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Hugo Chavez Begins Creating One Party State

From his die hard fans at BBC NEWS:

Chavez ‘battalions’ hold meetings

By James Ingham

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Plans to form a single political party in Venezuela have taken a step forward with the first activists’ meetings.

Six million people have signed up to become members of the President’s United Socialist Party.

Critics worry about the threat to plurality, but organisers say it will give ordinary Venezuelans more chance to shape the future of the country.

Venezuela’s parliament, the National Assembly, is made up purely of politicians who support the president.

But they come from a number of different parties.

Hugo Chavez is changing that by creating one united party, which he says will be constructed from the bottom up.

Six million people have volunteered to become activists.

They have been formed into battalions. More than 1,000 of these have now met for the first time.

They will choose representatives who will soon take part in a national congress which will decide how the party will work.

However, all this is creating division within the coalition.

Three key parties have so far refused to dissolve their groups and they have expressed concerns that this new style of politics could lead to one way of thinking.

But Mr Chavez says the battalions will be centres of debate which will drive the socialist revolution.

Start the clock on how long the other parties will be allowed to exist. (Not that they exist anymore, for all intents and purposes.)

But is there anything more predictable than a tinhorn dictator?

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