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Huge Spike In Plant Radiation Was Error

From a disappointed Associated Press:

More obstacles impede crews in Japan nuke crisis

By Yuri Kageyama And Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press
March 27, 2011

TOKYO – Mounting problems, including incorrect radiation figures and a shortage of storage tanks, stymied emergency workers Sunday as they tried to nudge Japan’s stricken nuclear complex back from the edge of disaster.

Workers are struggling to remove radioactive water from the tsunami-ravaged nuclear compound and restart the regular cooling systems for the dangerously hot fuel.

The day began with company officials reporting that radiation in leaking water in the Unit 2 reactor was 10 million times above normal, a spike that forced employees to flee the unit. The day ended with officials saying the huge figure had been miscalculated and offering apologies.

"The number is not credible," said Tokyo Electric Power Co. spokesman Takashi Kurita. "We are very sorry."

For what it is worth, the original headline and lead for this article emphasized the error. (See screen grab from Google News search above.)

The first sentence read: "Emergency workers struggling to pump contaminated water from Japan’s stricken nuclear complex fled from one of the troubled reactors Sunday after reporting a huge increase in radioactivity — a spike that officials later apologetically said was inaccurate."

But, it would seem that the AP decided that discretion is the better part of propaganda.

While the water is contaminated with radiation, officials are unsure about the actual levels. They planned to take another sample, but Kurita did not know when the results would be known.

Officials acknowledged there was radioactive water in all four of the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex’s most troubled reactors, and that airborne radiation in Unit 2 measured 1,000 millisieverts per hour, four times the limit deemed safe by the government.

Those high airborne readings — if accurate [sic] — would make it very difficult for emergency workers to get inside to pump out the water.

If TEPCO could be this wildly inaccurate here, why should we trust any of the numbers coming from them? And why should we believe the media’s knee-jeark hysteria?

Officials say they still don’t know where the radioactive water is coming from, though government spokesman Yukio Edano earlier said some is "almost certainly" seeping from a damaged reactor core in one of the units.

The AP is still trying to keep hope alive.

The discovery late last week of pools of radioactive water has been a major setback in the mission to get the crucial cooling systems operating more than two weeks after a massive earthquake and tsunami…

A top TEPCO official acknowledged it could take a long time to clean up the complex.

"We cannot say at this time how many months or years it will take," TEPCO Vice President Sakae Muto said, insisting the main goal now is to keep the reactors cool…

Despite Sunday’s troubles, officials continued to insist the situation had at least partially stabilized.


"We have somewhat prevented the situation from turning worse," Edano told reporters Sunday evening. "But the prospects are not improving in a straight line and we’ve expected twists and turns. The contaminated water is one of them and we’ll continue to repair the damage." …

With our news media ready to pounce at every opportunity for fear mongering.

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5 Responses to “Huge Spike In Plant Radiation Was Error”

  1. wardmama4 says:

    The media got it wrong – say it isn’t so.

    • JohnMG says:

      What is lost in all this rhetoric is that the situation, though serious, has been handled remarkably well. Of all people who should be paranoid of nuclear events, the Japanese have remained at the helm and responded responsibly and professionably. Much to the chagrin of those in the media who would and have attempted to engender hysteria at every opportunity.

  2. proreason says:

    Here is an explanation of radiation levels:


    It takes a bit to absorb but it illustrates the magnitude of the hype the Make Believe Media is delivering. The bottom line is the Chernobly was orders of magnitude worse than the situation in Japan.

    The chart was linked by Charlie Martin at PJM who has been doing yoeman work trying to explain this stuff…work that the MBM would never do, because then you might actually know the truth


    I knew it was 98% hype from minute 1. How you ask? Because the MBM said it, of course.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    Slightly off topic – but my daughter said that the road which was shown in the early pictures of the disaster (fell & split apart) is already fixed – and here in the greatest Nation of the World – Ground Zero is NOT.

    Sad what the EPA, enviro-wackos and most especially the pc police have done to destroy this great Nation. And the crapweasels in DC are working overtime to finish her off.

  4. BillK says:

    Note the number of news outlets that reported the “spike” that later corrected it is, at least in my experience, precisely zero so far…

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