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Huma Will ‘Take Break’ From Her Job With Hillary

From the Politico:

Huma Abedin to take break from job with Hillary Clinton

By MAGGIE HABERMAN | July 30, 2013

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s transition office chief and the wife of embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, is expected to take extended vacation time from her job with the former first lady in the coming days, sources told POLITICO.

Bear in mind that Hillary picked Huma to head her ‘transition team. Because Huma is such a good judge of character.

The move is not a leave of absence, two sources familiar with the move insisted, and it’s not precisely clear when she will depart for her vacation time from her day job.

In other words, Hillary will keep paying her. But it isn’t hush money.

It was a loose plan she’d had for weeks, since Hillary Clinton has close to no schedule next month – the Clintons are expected to vacation in the monied East Hampton enclave on Long Island – and Abedin had been expected to take the final few weeks leading up to the mayoral primary to be with her husband.

But she decided to stick to it as current events in her husband’s campaign have unfolded, the sources said…

Or rather, ‘popped up.’

While it’s not a “leave,” the vacation time provides a change from a straddling of two roles that Abedin had been playing – helping her husband while also serving as the former secretary of state’s top aide as she transitions from Foggy Bottom to her family’s foundation…

And don’t forget her $300,000 a year ‘consulting job.’ Oh, and her $130,000 a year State Department job. It’s nice to be connected.

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