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Huffington Post Plans To Hire ‘Journalists’

From an envious Associated Press:

Huffington Post launches journalism venture

By DAVID BAUDER, AP Television Writer

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New York (AP) — The Huffington Post said Sunday that it will bankroll a group of investigative journalists, directing them at first to look at stories about the nation’s economy.

The popular blog is collaborating with The Atlantic Philanthropies and other donors to launch the Huffington Post Investigative Fund with an initial budget of $1.75 million. That should be enough for 10 staff journalists who will primarily coordinate stories with freelancers, said Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post…

The Huffington Post venture is reminiscent of ProPublica, a nonprofit independent newsroom funded by The Sandler Foundation and headed by Paul Steiger, former managing editor of The Wall Street Journal. ProPublica works with a $10 million budget…

The Huffington Post skews liberal, but its founder promised that the work done by the investigative fund would be nonpartisan. The group would be discredited quickly if it puts out faulty information, said Nick Penniman, the fund’s executive director.

"We care about democracy, not Democrats," he said…

The HuffPost also promises to give a higher profile to work produced by other reporting groups, such as The Center for Public Integrity and The Institute for Justice and Journalism.

What is amazing about this article is that our watchdog media have been claiming that Zsa Zsa’s site has been a leading light of journalism for some time now.

Of course what this really is means is that her alimony money will be used to dig up dirt on conservatives and Republicans.

It should be a regular stimulus package for Larry Flynt and company.

By the way, the aforementioned ProPublica, which HuffPo is using as their model was founded by Herb and Marion Sandler – the self-same Democrat fat cats who helped to give us the banking crisis.

And, lest we forget, the Sandlers also gave us many other DNC fronts, such as Media Matters.

But of course the Huffington Post will be a non-partisan 501c3 taxpayer supported ‘charity,’ just like ProPublica is.

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15 Responses to “Huffington Post Plans To Hire ‘Journalists’”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Gee, I sure hope they really get to the bottom of things….and give us the truth.

    (Nah, didn’t even sound right in my head, either)

  2. U NO HOO says:

    I know Clinton is Mr. Interlocutor but who is Bones?

  3. jrmcdonald says:

    They should call it “Truth.” Thats what the Soviets called their paper, “Pravda,” which is truth in english.

  4. DGA says:

    Another soros funded enterprise?

  5. Lisa22 says:

    The question is, will they investigate themselves? I mean, I thought for sure they were going bankrupt all the time – where did they get all this $??

  6. canary says:

    With pro-Obama Atlantic Philanthropics funding this, no way Huffington would or could ever be non-partisan. Huffington Post is a disgrace to ethical Journalism.
    Probably change the name to the Obama Post.

  7. artboyusa says:

    “Who is Bones?” Joe Lieberman, sho ’nuff.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    Isn’t this the cronyism that these same people screamed about for the past 8 years?

    Hypocrite, thy name is Liberal.

    HuffPo Journalism – boy there is an oxymoron if ever I saw one.

  9. The litmus test for the “journalists” who will be staffing the new venture?

    “Did you turn your lights off for earth hour?”

    • catie says:

      You’re right Jason. That’s about the only thing they care about but they probably want to make sure that one voted for the Dear Leader.
      BTW I turned on every light inside and outside my house during “Earth Hour”. I wanted to make a statement too. I noticed a few other houses in the neighborhood suddenly were lit up too and by 9:45 or 2145 they were back to “normal” light levels.

    • Catie, THAT kind of Neighborhood response to Earth Hour ..brings a tear to my eye.. God bless them. *sniff*

    • bill says:

      dittos, hits the nail with fewest words launched.

      The only other phrase with the same punch power

      “do you support gun control”.

  10. proreason says:

    By msm standards, huffington posters are already “journalists”

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