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DNC Dean Denounces Voter ID, Loves Fraud

This press release from the DNC is currently featured at the top of most of the wire services, as if it is news:

DNC Chairman Howard Dean Denounces Harmful Republican Voter ID Law in Missouri

May 18, 2006

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean issued the following statement in response to Republicans pushing restrictive voter ID measures in Missouri:

"Once again Republicans have succeeded in their efforts to disenfranchise lawful voters. This time Republicans in Missouri have enacted a restrictive law that would require eligible voters to present a state issued photo ID when going to the polls to vote. Current law allows voters to present other forms of ID including utility bills, bank statements, or a paycheck. To justify these restrictive measures, Republicans are falsely claiming that voter fraud continues to be a big problem.

"This law is so restrictive that eligible voters will be denied access to the polls even if they present a voter registration card. To make matters worse voter ID laws also disproportionately affect rural voters, seniors, minorities, disabled voters and young people who often have a harder time obtaining a state issued photo identification.

"Democrats believe that we should be making it easier not harder for all Americans to exercise the right to vote. For years voters have gone to the polls and voted without photo ID and there has been no evidence of wide-spread voter fraud. Instead of working to disenfranchise legally eligible voters Republicans should join Democrats in expanding and protecting the rights of all Americans to vote."

Meanwhile this Missouri Republican Party press release, which details some of the facts behind this voter ID bill, went almost largely unreported:

Democrats Support Voter Fraud


JEFFERSON CITY – When Missourians cash a check, they need photo identification to protect their hard-earned dollars. When Missourians board an aircraft, they need photo identification for security reasons. So why would state Democrats oppose photo identification for the purpose of cracking down on voter fraud?

“It is incomprehensible that Democrats would oppose something that is designed to protect Missourians against voter fraud. By trying to confuse the issue by using race, politics and insults Democrats are trying to justify voter fraud which is both despicable and transparent,’’ said Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party. “This is just another example of Democrats finding ways to cheat to try to win rather than taking into consideration Missourians who deserve to have their voting rights protected.’’

In keeping with a commitment to protect Missourians and our voting system, Republicans are sponsoring legislation that would require government-issued photo identification at the polls. These voter identifications will be issued free to those who do not have one. Unfortunately, Democrats have embarked on an effort to stall the legislation for their own political purposes and with little regard to protecting our system of Democracy.

The fact of the matter is that voter fraud is rampant in Missouri. In 2004, Democrat Claire McCaskill, who is running against U.S. Sen. Jim Talent, identified more than 24,000 questionable registrations in St. Louis City. In 2000, at least 1,500 fraudulent ballots were cast in the St. Louis area including14 dead people who voted and in November 2005, the Department of Justice sued Missouri for having some of the worst voter registration rolls in the country and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan acknowledged that the number of people listed on the voter registration rolls exceeds the voting age population in at least 29 election jurisdictions across Missouri.

“Democrats have a record of trying to manipulate Missouri’s voting laws so their attempt to block this important reform legislation comes as no surprise,” Sloca said. “Their rhetoric and obstructionism on this legislation fully exposes Missourians to what has become a familiar pattern of Democrat meddling with our free and fair election system.’’

The same requirement for voter IDs supported by Republicans in Missouri mirror recommendations made last year by Carter-Baker Commission which was co-chaired by former Democrat President Jimmy Carter. The commission recommended photo identifications for all voters.

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