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Chavez Announces Collectivization Of Property

From a delighted Associated Press:

Chavez unveils plans for ‘collective property’

Constitutional changes aimed to speed shift toward socialism

The Associated Press

March 25, 2007

CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez announced that his administration’s sweeping reforms toward socialism will include the creation of “collective property.”

Vowing to undermine capitalism’s continued influence in Venezuela, Chavez said Sunday that his government was “advancing quickly” with a concept of “social, or collective, property” to be included in forthcoming constitutional reforms.

“It’s property that belongs to everyone and it’s going to benefit everyone,” said Chavez, speaking during his television and radio program “Hello President.”

Chavez did not elaborate, but he stressed that collective property must benefit workers equally.

“It cannot be production to generate profits for one person or a small group of people that become rich exploiting peons who end up becoming slaves, living in poverty and misery their entire lives,” he said…

Chavez, who hosted Sunday’s program from a ranch in Venezuela’s sun-baked plains, said his government would move to seize control of large ranches and farms spanning more than 300,000 hectares (740,000 acres) and redistribute lands deemed “idle” to the poor under a nationwide agrarian reform…

Here we go.

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