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100s Mourn (Muslim) Cop Killer In Oakland

From a pious (about cop killers) San Francisco Chronicle:

Hundreds mourn man who killed police officers

By Leslie Fulbright

Nearly 500 people gathered at an East Oakland church Tuesday to say goodbye to Lovelle Mixon, the 26-year-old parolee who was killed by police after he went on a shooting rampage that left four Oakland officers dead.

The open-casket service, held at Fuller Funerals on International Boulevard, was about an hour long and had such a large turnout that a number of guests were forced to stand.

Singers sang. Poets read, and speakers remembered Mixon as an intense and animated storyteller, for his big smile, love of boxing and football and what they called a long and loving relationship with his wife of seven years.

Authorities say Mixon fatally shot four Oakland police officers March 21 before he was killed as he hid in his sister’s apartment.

While no one spoke directly of the incident that left him dead, one family member spoke briefly of Mixon’s stray from God, and a Nation of Islam minister urged mourners to remember they were there to support Mixon’s grieving family.

Keith Muhammad of Oakland Mosque 26B said losing a member of the community is tragic no matter the circumstances

Mr. Mixon was a Muslim?

What a shock.

Funny how seldom this has been mentioned in previous reports.

(Thanks to BillK for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, April 4th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

40 Responses to “100s Mourn (Muslim) Cop Killer In Oakland”

  1. BillK says:

    From the San Francisco Chronicle, an article highlighting Life in our United States:

    Hundreds mourn man who killed police officers

    By Leslie Fulbright

    Nearly 500 people gathered at an East Oakland church Tuesday to say goodbye to Lovelle Mixon, the 26-year-old parolee who was killed by police after he went on a shooting rampage that left four Oakland officers dead.

    The open-casket service, held at Fuller Funerals on International Boulevard, was about an hour long and had such a large turnout that a number of guests were forced to stand.

    Singers sang. Poets read, and speakers remembered Mixon as an intense and animated storyteller, for his big smile, love of boxing and football and what they called a long and loving relationship with his wife of seven years…


    • catie says:

      Yeah this is disgusting isn’t it? Last week O’Reilly had on that idiot Marc Lamont Hill, Ph. D. affirmative action hater who thought that this was wonderful that they were able to express their hatred of the police. That goon is a racist but yet Mr. O. has him on all the time. Yeah, this guy was a loving husband, so loving that he raped a woman in addition to the carnage he left behind. He’s someone we should all be proud of. What a bunch of idiots. No wonder this country is in the mess it is. Up is down, down is up.

    • 12 Gauge Rage says:

      What more could you expect from the city of San Fran Sicko? That massive enclave of liberalism continues to work it’s way down to the depths of degradation. What a shame. Aside from the mentality, it’s really a beautiful city.

    • GuppyNblue says:

      “Keith Muhammad of Oakland Mosque 26B said losing a member of the community is tragic no matter the circumstances.”

      So how does it hurt their “community” when they loose a murderer? (rhetorical question of course)

    • catie says:

      12Gauge, I have never been to SF myself and don’t think I will ever go there now. My father said it was beautiful when he was stationed out there while in the Navy in the 1950’s. I know there are some good people out there but when I see this nonsense it makes blood squirt out of my eyes.

    • jobeth says:

      Catie, I am getting more an more fed up with O’Reily. It seems to me ever since he landed that interview with Obalmy he has been soft on him. He seems to always be cutting him slack and wanting to “give him the benefit of the doubt”.

      That’s his choice, but sometimes it looks like an awful like he promised to go easy on him if only Obalmy would grace him with his interview.

      OReily likes to say he is not “left” or “right” but “fair”.

      Sorry, but like Rush and the country song says…You have to stand for something…You can’t be “moderate”. That means you don’t really stand for anything.

      You can still be fair, but you have to stop making excuses and giving the “benefit of the doubt” to/for the stupid. At the speed Obalmy is going there is NO time for that.

