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How The Left Is Spinning The Bank Crisis

With the Obama ascendency it is all too easy to be consumed with the rush of news of the latest outrage against our republic. Consequently, we seldom have time to step back and reflect on the larger issues of the day.

So we thought we would take the time to post articles that are not necessarily ripped from the headlines of the day, but which address the more fundamental movements and trends behind them.

We begin with an all too representative article that first appeared in a Vermont bi-monthy giveaway ‘newspaper,’ the Vermont Commons.

The mission of the Vermont Commons seems to be to get Vermont to secede from the union. Perhaps needless to say, they are also 9/11 Truthers. Indeed, they seem to specialize in turning every story on its head.

Which it once again does in spades with the following “interview” they conducted with a notorious anti-American crackpot, Richard C. Cook, which happened to catch our eyes.

From the Vermont Commons:

Mr. Cook communes with his fellow renaissance man, Thomas Jefferson.

Bursting Our Bubbles – The Theft of Our Common Wealth, the Collapse of the United States

By Jim Hogue

Mon, 02/23/2009

[Jim Hogue is an actor who portrays Ethan Allen. He operates a small farm in Calais, has a weekly radio program on WGDR, and works with Vermonters for Voting Integrity.]

Jim Hogue’s recent radio interview with Richard Cook served as a springboard for this feature article.

Richard Cook served as a policy analyst for the U.S. government from 1970 until 2007, and his career included service with the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Carter White House, NASA, and the U.S. Treasury Department. He also taught history at the Field School in Washington, D.C., and owned and operated an organic farm for 10 years while commuting to work from rural Virginia.

In my interview with economist, author, and former U.S. government official Richard Cook, he explained that the economic collapse we see before us didn’t happen merely from greed or an over-enthusiastic faith in the American dream, as the pundits report. The collapse is part of the Reagan revolution to shrink social services, quash democracy and nationalism, and bloat the military. The leaders of this revolution (Elliot Abrams, John Negroponte, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Bushes Senior and W, et al) constituted a shadow government under Carter and Clinton, surfacing from time to time in the BCCI fraud, in the Iran Contra affair, and were behind “The October Surprise.” The major players in the Iran Contra affair were protected by Lee Hamilton and John Kerry. They produced a blueprint under Clinton known as The Project for a New American Century, one that the Democrats were only too happy to bring to fruition.

Bubbles: Planning and Bursting Them

The economics of this coup took the form of planned bubbles and bursts on the one hand, and the theft of our common wealth accompanied by vast federal expenditures on the other. (Why anyone falls for that canard about Republicans shrinking government is beyond me.)

As the economy switched from real production to financial maneuverings in the 1970s, investments were made in China and Mexico. Manufacturing was sent abroad and money flowed like water in the purchase of companies in order to take advantage of cheap labor, until interest rates shot up and the bubble collapsed. That bubble was collapsed deliberately under the auspices of Paul Volker in 1979. Those in the know made out like . . . well, like bandits.

The recent housing bubble was created by lowering interest rates and was burst by raising them. Certain not-quite-elite-enough companies such as Lehman Bros and Washington Mutual were caught in the crunch as part of the predatory consolidation process.

To burst the bubble is the plan, not a mistake. Those who plan it win. They are not patriots. They do not consider themselves as belonging to one country or another. They are international financiers with no allegiance to anything or anyone but themselves. Among those who planned it is David Rockefeller. He announced the plan in Baden, Germany, on June 15, 1991, with the words: “The world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

Better for whom?

The “Bailout” and Mr. Obama Reconsidered

The current collapse of the economy was engineered. Those who planned it worked with those we bailed out: Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. They were not bailed out to help the folks on Main Street. They were bailed out to help themselves. So, the economy is collapsing and will collapse further, on purpose, as planned by the financial elite. And those responsible are rewarded and employed for their expertise by Barack Obama who looks to Paul Volker, former president of the Federal Reserve, Timothy Geithner, most recently president of the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Larry Summers, former Treasury secretary, Jon Corzine, formerly with Goldman Sachs, and Henry Paulson. “Interventionists” all, and all can be relied upon to further consolidate the power of the Federal Reserve. No decentralists are allowed, considered, or acknowledged – this at a time when decentralization looks like the clear solution to the economic woes of people the world over. Obama is David Rockefeller’s dream come true.

