Comments on: HS ‘Duck Dynasty’ Spoof Called Racist By NAACP Fri, 24 Oct 2014 21:58:42 +0000 hourly 1 By: alexandrarose1994 Fri, 10 May 2013 14:56:43 +0000 Excuse me canary, I was wonder why you used the “Definition” of redneck, it’s a slang and they are not just farm workers they are country loving, americans that aren’t just white. there are other rednecks also. I’m a “redneck” and im a woman, we aren’t high class like some other people, we are just living life to the fullest, i understand your judgement on rednecks, but that’s not set in stone. It’s your opinion, and other people have opinions too, just because you think high school is ridiculous today doesn’t mean it is. and im sorry that some people like to have fun in different ways than you do. Thank you and please write back.

By: GetBackJack Mon, 06 May 2013 04:00:34 +0000 A quote every Son of the South knows by heart and I thank you for it, sir.

By: Petronius Sun, 05 May 2013 23:40:20 +0000 GBJ: “to save the Constitution”

Here is one person who would agree:

“All that the South has ever desired was that the Union, as established by our forefathers, should be preserved, and that the government as originally organized should be administered in purity and truth.” – Robert E. Lee (5 Jan 1866)

By: Petronius Sun, 05 May 2013 23:34:36 +0000 Noyzmakr: Thought you might be interested in this story.

The precise origin of the NC nickname “the Tar Heel State” is unknown, but it gained currency during the WBTS. Dr James “Bud” Robertson once said that its popularity grew out of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, which had many regiments from North Carolina. However, due to the rivalry between the Virginians and the North Carolina troops, the meaning of Tar Heels depended on who you asked. The Virginians said they called them Tar Heels because the North Carolina regiments were slow going into action. Whereas the North Carolinians proudly called themselves Tar Heels because they always held their ground.

By: GetBackJack Sun, 05 May 2013 16:30:10 +0000 That right there is going in my quote file, YadaYada. Well done.

By: GetBackJack Sun, 05 May 2013 16:26:27 +0000 Well said, to you, sir. I have kin scattered all over the path of the War of Yankee Aggression. I grew up with a 12 pound cannon memorial in the family’s front yard. A Yankee cannon. A daily reminder of Occupied Territory. I know where the grave of the Unknown Confederate Soldier is at Kennesaw – it’s a simple slab of wood heading a mound of red dirt with a twig picket-fence around it. Far off any trail. Someone, to this day, puts fresh flowers on it every week. Ad no, I will never tell how to find it.

Desiote the intense revision of History by the forces which control the MSM, Academia, Culture and the printing press … the primary force driving the Confederates towards Washington DC was not slavery … it was to ruin the ‘thing’ that today inhabits that ten square miles. That ‘thing’ which today is taking on the form and tone of the Mad King George and 1932 Germany combined. It was to save the Constitution. Not conquer the District.

My kin were right. They acted in self defense against the growing spectre of centralized federalism. And if Lee had had more cannon at the Wheat Field … we would probably be right where we are today. In the same fix, with different masters. Because … and I am sure of this … God’s central and eternal lesson to us is that we cannot rule ourselves without Jesus Christ at the head of everything we do. Not as religion. But as a living reality.

Our forefathers on the battlefields of the Revolution were right. My forefathers were right to oppose what Washington would become. But either, or both, end up at the same place. Abusing the Rights, Freedoms and Liberties that flow only from Almighty God.


/humidity out here today is 6%
//praise the Lord

By: Noyzmakr Sun, 05 May 2013 16:00:43 +0000 Well, GBJ certainly educated me. Hell man, my moms half of the family is Scottish and I never heard that. I live in a town named after Scots. The old “white” highschool mascot was the ‘Fighting Scots”.

You learn something new everyday.

I spent most of my life being called a redneck. I even greet my older twin brothers with ” Long time no see redneck”.

I was told that redneck refered to the “Farmers tan” some men wore as most people around here worked in the fields back in the day. Cotten, tobacco and peanuts galore. Now it’s all cotten and soybeans not counting the empty fields the government pays the farmers not to plant. Almost everyone drove a tractor at one point in their teens and that was before they came equipped with GPS, Bose Stereos systems and air-conditioning.

Now the term “Redneck” holds a whole new meaning for me. Makes me even more proud of the moniker now. You get used to the humidity.

By: canary Sun, 05 May 2013 04:30:40 +0000 So, it’s the Scottish? Can’t even trust wikipedia it’s white farmers.
Here we believed it meant for red scarves like John Wayne wore on cattle trails to cover their faces from the dust. And the bad white robbers would them pull them up before robbing a train.
And those saloon fights where it starts with a throw, then chairs flying through the air, became present day people who like to get in bar fights.

John Wayne and his red scarf.

By: Noyzmakr Sat, 04 May 2013 23:47:57 +0000 So right you are!

