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How The Media Is Portraying The Terrorist Doctor

From the newswires:

A photo provided by family members of Mohammed Asha when he was 7 years old during in Amman Monday July 2, 2007.

An excellence award presented to Mohammed Asha, when he was in primary school, is displayed in Amman July 3, 2007.

A family photo of Mohammed Asha shaking hands with Queen Noor of Jordan, left, during his high school graduation in 1998, made available in Amman, Jordan Tuesday, July 3, 2007.

Mohammed Asha shakes hands with Jordan’s Queen Noor in this handout picture released by Asha’s family July 3, 2007.

The mother of Mohammed Asha shows a photo of him with Queen Noor of Jordan during in Amman Monday July 2, 2007.




This picture, taken in June 2006 in Britain, shows Marwa Daana, the wife of Jordanian doctor Mohammed Jamil Abdelkader Asha, holding their son.

Mohammed Jamil Abdelkader Asha with his son in Amman, 2006.

A family photo made by a cellphone of Mohammed Jamil Asha holding his baby boy Anas, left, with his mother in law Eslah, center, and his wife Marwa Da’na, right, made available in Amman, Jordan Tuesday July 3, 2007. Mohammed Asha and his wife were among those arrested by British anti-terrorism police hunting those behind attempted car bombings, a police source said on Monday July 2, 2007.

Of course as the poet wrote:

When a felon’s not engaged in his employment,
Or maturing his felonious little plans,
His capacity for innocent enjoyment
Is just as great as any honest man’s…

But why has the media put so much effort into portraying him this way?

Do they do this with every wannabe mass murderer?

(Rhetorical questions.)

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