      (When I say “you” I mean the collective “you” not you personally :-) )

      As to giving this racist a forum…you’re right, but then he was also one of the first ones to give Al Sharpton a forum and you can’t be more a buffoon that him!

      I watch O’Reily, but with raised BP. I think he’s gotten so full of himself his ego is almost as bad as Geraldo’s. He constantly tells people to come back to HIM if something needs dealt with…like HE has the power to do anything about some of this stuff. A bit arrogant. But this is only my opinion.

      Thank God for Glenn Beck! He calls it like it is, without trying to gloss it up for the “politically challenged” MSI (main streamed idiots)

    • proreason says:

      This story is emblamatic of all that is wrong with this country.

      Instead of appreciating the overwhelming privileges granted by a country genuinely regretful of actions committed centuries ago by a small fraction of the country, these goons demand more without limit and revenge without limit, and have the gall to demand it after one of their disgusting thugs commits the most heinous crime imaginable.

      And they won.

      Orwell’s prediction was 25 years early.

    • jobeth says:

      Pro…I believe it was Glenn Beck who recently quoted someone who said “you can’t please a lib, because the when you try, they will just want more” They can’t be satisfied!

      (paraphrased of course :-) )

    • Barbie says:

      Singers sang. Poets read.
      Thank God this s.o.b. is dead.

    • caligirl9 says:

      I’ve been writing about this on the Trials & Tribulations blog.

      Get this: on the Wednesday the week after the officers were murdered, there was a vigil head for the scumbag perp. The vigil was arranged by a group called Uhuru. Sixty people showed up.

      Crap like this is why the police have to do what they have to do.

      I attended a trial going on here in SJ—a rookie cop, officer Jeffrey Fontana, was gunned down in 2001, and it’s finally going to trial. The cop’s brother Greg is blogging about it; local media hardly covers it at all.

      Please stop by http://justiceforjeffrey.blogspot.com/ and offer the Fontana family your support.

      White cop, gangsta thug killah. The dregs of humanity have testified at this trial; meth-heads, people with “head injuries” because they fell off of motorcycles, or they just plain forgot. The defendant is also newly-mentally retarded.

      Just go read it and offer your support, please. This family deserves to know that people give a damn.

    • caligirl9 says:

      What the article doesn’t say that for five of those seven years he was married, he was in prison.
      It also fails to say he’s got a kid that he’s wasn’t paying any child support on.
      It also fails to say he was unemployed.
      It also fails to say he ha at least two weapons he used on the cops, and that his probation officer was looking for him on a parole violation (missing meetings). Parole officer went to three family member’s addresses, and no one gave him up.
      It also fails to mention that the family knew he had guns, a violation of probation and parole.
      It also fails to mention that when he killed two of the officers in his sister’s apartment (with an AK-47), her children were in the apartment.
      It also fails to mention he was linked by DNA to the rape of a 12-year old girl and a suspect in four others.
      What else you all want to know about this dirtbag?

    • proreason says:

      “What else you all want to know about this dirtbag?”

      who were the racists that made him do that stuff? Lamont Hill would like to give them a piece of his mind.

    • caligirl9 says:

      But PR, he was a victim of society and not responsible for any of his actions!
      The man made him do whatever he did!

      (you do smell the sarcasm, right?)

      Oh yeah, and the sister whose apartment he hid in? She was jailed on drug charges …

    • catie says:

      Jobeth, I know what you mean about the raised BP while watching O’Reilly. I am about sick of his garbage. Notice he didn’t want to take on the story of the VP’s daughter. Yet if it was one of the Bush girls or the Cheney girls he’d be all over it.
      He had that clown on who organized this little “march” but he didn’t really give him much trouble.
      Glenn Beck is my age and sometimes just as silly as I am. I love watching him.

  2. SanFranciscan says:

    To 12 Gauge Rage: Just so you know, Oakland and San Francisco are two different cities. Two VERY different cities. So I don’t understand why you brought SF into the discussion.

