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ICE Makes Plans For ‘Mass Migration Events’

From (the non-government outlet) Government Security News:

ICE preparing contingencies for mass migration events

Wed, 2011-12-14
By: Mark Rockwell

Looking back at the mid-1990s influx of thousands of  Haitians and Cubans into South Florida, and even further back to the Mariel Boatlift that saw an influx of thousands more, the Department of Homeland Security wants a plan to deal with sudden mass migrations of immigrants to the U.S.

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, according to a statement by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, recently directed ICE to develop a national-level mass migration plan.

Also known as a Democrat ‘get out the vote’ drive.

The plan will outline how to address the health care, sheltering, processing, transition and disposition of large numbers of undocumented individuals who might arrive in the U.S. as the result of a mass migration, said ICE on Dec. 13.

Note there is no mention of how to return these "undocumented individuals." Also, note that there is no mention of any efforts to simply prevent their mass migration in the first place.

ICE’s immigration enforcement authorities, said the agency, have deep experience in dealing with large numbers of people. It houses almost 33,000 detainees on a daily basis in the U.S. where they await deportation or other legal action. 

ICE said while the mass migration plan is a preventative measure, it is part of DHS’ ongoing contingency planning for possible events that could affect national security. It falls under the new Presidential Policy Directive on National Preparedness, said ICE…

We thought Ms. Napolitano has assured us that our borders are secure, in fact, more secure than they have ever been in the nation’s history.

So why should such planning even be necessary?

ICE is currently working with several other agencies, including the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, Department of State and Health and Human Services on the plant [sic].

We would suggest that they hand the plan over to the DoD. After all, isn’t that why we have a military, to protect us from invasions?

The agencies developed three primary goals. One is to build a common understanding of the task, scope, planning organization, processes and milestones that should be pursued. Another is to educate the organizations involved in the plan about mass migration issues through a formal threat analysis and historical review of past events. The third is t [sic] assign roles and tasks for the planning event, said ICE

Sheesh. This is your federal bureaucracy at work.

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15 Responses to “ICE Makes Plans For ‘Mass Migration Events’”

  1. canary says:

    Obama will seek personal and global revenge on the United States of America the more it looks like he will be on his way out into making millions in reality TV and Show-Biz.

    Anyone else recall when he first came in office he promised Open Borders into the U.S. for every country.

    I don’t even think Mexicans would be happy about this. Their thousands of gangs don’t want Cubans to compete with.

    Republicans now have a great voice in the media and now is the time to expose Obama. They missed the first time around attacking his past, and now they need to focus on just his past few years. The focus should be on attacking Obama til American’s can’t ignore it and be stupid anymore.

    If Republicans would focus on Obama’s daily attacks on American it would work better than their rhetoric against each other.

    • chainsaw says:

      Canary, the media will not allow any negative exposure into the Moron in Chief’s rhetoric, life, decisions, effningly stupid comments, etc. No, nothing will be reported that tarnishes the Emporer’s silken clothes.

  2. Anonymoose says:

    I’m just about at my limit with this “undocumented migrant” BS. Even today in the news the mayor in New Haven Connecticut wanted to allow illegals to vote in local elections. What #$%@ part of ILLEGAL are they unclear on? There isn’t an endless supply of resources for anyone who wants to show up!

    I keep hearing these tales of “law abiding” people here from England or Ireland who once their visa is up are immediately deported, but if you’re from Mexico or Central America, heck, driving licenses, bank account, I.D. cards what do you need? And all the liberals line up saying we should be ashamed for keeping anyone out.

    I really believe this is all down to cheap labor, suppress the wage market by bringing in people who are paid in cash, but who is above it and pulling the strings? Democrats? Unions? Organized crime? We’ll probably never know.

    • Petronius says:

      Anonymoose : “I really believe this is all down to cheap labor….”

      That’s a small part of it. But the main motivation is their desire to change the demographics in Western countries by a program of race-replacement : replacing the hated indigenous white Christian populations through a program of open borders, mass migrations, and amnesties.

