warnings and argue that agencies should trim waste and eliminate duplicative programs, according to opening remarks they prepared for the Tuesday hearing.

The administration may have the power to do just that depending upon how things turn out with the temporary spending plan that is working its way through Congress this week.

What a stunning admission from the Washington Post. In fact, the Obama administration has always had this power. Just like every other administration has had and used.

Meanwhile, we have these terrible tidings, also via the Washington Post:

Could a government shutdown doom the White House Easter Egg Roll?

Juliet Eilperin | March 18, 2013

For more than a century, the White House Easter Egg Roll has been insulated from the sort of partisan sniping that now dominates Washington politics.

That tradition ended Monday, when Republicans started complaining about a notice that the event could be canceled due to a potential government shutdown…

Notice how this article suggests that the White House Easter Egg Roll has never been politicized. Even though it was used in 2006 to promote ‘gay rights.’

And, in fact, the Obamas intended to use this year’s Egg Roll to propagandize for more gun control laws, by inviting the family of the girl who was killed in Chicago not long after attending Obama’s inaugural. (See below.)

The memo — which doesn’t actually say the White House is nixing the bunny fest, but just that it might do so at some point during the next couple of weeks — warns ticket-holders that the nation’s financial woes may affect the 135th Easter Egg role slated for April 1…

“Finally, by using these tickets, guests are acknowledging that this event is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the Executive Office of the President and other federal agencies,” it reads. “If cancelled, the event will not be re-scheduled. We will notify you if there are any modifications to this event.”

House and Senate members received the memo last week, along with the notice that each congressional family would receive a total of five tickets…

Gosh it would be horrible if the Congressional families had to suffer. (Most of whom will be out of town for the Easter vacation.)

A White House official, who was not authorized to discuss the planning of the event on the record, confirmed the warning went out to all ticket-holders who received confirmation they secured tickets, including those who obtained passes through a lottery…

“Because we distribute tickets to the Easter Egg Roll far in advance, we alerted all ticket holders that this event is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty, including the possibility of a government shutdown,” the official wrote in an e-mail. “However, we are currently proceeding as planned with the Easter Egg Roll.”

So why all the hysteria? Is it ‘just in case’?

In fact, first lady Michelle Obama has invited guests of her own to the event, including the family of Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old who was slain in Chicago just a week after performing at President Obama’s second inauguration. CBS Chicago reported Monday that Hadiya’s mother, Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton, and her 10-year-old son Nathanial have accepted the invitation; the White House official said they had been invited but did not confirm their attendance.

Which puts Obama in a difficult position of having to prioritize his propaganda points. Which is more important? Propagandizing for gun control or playing up the disastrous effects of the sequester?

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4 Responses to “House To Hold Hearings On Sequester ‘Cuts’”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The question you will not hear any politician ask:

    “Mr commissioner, I am led to understand, by your explanation, that you had to make cuts based on guidance from somewhere. Being that the sequester has merely decreased the amount of growth in overall spending, what type of guidance, and from whom did it come, on what to cut and why? is it possible they gave instructions to ‘cut in such a way so as to make the people squirm and complain and actually feel some sort of pain’ so that a political agenda and goal might be met? Or were these cuts decided simply on the basis of merit, while ignoring that you are still able to fund everything you funded last year but that you won’t be able to buy anything new?”

    In other words, “Obama told you guys to cut important services, didn’t he? Just so he could hurt the public and use it as a prop to blame republicans, right?”

    You will not hear that question asked. Therefore this “investigation” and “hearings” are crap.

    • mr_bill says:

      In the past, I would have called you cynical. The sad truth is that you’re right, Rusty. There will be no tough questions, no advocates for us taxpayers, no accountability, and nothing will be done about this administration abusing the people for his bent political agenda.

    • Petronius says:

      People who ask tough questions are apt to find their names on the regime’s Disposition Matrix.

      Note, for example, that Big Sis did not get an invitation to the hearings … why this glaring omission?

      Commerce √
      Ag √
      FCC √
      But no DHS . . . . ?

      Why are there no questions for the face that launched several thousand alien convicts (felons!) from their prison cells into the American hinterlands? Hmmm …?

    • captstubby says:


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