    I have lived in San Francisco for 10 years. I consider myself liberal. However, I don’t condone what that loon did. No one that I know condones what that guy did. It saddens me that he took the lives of four police officers. And as a woman, I am horrified that he raped a 12 year-old girl (and is a suspect in others). So I say good riddance.

    BTW–Thousands attended the funeral for the four cops. There was a palpable sense of sadness in both SF and Oakland…this was viewed as a real loss to Oakland. Yes, it’s sad/outrageous that 500 people would go to a cop killer/rapist’s funeral, but this was very small group of people compared to those who attended the cops’ funeral.

    To Catie: I hope you come and see my city. Your Father was right, it is beautiful. I have travelled to well over 30 countries (and countless cities) and I still think it’s the most beautiful city I have ever seen. And don’t worry, me and my fellow San Franciscans won’t be waiting at SFO when you arrive in the hopes of converting you to the “Liberal” side.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Sanctuary City.

      The Bologna family. DEAD. Aubrey Abrakasa. DEAD. Antwanisha Morgan. DEAD. Officer Isaac Espinosa. DEAD. No death penalty for Officer Espinosa’s gang-banger killer David Hill. Edwin Ramos, MS-13 gang-banger and the killer of the Bolognas was an illegal alien IN CUSTODY several times, even as a juvenile, but released by the city’s sanctuary city policy and the DA. No one will talk about the Abrakasa killing though the police and mayor claim to know who did it. Look ’em all up.

      DA Kamala Harris (No Death Penalty EVER!!!), absentee Mayor Gavin Newsom and inept chief of police Heather Fong (unless she’s gone already).

      Formerly beautiful city, now dangerous as heck. And I live nearby and avoid it like the plague.

    • JohnMG says:

      SanFranciscan; …..”No one that I know condones what that guy did…..”

      Evidently a bunch of people from Oakland attended…..”(T)he open-casket service, held at Fuller Funerals on International Boulevard, was about an hour long and had such a large turnout that a number of guests were forced to stand…..”, so obviously SOMEBODY condones it.

      As for SF, what has happened there sickens me no end. It seems to be a haven for every “looney-toons” scheme ever to be visited on normal man, from its obsession with homosexual ‘everything’ to legalized drugs and pornography and just about any/every other aberration imaginable. Maybe you all deserve one another, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to entertain the lot of you. You can’t see in yourselves that which is painfully obvious to the rest of us here. And you think we’re nuts. Go figure.

    • catie says:

      Well SF there were 2 occasions my husband’s unit had to go through SFO on their way back to Schofield Barracks, HI. The people treated them terribly at the airport. They had to be in uniform as they were coming back from Iraq. That is another reason we won’t visit the City by the Bay but I didn’t want to bring it up. This was in 05 & 07. There are probably many beautiful cities I will not see in my lifetime, we would find it difficult to spend one thin dime in a city that treats our military with such disdain no matter how beautiful it may be. You cannot deny that San Francisco treats the military horribly but you may be proud of that too as most liberals disdain the military as well and feel it’s for those who cannot do more with their lives.

  3. SanFranciscan says:

    Ok, I looked them all up. I remember them, except for the Bologna family (living in London at the time and didn’t keep up with local news).

    All of these killings were very sad. How did some of these killers get AK-47s?? People like that should not be able to get guns. Agree that we shouldn’t have a sanctuary policy (for dangerous criminals) in SF.

    These cases were all in known bad neighborhoods. Morgan, Espinosa & Hill all lived in Bayview (though they are trying to gentrify it, it is still the most dangerous neighborhood and I rarely go there…unless I’m volunteering). Abrakasa was from Nopa (while better than Bayview, still pretty shady). Saying that you avoid going to SF because it’s “dangerous as heck” is like saying you would avoid going to Beverly Hills because of the killings in Compton (while both are in Greater LA…most people would agree they are very different). It’s not like there are weekly shootings in the Marina, Pac Heights, Russian & Nob Hill etc.)