      Marxist-Liberals will always find a reason to support any enemy, criminal, group, force, ideology, or cause that threatens to harm or destroy the West and, in particular, the white race, which is the genetic transmitter and tangible representative of Western Civilization.

  3. canary says:

    excerpts from Obama

    Let me just — let me just wrap up by saying this. Last week I had the honor of traveling down to Florida and delivering the commencement address at Miami Dade College….

    This is a school with more than 170,000 students who come from 181 different countries, speak 94 different languages…. They spent a good portion of the ceremony dancing and doing the wave.(Laughter.)
    I mean, you know, there were Cubanos there.
    There were Haitians.
    There were — there were Puerto Ricanos. (Applause.)
    I mean everybody was there. (Laughter and applause.)
    Everybody was there — and everybody could dance. (Laughter.)
    — the formal ceremony finally began, the dancing quieted down a little bit.

    “”The students in the campus ROTC took turns marching the flags of the countries where — of origin.”” each of the graduating students.

    So you had 181 countries.

    And the students would stand up and cheer after — when the Haitian flag went by, or the Colombian flag went by. You name it,…

    Some flags received a lot of cheers. (Laughter.)
    Mexico, Guatemala. (Applause.)
    And then there were — then there was like the Ukrainian flag. (Laughter.)
    And the Canadian flag,
    Estonia — there were just a couple — (laughter.) But, I mean, they were proud, but it was just not as many people. (Laughter.)

    But we all share a set of ideals. We all have a common future…

    And that fills us with the collective responsibility to leave an even bigger and bolder, more generous, more compassionate nation for our children…

    So I am thrilled to have you here today where we celebrate your incredible heritage,
    we also celebrate the incredible heritage of this great country of ours. (Applause.) God bless you. Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Muchas gracias. Thank you.


    A History lesson forgotten……

    The People decided ‘to build’ a tall Tower that would reach Heaven.

    Because of their different languages and not understanding each other they were to confused and ended up halting their building project. .

    And while historically our ancestors learned to speak one language in order to build the greatest country in USA, if it comes to the point that the English language continues towards being the minority then
    the USA will cease to function.
    We must turn instructions manuals and products around to find out information of what we purchase.

    I bought a cheap scripted plaque a quote in French interpreted in English, but made in China. Went home and googled and found out the Chinese got the wording wrong (intentional?) Returning to the store I lucked out with an American who took French in school and knew it was wrong.

    It get’s worse. I found a “U.S.ARMY” embellish medallion in the store. It said

    “Officially licensed product of U.S.Army http://www.usarmy.com

    Company Amanda Blu TM in Prairie Village, KS. copyright etc. (you can www one word the KS company) but at the bottom line was
    “Made in China”

    They also had the “Officially licensed..” on the Navy, Air Force. etc. medallions.

    So, is our Dept of Defense buying from China?

  4. David says:

    Well the conservatives are in charge in Canada. By their logic it is only a matter of time until Canada falls apart and its inhabitants come flooding over the border. Got to be prepared, Aye!

  5. Petronius says:

    “ICE is currently working with several other agencies, including the Department of . . . Health and Human Services. . . .”

    Good thing HHS is going to have a bureaucrat there –– somebody needs to make sure the migrants are enrolled for mandatory health insurance under ObamaCare.

  6. sticks says:

    “ICE is currently working with several other agencies…” What I believe we are seeing here is a perfect example of how agencies within our government morph into massive centers of power as they are given responsibility to handle crises situations, even if the crises never occures. These centers of power are set up to assume controll over many if not all aspects of our lives should a “crises” be declared. FEMA is a great example of this, though they are not accountable to the public, should an emergancie ever be declared they will assume controll over; food supply and production, our monetary system, commerce, manufaturing, communications and on and on. To know this all you have to do is look up the executive orders which created and empowered FEMA, read long enough and you will get the picture. On some levels these centers of controll and power make sense, FEMA was created to deal with the disaster of a nuclear war, yet the amount of power they accrue is vast and very open to misuse, therefore dangerous to our liberty and the republic. Politicians, cunning deceptive and addicted to power, are masters at fomenting such a “crises” and then comming up with a plan to “fix” the problem. Obamacare is another perfect example.

