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House Wants Classified Libya Briefing And Rice

From The Hill:

Issa wants classified briefing on Libya intel

By Julian Pecquet – 10/10/12

Fresh off his hearing on security deficiencies at the U.S. mission in Libya, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Wednesday called for a classified briefing on what the Obama administration knew — and when — about the causes of Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi…

He said it would be modeled on Tuesday’s hearing for the Republican chairmen of committees of jurisdiction over intelligence and foreign affairs, and should include Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and the FBI. Asked if he would invite the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, Issa said “not necessarily.”

Republicans on Issa’s committee have been chomping at the bit to go after Rice, who told five Sunday shows five days after the attack that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans that initial intelligence suggested an anti-Islam video posted to YouTube had caused the violence. The administration later said the attack was an act of terrorism.

Reps. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), and Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) all told The Hill they think the committee’s next move should be to request Rice to testify before the panel.

“President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and Ambassador Rice have a lot of questions to answer,” said Chaffetz, the chairman of the committee’s panel on national security. Chaffetz said it was up to Issa to decide whether to request her for another hearing, but that he’d “love to hear from her sooner rather than later because she’s got a lot to explain.” …

Which is an understatement.

But the benefit of a classified hearing is that Ms. Rice and even Mrs. Clinton could be asked where they got the ‘intelligence’ that said the consulate attack was spontaneous and related to the anti-Muslim video.

For her part, Ms. Rice seems to have the time to testify. She has spent a lot of her time in recent days tweeting about her heroic efforts on the part of the homosexual rights movement at the United Nations:

But she has her priorities, apparently.

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3 Responses to “House Wants Classified Libya Briefing And Rice”

  1. Petronius says:

    So Rice is worried about the cancellation of a gay pride event in Belgrade?

    As opposed to the massacre of American officials in Libya? And her role in the cover-up? And the State Department’s ridiculous policy of providing no security against terrorists in countries that are thickly populated by terrorists? Not to mention current events Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, London, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and the threat to Israel and all the rest?

    Good grief. What an idiot. What a hopelessly deluded imbecilic ideologue.

    “There are a lot of smart people out there,” Nerobama said.

    Yes, but not enough of them in the U.S. State Department.

    But of course sooner or later it was bound to happen.

    The American idiocracy is being governed by a pack of idiots. That is what he meant by “a fundamental transformation of America.” This is what passes for “a level playing field” in Obama-land: an idiocracy governed by idiots who are imbued with an idiotic ideology.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Kudos for employing the words “idiot” and “idiotic” as many times as possible when describing anything Obama-esque.

      One must first understand that these ideologues, from their first days away from home while in college and many more before that, most likely, have believed for years that it’s the U.S. that’s the aggressor. But even if that were so, to adopt a mamby-pamby milquetoast attitude towards security of our own embassies is an invitation to disaster, along with a monumental display of naivete.

      This attitude is fostered and encouraged by the PBS mentality of appeasing a bully and that the bully will eventually see reason. But this is where it runs off the rails because people like Rice think the U.S. is the bully. So, they contradict themselves in that they have no desire to appease the U.S. and also believe it deserves all the hate it gets, whilst they, themselves hate it too. Oh, what a great time it must be to have dinner with such people and talk all about how the U.S. is such a scummy place.

      Meanwhile, the real bullies and deadly antagonists (AKA muslim “community organizers”) get what they want and kill Americans and those who would be cooperative with same.

      This adds the third aspect of the problem expressed by Hitlery Clinton in her frustration over why Stevens and three other Americans were killed after “we got rid of Kaddafi for them”. Such ingratitude!

      But nevertheless, this is how they see the world. Not as cause and effect but as a claque of people who need to be shown how to do it right. That includes republicans who they feel are “aggressive and mean” as well as the “poor uneducated troglodytes” in the middle east who “just haven’t had the right dictators yet”.

      Obviously, my synopsis prompts dozens of questions like, “Why do they think they are right?” or, “Who the hell are they to compromise security of our citizens in the name of some utopian fantasy?” but only they can answer those questions. Sadly, they will never be asked those and more by the media that so desperately wants socialism, based on their own proclivities evolved from their own sanctimonious and sophomoric attitudes towards conservatives.

      To hear Hitlery yesterday on Rush’s program state that islam was a ‘highly respected religion’ and that our first amendment was to blame for the violence in Benghazi makes my stomach turn. Of course, it wasn’t the first time I had heard her words but they still make me nauseated.

      Our government officials, thinking they were sooooo smart in showing up the conservatives by doing things their own way in the middle east and with the economy and which has resulted in everything being turned on its ear in a bad way will never admit they did anything wrong. Never. They will insist that they were doing it right simply based on the fact that it was 180 degrees out from what conservative thinking dictated. In other words,


  2. mr_bill says:

    The various House committes (not the Senate) are spending an inordinate amount of time calling hearings to “find out what happened” on dozens of our government’s screw-ups: Libya, DOJ, GSA, etc. I can’t recall an administration that ever had so much explaining to do (and did so little actual explaining).

    These hearings should highlight the fact that the nerobama administration is chock-full of morons who can’t see past their ideology to make a reasonable decision to prevent these events. Case in point: Libya is a dangerous place for westerners. Some extra security was a very reasonable request from Ambassador Stevens. How could anybody other than an absolute imbecile turn that down. We are being “governed” by abject ideologue fools.

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