    • jobeth says:

      I think you are missing the greater point a lot of us are making.

      It not ONLY the killings…which by them selves are bad enough, but also the live style that grates on most of us.

      These so called “enlightened” look down their ultra leftist noses at the conservative and try to force that life style on every one else…even those thousands of miles away from their city…shall I mention Pelosi here?)

      Its not SF itself. I’m sure its beautiful. But its a moral cesspool as a whole.

      Sorry but I wouldn’t want to surround myself or my developing (children) family members to the tripe spewed out of that environment.

      As to the AK-47s…we agree THEY shouldn’t have them, but this will be, sure as the sun rises tomorrow, used to try to ban law abiding people of having ANY guns…watch…It’s coming.

    • BannedbytheTaliban says:

      ‘How did some of these killers get AK-47s??’

      The same why they get illegal drugs, cars they can’t afford, or fake IDs (actual ID not a little card). Stolen or blackmarket.

    • caligirl9 says:

      I have an African American activist friend who marched with MLK.

      When I made the remark about young black men having easy access to guns and killing each other, she said, “Where do you think they get those guns? White men give them to them! It’s genocide!”

      I don’t argue with her at all. I feel MLK would be livid.

    • proreason says:

      Caligirl: “White men give them to them! It’s genocide!”

      Not far off from The Moron ‘s and ultra-libs position about everything.

      – 25% of black men aren’t incarcerated because they are criminals. The system makes them do it.
      – Hamas isn’t evil. Centuries of oppression have made them angry.
      – Lifetime welfare recipients aren’t lazy. They haven’t been given a chance in life.
      – The school systems aren’t bad. They are underfunded.
      – Muslim’s aren’t violent. They have been provoked.
      ad nauseum.

      At the end of the day, everything is somebody else’s fault. 53% of the country are mentally 7 years old.

    • caligirl9 says:

      I’m sure I’ll be able to add to the “it’s not his fault” list. I’m on my way back to that trial—with the newly-mentally retarded perp.

      He’s a victim … learning disabled (so was the cop he killed, only difference is that Jeff Fontana didn’t let that stop him), undereducated (who made him drop out of high school? Oh yeah “the man” did because the poor LD guy didn’t get enough “help” so he dropped out and later took the GED) and with poor job prospects (so that’s why he was out on bail at the time he killed the cop; he’d been arrested for using stolen credit cards.)

      No doubt I will come home tonight angry at the world yet again. I wish I had the quiet grace of the officer’s family. Taking an afternoon to watch the defense start its case today with its gangsta defendant sitting there in an argyle sweater—something he’d never be caught DEAD in. Literally.

    • jobeth says:


      …and white men made them pick the guns up, and white men made them point them at other black men (and anyone else in the way) and white men made them pull the trigger.

      If this is true, then that demonstrates that black men don’t have a will of their own or the common sense to know how to say no.

      If this is true….It says it all.

      But it’s not true…THESE black men have a hobby…and we all know what it is.

      Thank God for black men with common sense and the backbone to not care if they are called “Uncle Tom” when they use their brains. And there are some out there, albeit not enough.

  4. bousquem says:

    It’s sad that even an article was written about this unrepentant thug. Normally I’m will to just let things pass but glorifying this loser first class is another thing. Next you’ll see the ministers/imams claiming he was unjustly shot or some other leftist BS. This isn’t someone who was mentally ill and sadly lost it but just some thug who did not want to go back to jail.

  5. canary says:

    San Fransico Chronicle tells sentiments of another attendee at cop killer’s funeral, promoting more of the same violence….

    The Rev. Doug Stevens, former pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Walnut Creek, said heaven knows no bounds of color or class, but he alluded to the fact that people don’t live that way on Earth.

    “This is a preview of the day that will come,” he said. “Why not live it now?”