The Obama cabinet reflects this as well. Writes Kate Sheppard of Gristmill, Colorado Senator Ken Salazar (Interior secretary) voted against an amendment to the farm bill that would have capped farm subsidies and redirected almost $100 million of those funds to the Grassland Reserve Program and the Farmland Protection Program. The amendment would have closed loopholes that provide giant subsidies to industrial-scale farms.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, like Salazar, is a booster of agribusiness and a proponent of genetically made crops and ethanol.

Mr. October Surprise and traitor to the Carter Administration, Robert Gates, is secretary of defense. And, Mr. Revolving Door, James L. Jones, is national security advisor. He is on the boards of Boeing and Chevron, and president and CEO of The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute of Energy. That means that he is responsible for consolidating the plans of stake-holders to ensure that you have an unlimited supply of energy whenever you need it (while protecting the environment). So, naturally, he chaired the Independent Commission on the Security Forces in Iraq. General Jones was the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe; and Commander of the US European Command.

This snap-shot of Obama’s cabinet is to point out that these men are empire builders. This is not Small is Beautiful. They are not members of the Schumacher Society. They are the servants of international corporations.

This, of course, is why the Wall Street money poured into Obama’s campaign. A patriot with some public spirit would not look to reward those who perpetrated the biggest robbery in history. (I am not suggesting that a Republican president would pursue another course. But this article is about the situation we have at hand.)

What is the U.S. economy? It’s a collapsed house of cards. Hence the G-20 summit. The financial elite will be there to create the next bubble and the next gigantic sink hole of debt into which investors will pour their cash. That is the agreement they have made with each other, and that is why the Federal Reserve banks must remain the mechanism for creating money for them, and debt for the people.

Obama, through his appointments, including Rahm Emanuel, will place us even more under the thumb of those for whom the United States is a cash cow. Wall Street must have the assurance that we are the coin of the realm.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Politically, the U.S. is an agreement among those in Congress, certain corporations (including the media), the courts, the executive branch, allies, and the financial elite to provide for the enrichment of selected entities and to consolidate power and control over military forces and financial mechanisms everywhere in the world. They call it “full spectrum dominance.”

There is no place on earth, be it ever so humble, that escapes the notice of these predators. And from Granada to Rwanda, this has been proven over and over again. Now, with the current collapses of various economies and subsequent consolidation, it will become even more possible for the IMF and any other economic hit men to quash a currency, a nationalistic tendency, a democratic movement, or an attempt at local control that might threaten their hegemony over all. If there is a resource, they want it. That is what the advance of civilization means: the ability of the civilized to take from the savage whatever they want. And I don’t have to tell you, gentle reader, how they create savages wherever and whenever they need them. (The most recent attempt at savage creation was Putin. The lies told to us about the big bad Russian bear have a purpose connected to finance and resources, not – surprise, surprise – to the autonomy and human rights of the citizens of Georgia.)

So politically, the agreement known as The United States is a convenience. These players who make use of it are not playing for a national team. They do not do what they do for King and country. They never have.

Applying force: the USAF in context

Militarily (the ability to use force), the U.S. is a major part of the international constabulary that rounds up and kills those who are deemed a threat to the authority of those in power. In the words of Mr. Cook, the military is the “personal police force of the financial elite.” It is the job of the president and Congress (which awarded a $175 billion bonus over the $600 billion military budget) to provide this constabulary to those who request it.

There are countless historical examples – from the British East India Tea Company in the 18th century to the corporations of today – where private entities send soldiers to do their bidding. Governments (the debtors) provide the mechanism by which the creditors impose their will. The debt is the stick used to beat the debtors into submission. Those who own the nation (or person) through debt have first claim to the labors of the debtor. The creditor controls the military because the creditor owns the means by which the military is employed, including your congressional representative. The 1989 invasion of Panama (partly to consolidate the drug trade) is a case in point.

Sometimes, of course, the operation is covert, bypassing congress when the job is particularly unseemly. The assassination of John F. Kennedy falls into that category. It was a coup d’état that left the masters at the Federal Reserve in charge of the creation of money. Sometimes a false flag operation such as the Gulf of Tonkin is required to provide cover; but that has never been a drawback even when the operation is exposed.

