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HuffPo: Loss Due To BHO’s Bipartisanship

From the mainstream media’s new model for news outlets, the Huffington Post:

Midterms: Where Tuesday’s Whole Debacle Got Started

Michael Shaw
November 3, 2010

The [above] photo ran fifteen days after the 2008 election. Read the caption:

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama (R) applauds Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), the Republican presidential nominee, at bi-partisan dinner honoring McCain in Washington on January 19, 2009. (UPI Photo/Joshua Roberts/Pool)

In reaching out, and reaching out, and reaching out again, it was obvious Tuesday night — as the Republican’s made clear from the beginning — the President was wasting his applause.

No, there certainly is no other explanation. After all, who can forget Mr. Obama’s famous olive branch: ‘I won’?

Still, bear in mind that Mr. Obama’s constituents get all of their ‘news’ from the Huffington Post and the Daily Show. And perhaps Mr. Obama does, too.

Put your seatback and beverage tray in their upright positions. We are in for a bumpy ride.

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14 Responses to “HuffPo: Loss Due To BHO’s Bipartisanship”

  1. BillK says:

    Still, bear in mind that Mr. Obama’s constituents get all of their ‘news’ from the Huffington Post and the Daily Show.

    As do an ever-increasing number of Americans in general, unfortunately.

    Multiple studies have now shown that for the 18-25 demographic, a growing percentage say The Daily Show is their primary source of news and political information, about double that of the network newscasts (so at least in that case it’s a mixed blessing.)

    Sadly I know from personal experience the same is true of many of my 45 year-old and up co-workers who proudly state they no longer watch the news or read newspapers but rather get all they need from The Daily Show.

  2. canary says:

    I get it now. The liberals haven’t quit whining in their wine yet. Expect more bizarre statements such as Kerry saying Reid is a famous vampire leader named Dracula.

  3. canary says:

    Obama searching for organizing work in NYC before leaving for Chicago.

    Dreams From My Father by Barak Obama 1994. excerpts

    pg 138 “….I was called in for an interview by the director of a prominent civil rights organization in the city.
    He was a tall handsome black man, dressed in a crisp white shirt, a paisley tie, and red suspenders. His office was furnished with Italian chairs and African sculpture, a bar service built into the exposed brick. Through a tall window, sunlight streamed down on a bust of Dr. King.
    “I like it,” the director said after looking over my resume. “Particularly the corporate experience. That’s the real business of a civil rights organization these days. …. To get the job done, we’ve got to forge links between business, government, and the inner city.”…”You see?” the director said. “Public-private partnerships….Why, just last week I was discussing the problem with the secretary of HUD at a White House dinner. Terrific guy, Jack. He’d be interested in meeting a young man like you. Of course I’m a registered Democrat, but we have to learn to work with whoevers in power…”
    On the spot he offered me the job, which involved organizing conferences on drugs, unemployment, housing. Facilitating dialogue, he called it. I declined his generous offer, deciding I needed a job closer to the streets.
    I spent three months working for a Ralph Nader offshoot up in Harlem, trying to convince minority students at a City College about the importance of recycling….”

    skip to the present with the theme music from the Twilight Zone playing in the background and picture
    Obama now.

  4. oldpuppydixie says:

    TRANSLATION: Our boy didn’t take over the nation by force of arms as he should have!!

  5. Mae says:

    We Conservatives get our information from think tanks like The Heritage Foundation and reading articulate writers like Victor Davis Hanson (see today’s article http://www.victorhanson.com/articles/hanson110310.html), Walter E Williams, Jonah Goldberg, Caroline Glick, and from the righteously angry writings of Michelle Malkin, among hundreds of other clear thinking men and women (plus, of course, our Steve). It’s amusing that liberals believe John Stewart and his ilk have any answers whatsoever. But also bizarre and sad beyond all description.

  6. Coco Q. Rico says:

    I think you right on target, Mr. Gilbert, especially in your references to the Daily Show and HuffPo.


    We did a special game on my blog about the Daily Show v. Limbaugh’s Ditto Heads. I think the fact that the Left can’t see beyond its lazy circle of echoes explains everything.

  7. Crapgame13 says:

    Even better: Boehner should put this to the test.

    Pass everything on the conservative agenda and send so much paper to the Senate/Obama that their head will spin.

