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House Votes To End Gravy Train For NPR

From an outraged New York Times:

House Votes to End Money for NPR, and Senate Passes Spending Bill

March 17, 2011

WASHINGTON — The House voted Thursday to cut off financing for National Public Radio, with Democrats and Republican fiercely divided over both the content of the bill and how it was brought to the floor.

Across the Rotunda, the Senate approved a short-term spending measure passed earlier in the week by the House that would keep the government financed through April 8. Members of both parties and chambers said the move, which once again averted a government shutdown, should be the last of its kind. The measure, which cut spending by $6 billion for this fiscal year, passed the Senate 87 to 13, with nine Republicans, three Democrats and an independent voting in dissent…

The NPR bill, sponsored by Representative Doug Lamborn, Republican of Colorado, would mean that stations could not buy programming from NPR or any other source using the $22 million they get from the federal government.

“The time has come for us to claw back this money,” said Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee

Thursday’s measure, which House Republicans rushed to the floor before a one-week recess begins, passed 228 to 192; all the Democrats who were there and seven Republicans voted against it and one Republican, Representative Justin Amash, voted present.

The bill, should the Senate even bring it to the floor, is almost certain to fail in that chamber. Democrats control the Senate, where members of both parties have expressed skepticism about cutting off NPR because it remains popular among many of their constituents

Or, to be more precise, Democrats want to continue having their propaganda broadcast around the clock on the taxpayers dime.

Democrats said it was politics, not fiscal austerity, that drove the bill. “Why are we wasting valuable floor time on an ideological battle?” said Representative Louise Slaughter of New York.

Which must have made even the reporter from The Times laugh out loud.

The House debated the bill, and the procedure by which it was brought to the floor, for several hours Thursday. Republicans argued that NPR should be able to sustain itself through private donations, and Democrats countered that the cut would have negligible impact on debt reduction or the nation’s fiscal problems. They also accused Republicans of ignoring joblessness in lieu of attacking “Car Talk” and picking on Elmo

How much job training could the money that is squandered on NPR, PBS and CPB buy?

NPR expressed grave concern in a statement today about the impact of the bill on the entire public radio system, saying it was a direct effort to weaken it that would ultimately choke local stations’ ability to serve their audiences.

“At a time when other news organizations are cutting back and the voices of pundits are drowning out fact-based reporting and thoughtful analysis, NPR and public radio stations are delivering in-depth news and information respectfully and with civility,” Joyce Slocum, interim chief executive officer of NPR, said

Is Mr. Slocum one of the thoughtful and unbiased people that George Soros is paying over there at NPR?

We suspect Mr. Soros can afford to pay the whole freight, if he wants to.

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9 Responses to “House Votes To End Gravy Train For NPR”

  1. proreason says:

    Yes, our courageous Republicans are not only paring some cuticles from the budget, they are also making a mighty roar about the key issues of the millenium.

  2. wardmama4 says:

    which House Republicans rushed to the floor before a one-week recess begins

    As opposed to the 111th Congressional Dems shoving health ‘care’ down the throats of even some Dems – at midnight December 24th 2009 – before they all fled home for an extended vacay -and not one to ever miss a single little politico note – to insure that forever – The Won can tout he got ‘universal’ healthcare through in his first year in office. Neat trick there.

    Why are we wasting valuable floor time on an ideological battle

    I’m not sure how $22 million is considered simply an ideological battle but then we don’t have jobs right now – so perhaps that is coloring my perception.

    Ever notice how if it’s conservative – it must stand on it’s own two feet but if it’s liberal – it’s for the children’s sake and we can’t take it away or all life as we know it will be impossible.

    Translation – I’m going to lose my cut and maybe a vote or two.

    Here’s an idea – go out and get your own donations and votes – instead of buying them with my tax dollars.

  3. Mithrandir says:

    If the money saved is only a drop in the bucket, THEN this is really a painless cut everyone can agree on right? –What’s the hold-up democrats?

    Again, it’s democrats rolling out: children, minorities, big-bird (this time Elmo) as a shield to hide behind.
    And the sadest thing is that usually Republicans fold like a deck of cards when these defensive shields are put up….it’s as if they were totally unprepared for it, and have no counter-argument (usually both is true).

    Tell Elmo and Big Bird to get their arse off of welfare and make it on their own!

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Great stuff. Maybe, just maybe, all these stand-alone defunding bills will actually become law.. someday.

  5. heykev says:

    This is a nice start. Next…US Dept of Non-education, the Dept of Non-energy, the National Endowment of the Arts, All Czars, Obamacare. . .you get the picture. But I don’t think the Republican leadership has the testicular fortitude to follow through with any real meaningful cuts.

    While NPR is a good start, the Republican leadership are not doing any explanation as to why these cuts are necessary. They are content to get a few billion here and there every few weeks when the current spending bills expire.

    They are wasting valuable time and vastly lowering expectations with every day that passes.

    If only some of the first-term Republican Reps were in charge of this battle.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Actually, at least in terms of parliamentary debate, they are very meticulously making the case for every cut; if not over-doing it. And they’re winning those debates in terms of the court of opinion, with the grassroot’s help.

      Once again, reason #1,807 that the problem isn’t selling our plan, but the leadership’s unwillingnes to back Delusional Harry into a place where Senate Demoncraps have to embrace it. We’re in agreement on the rest of your points in that regard.

    • proreason says:

      I think it’s the equivalent of a show trial.

      I don’t oppose it, but I’m waiting for something substantive…and my patience is thinning.

      Obama added $1T in new spending in two years and so far Republicans have:

      – cut 6/10th of 1% of that spending
      – made a show vote on ObamyCare, while refusing to defund the $105B in illegally pre-established funding
      – made a show vote on NPR
      – agreed that SS and Medicare are “entitlements” no different than Medicaid and piss Christ “art” subsidies
      – let the Democrats establish themselves as the party that will protect SS and Medicare at all costs

      For some reason, I’m not impressed.

  6. JohnMG says:

    …… “Why are we wasting valuable floor time on an ideological battle?” said Representative Louise Slaughter of New York.

    I say she’s lying through somebody else’s false teeth!!

  7. untrainable says:

    “Why are we wasting valuable floor time on an ideological battle?”
    Every battle since Oblamer took office has been an ideological battle. Big government vs. limited government. Socialized medicine vs. real measures that would contain medical costs. Statism vs. Federalism. Socialism vs. Republican Democracy. Dependency vs. Responsibility. Slavery vs. Freedom. The rule of law vs. touchy feely multiculturalism and political correctness for votes. INSANITY VS. COMMON SENSE.

    I sincerely wish they would “waste” more time debating the fallacy of Obama’s policies instead of just ramming them down our throats. The more time they “waste” debating, the less time they have to destroy our way of life.

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