I don’t know if you know where the ancestor you spoke of above is buried but please put a confederate battle flag on his grave and kjnbow that me and my NC ancestors salute such courage. As you said there were many such as he but not enough. What a man!

By: canary Sat, 04 May 2013 21:23:55 +0000 There should be outrage over the claim Jamestown ate their own people with such little evidence.
Did it occur by the wounds that the girl was scalped by an Indian and Jamestown had to bury her.
Did they forget about Pocahontas saving that guy from his head chopped off and put on a totem pole.

By: canary Sat, 04 May 2013 21:09:39 +0000 “For crying out loud. Slavery was even longer ago than Benghazi. Get over it”

Spot on.

I just assumed as here, “rednecks” are guys that like to get in bar fights

not to be confused with rapping ghetto gangstas who destroy each other.

Redneck – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Redneck is a derogatory slang term used in reference to poor, uneducated white farmers, especially from the southern United States. It is similar in meaning to …

Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.

redneck [ˈrɛdˌnɛk]
n Disparaging
1. (in the southwestern US) a poor uneducated White farm worker

“2. a person or institution that is extremely reactionary”

High school is so ridiculous today. They are always having blue smurf day, wear pajamas to school day.

By: Petronius Sat, 04 May 2013 18:32:23 +0000 Well said, GBJ.

Out of a white population of less than six million, the Confederacy was able to put over one million soldiers in the field. That is a ratio of over 1 : 6, an astonishing figure when one considers the fact that most of the population was composed of women, children, and old men.

The North, in contrast, started the war with a population of over 22 million, received a steady flow of new immigrants from Germany, the British Isles, and Scandinavia, and (after the Emancipation Proclamation of 1 Jan 1863) an addition of 3.6 million Southern slaves. The North fielded 2.8 million soldiers, for a ratio of about 1 : 10, still pretty good but only half as good as in the South. And in the South there were no draft riots and (after Dec 1863) no hiring of substitutes.

By and large, if you were a Southern man over age 14 you were a Confederate combat soldier.

Officially over 258,000 Confederate soldiers died in the Civil War, but the true figure is probably over 300,000. If the South had lost in this same proportion in World War II, it would have had about six million soldiers killed.

The number of Confederate wounded is unknown, but in the Union armies the ratio of wounded to killed/died was about 3 : 1. Applying this same ratio to the Confederate armies, the number of killed and wounded would equal or exceed the total number of Confederate soldiers under arms. Obviously many Confederate soldiers were wounded more than once, receiving wounds in different battles, and returned to duty. This was in fact the case with some members of my ancestral family. One man, for example, fought in the Trans-Mississippi, then fought through the Vicksburg campaign of 1863, where he was wounded twice in separate battles, discharged from the Confederate hospital at Selma in October, then fought in the Atlanta campaign from Kingston to Lovejoy Station, then was wounded again at Franklin and left on the field in the hands of the enemy.

It is inconceivable that modern Americans would accept casualties on this scale.

With the possible exception of King Philip’s War (1675-78), there is no equal in American history –– either before or since the Civil War –– to the Confederate soldier for courage, sense of duty, and fortitude in adversity.

By the way, when the humidity gets too bad, then I just move higher up the hill.

By: Petronius Sat, 04 May 2013 17:42:45 +0000 All cultures are equal . . . but some are more equal than others.

Multiculturalism is such a wonderful blessing . . . but Southern culture and heritage are shameful and Southern symbols must be eradicated.

Diversity is the greatest thing since sliced bread . . . but Southerners are so disgusting.

This is what happens when the religion of Liberalism encounters a heresy –– the Confederate flag. Thus Liberal multiculturalism dictates that some cultures must be annihilated.

By: Astravogel Sat, 04 May 2013 03:21:57 +0000 A bit off topic, but if you can find a set of early Encylopedia Britannica,
say 1900 to 1915, get it. If civilization tanks, as it really may, you can
rebuild a steam society and get us back on our feet. Even better, find
early chemical manuals, that actually tell you how to make necessary
basics, which can then be built upon to make medicines, perchlorates,
fulminates, and other interesting compounds, e.g. nitrated cellulose.

By: GetBackJack Sat, 04 May 2013 00:04:07 +0000

BTW – if you want some astounding evidence of the wild difference between what we used to know and what today passes for edu-damn-cation, spend the money and get a copy of Noah Webster dictionary. Not Daniel Webster. Noah Webster.

If you have dentures, they’ll fall out of your mouth once you inspect and contrast the depths and context of word meanings as they were back in the day when kids in one room schools graduated 6th grade reading and writing Latin and Greek. Instead of Facebook and Jack Has Tow Mommies And No Daddy. if you recognize the value of this, then you’ll want as well

It is far from accident that admirable terms such as redneck were twisted round by blue blods up North and mimic’d by uneducated but high born and credentialed academics. They are a blot on America’s soul. But, we will have the last laugh …

Genesis 50:20
Even though you planned evil against me, God planned good to come out of it. This was to keep many people alive, as he is doing now.