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Hoyer Now Claims ‘Republican Tax Hikes’

From Fox News Sunday:

Hoyer: "Pledge" a Return to Failed Policies

September 26, 2010

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) gave the Democratic response to the Republican "Pledge to America" which was unveiled earlier this week.

"The American public heard from these young guns.  It turned out to be a pop gun.  It turned out to be spin, not substance, not specifics. It turned out to be a return to the failed Bush policies which demonstrably got us into a deep hole."

So sayeth a leader of the House Democrats who did not dare to even present a budget, for the first time in more than thirty years.

Specifically, Hoyer pointed to the economy, saying the American public could "compare two economic premises — one we pursued which gave us the best economy that we’ve seen in yours and my lifetime in the ’90s, or the worst economy we’ve seen in the 2000s."

When "Fox News Sunday" anchor Chris Wallace pointed out the record on the economy, a $1.3 trillion federal deficit and anemic GDP growth, Hoyer countered, "That’s the record, and it’s better than we inherited.  We inherited four quarters of declining growth…we’ve brought it out, and we’re gaining jobs."

Which just goes to show that Mr. Hoyer, like most Democrats, simply say anything — and the facts be damned.

Asked about whether the House will hold a vote on extending the expiring tax cuts before they adjourn, the majority leader said he doubted they would because, "they can’t move through the Senate, so it would be an specious act."

Hoyer added, "There will be no increase in middle-income taxes."

Funny, that’s what Mr. Obama promised during the campaign. And we know how true he is going to stay to that pledge.

Lastly, Hoyer was asked about comedian Stephen Colbert’s testimony before a House committee this week.

" I think his testimony was not appropriate.  I think it was an embarrassment for Mr. Colbert more than the House."

Wrong again, Mr. Hoyer.

To our minds the most egregious thing Mr. Hoyer said was that if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to sunset, that this would amount to a Bush tax hike.

Here is our transcription of this bizarre exchange, starting at about 3:30 minutes into the clip:

Wallace: ….But let’s move on to another issue. Taxes. Simple question: Will the House hold a vote this week, before you adjourn for a month of campaigning, a vote this week on whether to extend the Bush tax cuts?

Hoyer: I doubt that we will. Let me tell you why. The Senate has refused to move forward on that issue. As you know, we have some 400 bills pending in the Senate, 75% of which have 50 Republican votes or more, but they can’t move through the Senate, so it would be a specious act. But, Democrats have absolutely pledged and will make sure that before the end of this year the Republican increase in middle income taxes will not go into effect. The Republican bill that phased out this year – –

Wallace: Wait a minute. You’re calling the Republi… you’re calling the Bush tax cuts an increase on taxes on the middle class?

Hoyer: The budget ended in, uh, 2010. That’s why we have that confronting us. Why did they do that? Because they played budget games for scoring purposes. And yes, it’s the Republican plan to eliminate those tax [cuts]

Again, there is no lie too outrageous for a Democrat to speak.

As we have noted often before, the Bush tax cuts were passed through ‘budget reconciliation.’ And the rules require that any legislation that does not reduce the deficit must ‘sunset’ in ten years.

Never mind that these tax cuts certainly did help reduce the deficit by growing the economy, whereas Obama-care will not. The CBO refused to report the truth, just like they happily lied for the Democrats to push through Obama-care.

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3 Responses to “Hoyer Now Claims ‘Republican Tax Hikes’”

  1. JohnMG says:

    Message for Stenny Hoyer from his proctologist’s office; ‘Good news, Mr. Hoyer. We’ve located your head.’

  2. untrainable says:

    I’ve got a Linda Blair fracture in my neck from the speed of the spin. Repubs cut taxes. Forced to use reconciliation to get around obstructionist Dems. Sunset comes up and they call it a republican tax hike because democrats won’t even vote on keeping taxes where they are?

    Let’s first get this straight. read my lips…NO TAX CUTS… the only thing they’re talking about is keeping tax rates where they are. If they do nothing (the nickname of congress these days) it will amount to the highest single tax increase in HISTORY!

  3. Petronius says:

    Whenever reality conflicts with Liberal ideology, reality must give way.

    Hoyer : “… the failed Bush policies which demonstrably got us into a deep hole. * * * As you know, we have … in the Senate … [obstruction from] 50 [sic] Republican votes or more….”

    Where have we heard this before?

    During the Cold War, conservatives in the West would sometimes point out that workers in Communist countries had far worse living conditions and much less freedom than workers in the West.

    The response from the Communist Party was always the same : these conditions reflect the backwardness of the economy taken over from capitalism, and the machinations and hostile pressure from reactionary subversive elements.

    Yes, Steny, we’ve heard it all before.

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