The elephant in the room, unless you hold your nose or close your eyes, is 9/11. The success of the crimes of 9/11 is but another example of how Congress provides cover for the crimes of its masters.

Big Media censorship: The more local the paper…

I mention the media because our founding fathers regarded an informed, educated public as a cornerstone of democracy. It is supposed to be a vital part of what makes this a country. A country cannot remain healthy when its media have no allegiance to the truth.

Author and historian Michael Parenti once admonished me for my naiveté about the media with the following quote: “The role of the corporate media is to support corporate America.” You can stop wondering why so many important stories remain unreported, why so many lies are told, and why so much horse shit is shoveled out ad nauseam. Constant entertainment has calmed the desire for freedom and independence.

We are supposed to make informed choices, but as Mark Twain told us: “If you don’t read the papers you are uninformed. If you do you are misinformed.” In a plug for decentralization, I’ve observed that the more local the paper, the more likely you are to get the truth.

The media support whatever fiction they need to support. And they need you to believe that the recent financial collapse was the result of mistakes, and of forces that got out of control.

The most lethal injections into our republic are the lies and silence of the media on the most crucial issues of our time.

The UNTied States considered

It may not be a matter of secession. It may be a matter of surviving when all else has fallen apart.

What is left of the United States of America? Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski called it a rotting corpse. Our president called it the greatest country in the world.

Whatever it is – whatever any country is at a given time in history – it is an agreement. This agreement is a fluid, mutable organism that makes its place among other mutable organisms on Planet Earth. Where there is a lack of agreement – say, between South Ossetia and Georgia, Palestine and Israel, Ireland and England, East Timor and Indonesia, Vermont and New York – there is conflict. This conflict has to do with whether or not the people within certain geographic boundaries should be sovereign, and how sovereign they should be. After all, some countries are more sovereign than others.

What is the agreement among us, and among the countries of the world, as to the nature of that political entity, that place, that military force, that economy, that corporation known as the United States?

Maybe the words “United States” are just words used to perpetuate a fiction that this land between the oceans and beyond is something other than what it really is.

Over the last 30 years, those in real power have built a criminal network whose goal has been to destroy the previous agreements that defined the United States. They have crossed the lines of gentlemanly, diplomatic, wise, productive, legal, reasonable, and patriotic policies to such an extent that, today, the world is reeling from the coup. Their success has eclipsed all the feeble attempts to impede it or to construct alternatives. And they have accomplished all this in the last few years in open defiance of the law and all principles of accepted governance. They have changed the political environment to such an extent that what we call the United States is a ghost. To those who now exercise the reigns of power, we the people are sources of money or labor or cannon fodder.

They have stolen our prosperity. They have taken the franchise from millions of our citizens and abrogated the rights guaranteed by our Constitution. In the name of security they have sacrificed our soldiers for their own gain. They discourage fruitful enterprise and commerce on any terms but their own. They do not befriend other nations. They bully and insult them. They do not strive for peace. They create enemies, real and imaginary. They are not stewards of our land and heritage. They are exploiters. They are not public-spirited or even patriotic, as they have stronger allegiances abroad than they do at home.

They do not protect. They attack. They are not committed to the well-being of the people because they must enrich the few who stride the globe like a colossus.

What next? (Secede from what?)

What next? Our preparations need not focus in secession, but rather on local agriculture and sources of energy, diplomacy, sustainability, productive labor, a healthy environment, carbon sequestering and soil building, local/complementary currencies, transportation and infrastructure after Peak Oil, and a host of other efforts that communities should do together. These are the sources of sovereignty. Sovereignty is their offspring. And such sovereignty as is not supported by them will not stand, but will be consumed by the greed and terror of those we seek to leave behind.

We must be prepared if we are to go it alone.

The federal government has proved that it has no interest or ability to help us or to keep us safe. If we think that it has or ever will again, we might as well believe in the tooth fairy.

We are already on our own.

Why post the long winded ravings of an obvious lunatic, whose big claim to fame is insisting that the Challenger disaster was a conspiracy and whose highest achievement is teaching history once upon a time at a girls prep school?

Well, for one thing this interview provides the rest of us a chilling glimpse into the minds of the ultra fringe left, who like it or not, now control more and more of our government and its policies.

