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Hundreds Of ‘Islamists’ Stone ElBaradei

A story from over the weekend that got scant attention, via the Agence France-Presse:

Hundreds of Islamists stone Egypt’s ElBaradei

by Mona Salem Sat Mar 19, 2011

CAIRO (AFP) – Islamists hurled stones and shoes at Mohamed ElBaradei, Nobel Peace laureate and a secular contender for Egypt’s presidency, as he tried to vote Saturday in a referendum on constitutional amendments.

ElBaradei was hit in the back by a stone thrown from the crowd of hundreds but managed to escape unhurt and slammed as "irresponsible" the holding of a referendum without adequate law and order.

The same man who called for the violent overthrow of the elected government of Egypt is now complaining about the lack of "law and order"?

And, by the way, how come we never heard one word about "Islamists" during the glorious Egyptian uprising?

"We don’t want you," the mob shouted, throwing stones, shoes and water at the former UN nuclear watchdog chief as he turned up at a Cairo polling station, five weeks after president Hosni Mubarak was ousted by mass protests.

"He lives in the United States and wants to rule us. It’s out of the question," one of them said.

"We don’t want an American agent," said another.

Lest we forget, we were led to believe by our watchdog media that Mr. ElBaradei was wildly popular with the so-called Egyptians on the street. Furthermore, we were told that the people behind the Egyptian ‘revolution’ were quite pro-American.

ElBaradei beat a retreat to his car and left without voting at the polling station in Muqattam, a largely poor district in south Cairo.

"Went 2 vote w family attacked by organized thugs. Car smashed w rocks. Holding referendum in absence of law & order is an irresponsible act," he wrote on Twitter.

ElBaradei’s brother Ali said he was unhurt. Muqattam is close to the scene of recent deadly clashes between Egypt’s Christian Copt community and Muslims.

Members of the crowd interviewed by AFP before the assault identified themselves as Islamists without elaborating on their precise allegiance.

An official from the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most organised opposition movement, denied members of his group were involved.

"There are many types of Islamists. It’s impossible that it was Muslim Brotherhood members, 100 percent impossible. We work with ElBaradei and coordinate with him," Gamal Nassar [sic] told AFP.

We’re not sure whether we are supposed to be cheered by this or not.

An estimated 45 million Egyptians were being asked to say "yes" or "no" to a package of constitutional changes intended to guide the Arab world’s most populous state through fresh presidential and parliamentary polls within six months.

ElBaradei, a staunch opponent of the planned changes, is widely respected on the world stage for his work as an international diplomat.

The main advocates of a "yes" vote have been the Muslim Brotherhood — powerful and well-organised despite being outlawed under Mubarak — and elements of the former ruling National Democratic Party.

We are supposed to believe that Mr. ElBaradei is now opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Critics say they are the ones who stand to benefit if elections are held too quickly, without giving time for groups stymied by three decades of authoritarian rule to organise at grass roots level.

Can anyone doubt the truth of this?

But once again, why are we only seeing this highly likely prospect raised by our mainstream media now that it’s too late?

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5 Responses to “Hundreds Of ‘Islamists’ Stone ElBaradei”

  1. Chuckk says:

    Why do these nut jobs throw their shoes?

    • Right of the People says:

      Chemical and biological warfare given their bathing habits. The impact might not be too severe but the residual chemical and biological agents left behind are deadly.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Gaaack … ROP is right. (hurl)

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “But once again, why are we only seeing this highly likely prospect raised by our mainstream media now that it’s too late?”

    The importance of this question cannot be overstated, for it goes to reveal our Dictator’s elusive true stratagem in the region since it ignited, one that isn’t out serving our interest whatsoever, but is in all likelihood facillitating the breakdown.

  4. BigOil says:

    El Baradei should praise Allah his head is still attached.

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