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HHS Wants Help Tracking What Media Is Saying

From the Washington Examiner:

Worried about looking ‘ignorant,’ Team Sebelius seeks media help


Concerned that senior leaders, including Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, “can be left ignorant and unaware” of what Congress and the public are saying about them and their policies, officials at the agency in charge of Obamacare are seeking help to track everything the media is writing about the Department of Health and Human Services.

Is this meant to be a warning to the news media? The HHS is going to keep a list of who has been naughty or nice?

The sprawling department that is supported by a large communications shop is collecting the names of private companies that can produce a customized daily digest of news better and more complete than the one HHS aides currently compile.

The reason, according to HHS, is that there is too much media to monitor and the department’s public affairs office is having trouble meeting deadlines and producing readable summaries. What’s more, like with the website issues plaguing Obamacare, the internal staff has had difficulty getting their news summaries to work on mobile devices.

HHS probably thinks their earlier efforts must be screwed up. They can’t believe they are getting some negative press from the normally fawning media.

“While the secretary, the agency heads, and senior leaders across the department are critical customers, it is important to the department in general that staff at all levels in all agencies be aware of how the department and its agencies are being cast in the public eye…” said a department notice.

“Without this knowledge, HHS leaders can be left ignorant and unaware of what the public, Congress and stakeholders may be saying and reacting to, thus leaving HHS officials less than fully informed in their decision making processes,” added the department.

So that’s been the problem! Who knew?

[H]ere is a] presolicitation notice issued earlier this month[:]

“Department and agency leadership in particular, along with agency staff, need to have early in the morning complete situational awareness of what the media is reporting about the organization and its programs and initiatives. Agency officials will be able to make better decisions if they have an easier, faster, more reliable way to get all the latest information about their organization and its mission. Providing HHS officials with timely, easy-to-digest information on a daily basis keeps them in the best position to react to fast-moving events and unfolding issues of concern to the department,” said HHS notice.

So these situational compilations will be called what? ‘Sit-coms’?

Anyway, who can doubt that keeping closer tabs on their press will help Obama-Care work better? All they need is better ‘optics.’

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One Response to “HHS Wants Help Tracking What Media Is Saying”

  1. untrainable says:

    WANTED: Someone who can write small words… in big letters. Should write slowly because we don’t read fast. Should not be intimidated by crayons or colored chalk. Experience dealing with bratty children a plus. Must be willing to be thrown under a bus without notice or cause. No education required. No experience required.

    Worried about looking ‘ignorant,’?? No worries team Sebelius. It’s already far too late to worry. That ship has sailed. The avalanche has begun, it’s too late for the pebbles to vote. Why close the barn door when the horses are already gone? That milk has spilt… and we already cried uselessly.

    I would tell them to read Sweetness & Light every day but it’s not in crayon and, though it isn’t written so, we’re all thinking in cursive.

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