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How Timely! Most Americans See Alien Kids As ‘Refugees’

From an unquestioning Reuters:

Most Americans see unaccompanied immigrant kids as refugees: poll

By Curtis Skinner | July 29, 2014

(Reuters) – Some 70 percent of Americans think the United States should provide temporary support and housing for unaccompanied Central American minors who illegally cross into the country while their cases undergo review, according to a poll released on Tuesday.

Across political leanings and religious backgrounds, most Americans believe the recent influx of immigrant children should be treated like refugees if authorities think they cannot be returned home safely rather than face immediate deportation, according to the poll by the Public Religion Research Institute…

The Public Religion Research Institute has ongoing research partnerships with the Brookings Institute and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University. But they aren’t biased or anything.

Democrats and youth were most compassionate toward the immigrant children, with roughly 80 percent of both groups saying the government should support them until their cases are fully reviewed. Seniors, white Protestants and Republicans were the least welcoming, though all groups showed majority support…

Maybe old white Republicans aren’t afraid of being viewed as ‘uncompassionate.’ But it’s not all (ahem) sweetness and light in this poll:

Despite broad agreement on the issues surrounding unaccompanied minors, there was a growing view that immigrants hurt the country by taking jobs, housing and healthcare services meant for U.S. citizens…

Of course, illegal alien ‘children’ are a different story. They don’t take anyone’s job. In fact, they create jobs. The job of taking care of them.

From Breitbart:

Collect More Than $7,000 Per Month for ‘Fostering’ Adult Illegal Aliens

By Kristin Tate | July 29, 2014

HOUSTON, Texas–The federal government is in dire need of U.S. citizens willing to house the thousands of illegal immigrants who enter the country each week, and they are willing to pay them to do so.

The Texas-based nonprofit Catholic Charities is currently seeking out foster families for the migrants, most of whom come from Central America. Ruth Braiser, a spokeswoman for the organization, told Breitbart Texas that foster families can receive monthly payments for housing adult immigrants who are under 23-years-old…

Braiser mentioned that foster families will be given $40 per day to care for each migrant they take in from Catholic Charities. The payments are funded by the federal government, as Breitbart Texas previously reported. Foster parents have the ability to collect more than $7,400 per month, considering that they can house six immigrants at any given time.

And no questions asked. Anyone can become a foster parent. And never mind that we are supposed to be protecting these children from ‘sex trafficking.’

Still, this is yet another way that illegal aliens boost the economy.

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