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Hundreds Selling Burial Plots For Quick Cash

From the West Palm Beach, FL, NBC affiliate, WPTV:

Hundreds sell their own burial plots to make some quick cash

Tough economic times transform funeral industry

By: Dan Corcoran

PALM CITY, Fla. – Holly Purkey [sic], 28, is one of many Floridians trying to sell her pre-purchased burial plots for some quick cash. She is selling two burial plots in Forest Hills Memorial Park in Palm City. "This is new to me. Kind of a weird investment," said Purkey, of Port St. Lucie.

The side-by-side plots belonged to her grandparents, who had moved out of state. She bought them seven years ago. Now Purkey, a stay at home mother, wants this cemetery real estate off her hands. She would like $3,000 for the pair of plots in return. "The money would help. That’s the reason why I should get these on Craigslist and do something about it," she said.

How many 21 year olds buy burial plots? That is planning ahead.

Sellers are posting online, using burial plot brokers, and also funeral homes to market the real estate. Some of those advertisements show single plots starting at about $1,000, while family plots can go for up to $50,000.

Julian Almeida owns Palms West Funeral Home and Crematory in Royal Palm Beach. When money gets tight in life, Almeida says many people begin to cut costs when it comes to planning for death. "The cemetery is the part of the funeral that really has gone up drastically," said Almeida.

So why doesn’t the government hand out ‘Cost Of Dying Allowance’ increases? CODAs? After all, dead people vote, too. And not only do they vote, but they probably an even more loyal voting bloc for the Democrats than blacks or even union members.

Almeida has been seeing more people trying to sell off their pre-purchased plots as well as veterans looking into government-financed burials. More of Almeida’s customers are skipping the burial altogether and opting for cremation, which makes up about 68% of his business. "It’s sort of doubled in the past ten years," he said

Even with these price increases, you know that most dead people will still vote Democrat. Still, it’s yet another good reason for the Democrats to run a ‘Messiah’ as their candidate. Just to be on the safe side.

After all, ‘Messiahs’ should be very good at raising the dead on election day.

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One Response to “Hundreds Selling Burial Plots For Quick Cash”

  1. canary says:

    People should just buy an acre in the middle of no where and save themselves money.

    Cremation is expensive. When the EPA cracks down like the UK it will only get higher.
    Really the plot is cheaper, because when the EPA requires Smart Green Burials people will have it easy.
    No toxic embalming. Just a one foot deep hole, and bio-degradable clothing or wrapping.

    This is working now, but wait til the EPA decides there might be a bug killed by the shovel. Probably if you get premission to dig up the body after a couple of years for fertilizer would be beat the poison deadly toxin
    sardines the California uses for fertilizer. I’m telling ya the most green people are so hypocritical. Gosh we get human sludge from Wisconsin. Is it true in Wisconsin they have to protect squirrels.

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