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Hsu Wrote ‘Suicide Note’ Blaming Obama

From the DNC’s Los Angeles Times:

Hsu letter appeared to be suicide note

The fundraiser sent it on the day of his second disappearance. In it, he apologized to those to whom he donated.

By Dan Morain
September 13, 2007

On the day he disappeared, Norman Hsu, the disgraced fundraiser for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, sent letters to friends that recipients viewed as a suicide note, people familiar with the letter have said.

In his letter, Hsu apologized for any embarrassment he had caused recipients of his largesse. In the last four years, he has generated donations of more than $1 million for Democratic politicians across the country.

Hsu’s undoing began two weeks ago with articles raising questions about his fundraising activities in the Wall Street Journal and about a criminal case in his past in The Times. In his letter, said a person familiar with its contents who asked to remain anonymous, Hsu contended that those articles were planted “by a politician who pledged ‘hope and change’ ” — an apparent reference to Sen. Barack Obama, Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“This is a sad and baseless allegation,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. “We had no knowledge of his past criminal behavior, fugitive status or a potential straw-donor scheme until reading it in the newspaper.”

What a laugh.

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One Response to “Hsu Wrote ‘Suicide Note’ Blaming Obama”

  1. canary says:

    In Obama’s Dreams, he began the “Change” theme. In “Dreams” his frist attendance to Rev Wrights Trinity church, the reverands name of the sermon was “The Audacity of Hope” was the name of the white-hating preacher’s sermon. Such an impact, that Obama’s 2nd book was named after the hatemonger’s serman; Wright made such an influence. Now you can understand his inability to disown Wright anymore than he could his own white grandmother.

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