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Idi Amin’s Son Is Jailed For Role In Gang Murder

From an outraged Associated Press:

Idi Amin’s son jailed for role in London gang murder


LONDON, England (AP) — A son of former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin has been jailed for five years after being involved in a gang attack that left a man dead, British prosecutors said Friday.

Faisal Wangita, 25, was part of a 40-strong gang that attacked Somali teenager Mahir Osman, 18, in a busy street in north London in January 2006.

Osman was stabbed 20 times, attacked with baseball bats, bottles and hammers, punched and kicked and died within a minute, Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service said. The attack was caught on camera.

Thirteen people were convicted over the attack at two trials that ended in April and last week, including three men found guilty of murder. Wangita was acquitted of murder in April but was then jailed for five years for conspiracy to wound and violent disorder for apparently kicking Osman when he was on the ground.

Wangita’s conviction could not be reported until Friday because the judge had imposed a ban on reporting the outcome of the first trial until the second trial was finished. That ban was lifted Friday.

The jury was not told that Wangita was Amin’s son because it was felt it would prejudice his case. But they were later told of his parentage by Judge Stephen Kramer, who described him as a “serious risk to the public.”

Amin settled in Saudi Arabia after his overthrow in 1979, and died there in August 2003. Official papers showed Wangita was born in Uganda but he told police he was born in Saudi Arabia…

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

By the way, besides Faisal Wangita, 25, the other members of the gang on trial were Ismail Mohamed, 18, Liban Elmi, 20, and five youths aged 16 to 17 who could not be named because of their age.

They were called a gang of “Somali youths” in court.

So it sounds like everyone involved are practitioners of the Religion of Peace.

And remember, all of this occurred in what used to be London, England.

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