    See who the party of no is, show them what the party of ideas is…keep tabs.

  8. Mithrandir says:


    ~Template for McCain, “He’s too old.” “His rallies are full of hate!” “Someone shouted ‘kill him.'”

    ~Template for Tea Party, “Racist!” “Too white, too angry.”

    Now the template for Obama.

    ~”Where is the bi-partisanship?”

    ~”Gridlock, gridlock, gridlock.”

    ~”How will this effect Obama?” (as if anyone should care! How does this effect US, or OUR country, not some narcissist’s ‘legacy.’)

    ~”Poor Obama, just can’t get anything done with the party of ‘no.'”

    ~”Republicans are a failure, they can’t get anything done.”

    The daily, non-stop MEDIA RAPE until 2012, starts now.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I believe you are correct, Mith.

      Even among the conservative ranks, there are those who think cooperation is the best way to move the nation forward. Aside from the myriad of things wrong with that concept, it bears repeating that republicans couldn’t stop ANYTHING for two full years. Thus, the argument about the republicans being the party of no is moot. However, in spite of the lack of critical thinking on the part of many American, much of whom voted their conscience on Tuesday, I think they are instead still looking for “magic fixes” to things like in a half-hour sitcom where it will all work out in the end.

      Unfortunately, for them, I fully expect there to be (figurative) blood, as there needs to be. People’s political careers need to be destroyed through the bright and almost blinding light of public inquiry.

      In America, most people, be they conservative or liberal, are not up to the task of “taking out the trash”. In fact, political proceedings that need to happen are probably on the nation’s “least interested in” things as they’d prefer to watch another episode of “Lost” or some such. However, in today’s society, the MSM would never broadcast, nor report on the likes of Pelosi’s, Reid’s or Frank’s testimony and instead tune it all out. Except for the likes of us here at S &L.

      The media would report after one day of subpoenas “Nation Tires Of Ongoing Inquiries”. Remember when Gen. Norman Shwartzkopf held up the newspaper headline from (I Think) the NYT after two weeks of fighting in Iraq, “War Drags On”. ? That’s about the limit of the “public’s” (in the media’s eye) tolerance for ugliness. So I don’t see a lot of unwavering support for inquiries and subpoenas, much as I, personally would like to see it.

      Instead, it would be a pretty great trick to do the other tool in the human toolkit, which would be to minimize the participation of socialists in our government. Not letting them have a voice, or, in the case of where they make an utter boob of themselves, that’s fine and let them speak. But otherwise let them sit in meetings and even let them have a speaking part but then, carefully deconstruct their arguments and ask them the pointed, difficult questions in an open forum.

      “Mr Reid, you say to increase taxes. what say you to the fact that the constituency of the nation is against it and that the government needs to be made smaller instead?”

      Then the onus falls on him to ADMIT he doesn’t care WHAT the people think and that his deep-seated belief is to steal more money from them.

      It’s not hard to do and it is something the media has been grossly negligent of the past 40 years, except when it comes to conservatives, who, when they try to set them up, have answered truthfully and honestly as they can without any room for interpretation, yet they interpret their answers wrongly and instead print their own version of what happened.

      So, as far as the media goes, the war can be fought by asking simple questions to these socialists in such a way that the media will either have to avoid publicizing their answers or to lie for them. This is where the newmedia comes in. Steve’s magnificent site and others. Someplace is necessary to get the facts and with the speed and accuracy of the modern media outlet called the internet….it’s all here and it played very heavily in turning the nation red on Tuesday.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      Media rape, however, doesn’t exist. Why I can say this with certainty: The power of out-of-home can never be underestimated. Take my city, for instance: If a social conservative group were to advertise on the front of most buses in NYC, the message will be hard to ignore.

      The questions of gridlock will likely be applied to issues where social liberals and social conservatives have diametric opposition…and especially if Obama nominates a liberal Supreme Court nominee (thus far, no Supreme Court nominee with the votes for confirmation on an up-or-down vote has been denied an up-or-down vote). That is where I could see things getting nasty, because Obama will likely look to replace both Ginsburg and Breyer…and Republicans could try a filibuster (Lindsey Graham is for all intents and purposes done after 2014) that could then result in a limited nuclear option.

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