  7. wirenut says:

    Two words, comply or concession.
    I’ll have none of that.

  8. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    A “mass migration event”?

    Try reading “The Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail.

    A synopsis:

    Basically, Raspail’s novel shows that if a culture hasn’t got the will to maintain itself and defend and perpetuate its unique characteristics, it will be overrun and will die out.

    Is ICE preparing a welcoming committee for our New Overlords?

  9. Mithrandir says:


    That is the attitude of the people we are paying to do their jobs. There must be something down the pipeline in the works….some policy change, some announcement, something that would indicate a mass influx of untalented drug-mules crossing our border soon.

    Is our border secure? –Citizen
    “The border is more secure than it’s ever been!” –Napolitano
    But is it secure? –Citizen
    “More than ever!” –Napolitano
    That doesn’t answer the question, it’s either yes or no.–Citizen
    “Yes, it is more secure than it has ever been!” –Napolitano

  10. eaglewingz08 says:

    This is not “my federal bureaucracy”, this is the democrap anti american socialist bureaucracy at work. Big difference.

  11. Reality Bytes says:

    If INS paid state & local for every illegal, the problem would be solved in 3 months. It’s constitutional & cheaper than the spit show they’re pretending to be effective.

  12. canary says:

    Obama hates America now more than ever.
    He feels he was America’s savior and people have turned their backs on him. To Obama this makes
    America more spiteful towards our country than ever in history, because he was the chosen one.
    He will never look at his deeds, but blame everyone else.

    Question? They didn’t get taxes raised, but they can do this?

    Obama can get away with hauling in massive immigrants to a country and provide them with free lodging, food, and medical care?

    Mariel boatlift bringing homosexuals was in 1980 performed by Carter. 120,000 Cubans. Carter having earlier in his term
    told the U.S. Troops they might not get paid, ended up using active duty U.S. Troops to run the immigration intake. I lot of homosexual men. Don’t know why? They couldn’t speak English but they
    didn’t need to speak it in order to flirt and put the moves on U.S. Soldiers even though they were having their own little orgie as U.S. Soldiers witnessed as they happened by.

    The U.S. Soldiers were given ribbon medals for Humanitarian Service. Off the top of my hat I think it was 2 hands at prayer embellishment.

    Interesting a lot of liberals don’t understand us this immigration as they believe Cuban has done so much to improve humanity. Remember the Congressional Delegation Obama sent over there early term who praised Cuba?

    Now feigning the Iraq War officially ended yesterday, when it already had ended and our purpose to aid
    Iraq is still going to continue with another 7 billion, is a sign Obama is reading liberal sites as to what the liberals are mad at him for.

    Expect mass destruction in Obama’s last year like a Dr. Zivago (sp?) movie. I happened to catch and pointed wow, that’s how I pictured would happen here. Multi-families living in one home.
    Getting arrested not just for using to much electricity, but for burning a piece of wood.

  13. canary says:

    Go ahead and slap me. I would think this issue would be in words today from our Candidates. Went
    to Mitt’s site to see if anymore than the little dribble he had awhile back.

    Big letters. “Democrat Attack”. and the donations part.

    Mitt has the best chance of getting the Democrat votes and liberal’s votes than any of his proponents. He’s blowing it and showing he’s no different than the Democrats. He’s acting like a democrat. A few articles of how popular he is and then I go to foreign affairs. Nothing significant there. I don’t want to hear some quote from Lincoln on America’s is the worlds only chance. And a little protect the U.S. Constitution isn’t enough for me. The man just isn’t deep and I only have his progressive go green track record and the silence he maintained. I suppose he’ll change the 2011 Romney for President Inc. to 2012 next month. Sorry Reagan.

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