  6. artboyusa says:

    I’ll jump in here, if I may, to praise San Francisco (lived in nearby Emeryville 1982-85). Its a beautiful city, nice climate, pleasant lifestyle, lots to see and do, thriving cultural scene, nice restaurants, delicious Anchor Steam beer -what more could you want? SF’s great – its only that most of the people who live there are crazy.

    • Barbie says:

      its only that most of the people who live there are crazy.

      oh – just a minor downside.

      I don’t mind crazy people so much. My objection is their insistence their craziness is sanity and I and everyone else must ‘hopalong’ the crazy bus with them.

  7. ThreeBus says:

    Does anyone have a link to the Police Officers funeral procession?
    I tell you what, I saw it somewhere and it made me cry hard.

    It blows anything these thugs are TYRING to do
    right out of the water. Like putting perfume on sh__!

    Give it up, thugs. Your cause is pure crap.

    I wish I could give every cop a hug. They put up with too much.

    • Barbie says:

      You are correct ThreeBus, cops put up with too much. (no, not all cops are PERFECT) They don’t get near the appreciation nor respect nor money they deserve. Cops are the ones running toward the danger while people like myself are running away from danger. I say God bless them. WHy would anyone be a cop when they get so much grief?

    • caligirl9 says:

      Your wish is my command!

      LOTS of video linked from this page.


  8. Odie44 says:

    It doesn’t suprise me that a black thug under the veil of “Black Muslim Pride” kills police officers and is honored by black americans. It’s in their DNA.

    “Don’t snitch” cred, glass ceiling propaganda and now a black President are the dangerous ingredients to “rise up against the man”. “White do right”, “God damn America”, “I am proud of this country for the first time”, etc., etc.

    In the end – 2012 – will find American blacks slipping deeper into obscurity. Census has total population down to 13% in 2010 (unless Rahm gets is dirty mittens on it); there will not be a surge in “black wealth” overnight, poor areas will become poorer without capital expenditures (take a look at Bambi’s own district to see how hand outs lead to failure and continued misery); the ability to “move up the ladder” will be stymied and ultimately black Americans will step back 50 or so years.

    When you choose to pick a “class warfare fight”, be careful of what you wish for. If black “leaders” actually think fraud, deception and white guilt will continue; as hard working non-blacks continue losing their jobs, wealth and purchasing power (yes, even latinos – the largest minority population demographic by far – double than blacks), unions unable to pay or find jobs for union members – it will make Reconstruction look like the Renaissance…

  9. SanFranciscan says:

    2012 is the end? The end of what?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Hopefully the end of the reign from the wacko left trouncing of American civil liberaties, return of one person one vote, personal responsibilites et al.
      Maybe if you spent more time in this country and ………….I’m wasting my time ‘splaining this to you.
      Good day!!

    • jobeth says:

      LD, take it easy on him….Poor thing is from SF. ;-D They don’t get the truth in their MSM.

      Wonder how he wondered in here?

      SF…If you’re brave enough for the truth and decide to hang out around here for a while, you may get your eyes opened to some truths you didn’t even know existed.

  10. ThreeBus says:

    Thank you Caligirl. (sniffle sniffle) *tears running down cheek

    • caligirl9 says:

      You’re welcome.

      It is hard to watch, isn’t it? I didn’t know any of those men but I am still angry about the whole thing, and the lack of leadership from the very top (TOTUS) to local (the ineffective mayor of Oakland.). And yes, I think the TOTUS shouldhave sent a sternly-worded letter of condolence stating that as a nation, we will not stand for our police officers being murdered in the street by thugs that should be in jail. There was no such message, and of course DiFi and Barbara Boxer showed up, BFD.

      The trial I went to watch was continued to tomorrow (presumably the final prosecution witness wasn’t available) and I won’t be able to go back until Thursday at the earliest (work comes first). How can killing cops just become so commonplace that no one cares?

      *off soapbox*

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