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How ABC Sees The Hillary, Obama ‘Civil War’

From those mavens of history at ABC News:


The Note: Dems Face Civil War in Bitter Clinton-Obama Battle

Searching for Peacemakers as Dems Name-Calling Reaches New Lows


March 7, 2008

While we figure how to cope with life with one less revolution, six questions that could determine the Democratic nomination:

1. Which insult hurts more in a Democratic primary — “Ken Starr,” or “monster”? (And are these better labels to give or to receive?)

2. Which two words sting more — “Tony Rezko,” or “Clinton library”?

3. Which number matters more — $55 million, or $4 million?

4. Which Barack Obama will we see — tough guy, or nice guy?

5. Which Hillary Clinton answers the phone (at 3 am, of course) — re-do Hillary, or voters-have-spoken Hillary?

6. Who can do something about any or all of this, before the Democratic Party eats itself alive? (Hint: The answer is probably not Howard Dean.)

Amid the fratricidal atmosphere enveloping the campaign right now, all that stands between the Democratic National Convention and peace from those scofflaws in Michigan in Florida (and maybe to avoid a brokered convention altogether) is $30 million, give or take. (Sorry, but isn’t that just a good two weeks online for Obama?)

This is not how Dr. Dean wants to be spending his money (as if the DNC could afford it anyway)…

Among the many remarkable things about this unprecedented Democratic race is that we have gotten to this incredibly late stage of this bizarrely prolonged nomination fight without Clinton having to answer one serious question that included the words “Monica Lewinsky.” …

Perhaps it is niggling to point out that the imagery used for this article has nothing to do with the Civil War. Maybe the editors did not dare to put either Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama in Confederate gray.

Or, and sad to say, there’s the more more likely scenario that the twenty-something interns at ABC News don’t know the difference between our War For Independence and the War Between The States.

Alas, the absolute drivel in the rest of the article would tend to support this latter hypothesis.

Anyone who would suggest that their “name-calling has reached a new low” has not been paying attention for very long.

These “attacks” would be considered bouquets if Republicans were on the other end.

But isn’t it heart-warming to see how concerned our non-partisan media is about its Democrat masters attacking each other and potentially hurting their chances against the real enemy — the truly evil GOP.

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