More importantly, it reveals just how artfully the left uses jujitsu on reality. How they pervert reality, such as the 9/11 attacks, and much of everything else, to create their peculiar ‘world view.’

For what Mr. Cook describes is actually a Bizarro World version of what has been the mission of some very important players in our nation’s recent history — and even the most current of current events. (See for instance our recent article about ACRON’s involvement in the harassment of AIG executives in Connecticut.)

Which is to say, Mr. Cook has turned the little-known but highly influential ‘Cloward–Piven Strategy’ on its very head.

The ‘Cloward–Piven Strategy’ is a movement we have referenced several times before over the years on this site, especially with regard to ACORN, Project Vote and the National Welfare Rights Organization.

So this is as good a time as any to address it in more depth. Which we shall do in our next article.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, March 21st, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

3 Responses to “How The Left Is Spinning The Bank Crisis”

  1. jrmcdonald says:

    It’s like the Witches from Macbeth; provide a ball of lies covered in a mild truth.

  2. Right of the People says:

    Now you can see what it is like here in the People’s Democratic Republic of Vermont. I only live here because I work to keep the border as safe as possible although our new boss in DC is trying to change that. There are nutcases like this guy everywhere you turn. Remember, Bernie Sanders was the openly declared Socialist Mayor of Burlington in the eighties before he was elected to be our only Congressman. The main problem is there were a s**tload of communes up here in the ’60s & ’70s and a lot of the hippies stayed and became politically active. Vermont used to be one of the most conservative states in the country and there are still laws that reflect that fact like our carry law. As long as you are not a convicted felon it is legal to conceal carry with no permit or any annoying paperwork. The lefties own Burlington and its suburbs and that is were the power is. Most people I know are very conservative but the libs have the electoral votes so we lose out. I just keep hoping and praying for an uprising as that seems to be the only way we’re going to be able to restore sanity to the country I serve and love.


  3. mybrotherkeeper says:

    It appears I am supposed to throw everything out this guy said, but actually I liked some of it.
    What I am referring to is his take on the bigwigs’ agenda, both Republican and Democrat. He did not spare Obama, which, of course, is perfectly just. Also, he shared stuff on why the Repub’s act the way they do when they are in power. It would be hard for me to wade through the whole article again, but it did bring to mind the fact that both Reagan and the Bushes, for all their talk on fiscal responsibility, loved to spend us into bankruptcy. It was just crazy. Reagan could have had a lot better legacy if he walked the walk more. My only negative impression of him was his encouraging a fat-cat, unaccountable kind of country club republican. You know, the kind of guy who says: ‘You folks could never understand how the boss/owner/rich man thinks,’ when really, a conservative is a conservative. It is NOT rocket science, you should have integrity and be consistently conservative. He would have won a lot more adherents for our cause if that had been the case.
    With regards to Bush, he was hellbent on going to Iraq, showing a determination that was very unpoliticianlike. And I Do believe he was a politician. The only excuse that would justify it would be looking for WMD. (And don’t tell me he cared so much for the people that he wanted to rid them of Saddam.) Why didn’t he, though, fight harder to show people that maybe Saddam moved them to Syria, that he had them at one time and would not have obliterated them ‘out of the kindness of his heart?’ Unfortunately, we all know he was a terrible communicator. Still, it is valid to consider other possible motives, unless one is completely naive.
    The author’s talk of 9/11 was, of course, completely CRAZY!
    He also does not take into account grass-roots evil, as the commentator (Steve?) points out at the end, talking about so-called ‘local activists.’ He tends to blame everything on ‘evil in high places.’ Unfortunately, he does not recognize that the high places can ally with the low places. And he does not recognize that all individuals, both poor, middle-class, and rich have a personal responsibility they will answer for in life.
    To sum up, all these problems could be handled if there were more righteous people in this world.
    I am not ashamed to say it: The world can only change when people’s Hearts change. The only way that can happen is through Jesus Christ, one life at a time. Our most important work is not political, but is living our life each moment for His glory, that others may see and be influenced. I fall short many a time, but I thank Him that He never gives up on me! I hope all who read this read this with the grace to realize that, even if we disagree, we can still be at peace with each other, et cetera, et cetera.

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