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100s Of Thousands Rally For Chavez Opponent

From Hugo’s disheartened fans at Reuters:

Huge march in Venezuela for Chavez opponent

Saturday, November 4, 2006; 5:16 PM

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) – Hundreds of thousands of people on Saturday marched in Caracas to support opposition presidential candidate Manuel Rosales, whose populist campaign has focused on reducing crime and redistributing oil wealth.

Rosales, governor of the oil-rich Zulia state, trails leftist President Hugo Chavez by around 20 percentage points in most private polls ahead of the December 3 election.

Chavez is a close ally of Cuba and fiercely opposes the Bush administration even though Venezuela provides around 12 percent of U.S. oil imports.

Opposition sympathizers donning Venezuela’s signature red, yellow and blue patriotic colors joined the march, which spanned some 12 miles across most of the capital city.

"Rosales is our last hope to prevent this country from becoming another Cuba," said 53-year-old engineer Antonio Romero, who marched with his family carrying Venezuelan flags.

Rosales promises to end Chavez’s confrontation with the Bush administration, redistribute bountiful oil revenues and reduce soaring crime rates throughout Venezuela.

Opposition leaders also accuse the Chavez government of drawing up blacklists to intimidate voters and requiring public employees to join pro-Chavez campaign activities.

"Enough of being afraid in this country," said Angela Barrera, 28, a graphic designer whose face was painted with the colors of the Venezuelan flag. "On December 3, what will be heard is the voice of the people who want a future."

A video released this week showed the nation’s top energy official saying the government should not employ oil workers opposed to Chavez — statements Chavez himself later backed despite intense criticism

Notice that for once the photographs of the event match the figures in the article, if not surpass them.

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