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Pelosi Tells CNN Reporter: “Go Work For Bush”

It is informative (if unsurprising) that an elected representative and leader of the House Democrats cannot abide having her ridiculous claims challenged by the press.

Behold this exchange between Madame Pelosi and CNN's Kyra ("speaking truth to power") Phillips:

Transcript from Nexis.com

PHILLIPS: You said you urged the president to replace the embattled FEMA director because of the poor emergency response to Hurricane Katrina. However, McClellan saying that this is — that that's not what you discussed with the president, that you were discussing other things with the president, and that things are being twisted here in a bit.

PELOSI: Oh, that's absolutely not true. Mr. McClellan wasn't there, so he couldn't possibly know.

What happened was, I said to the president, Mr. President, we can begin to help these victims of Katrina become whole again. First thing you can do is to replace Michael Brown as the head of FEMA. To which the president said, Why would I do that? And I said, Because of what happened last week and the failure of FEMA to be the real link between the federal government and the people in need in our country, the social compact. To which the president said, What didn't go right last week?

That's what happened in the meeting. I stand by that. If the president thinks everything went right last week, and he wants to keep Michael Brown there, then I think that's going to be a cost to the American people and lives and livelihood.


PELOSI: But if he does — but if he wants to then say that it didn't go right last week, then he should replace Michael Brown.

PHILLIPS: But if you, if we go back, I mean, we can go back year after year after year, and we can talk about FEMA and what went wrong within FEMA and should FEMA be under the Department of Homeland Security.

But if we want to be historical here, and we want to go back in time, I mean, we can go back to "The Times Picayune" and the investigation that it — when it — when reporters revealed that time after time, monies were asked for from all types of various politicians, of the politicians you worked side by side with, laws that you yourself vote on, and monies that should have gone to Louisiana to take care of the problems with regard to the flood control systems.

And I think it's unfair that FEMA is just singled out. There are so many people responsible for what has happened in the state of Louisiana.

PELOSI: Well, that's true. That is true. And I'm sorry that you think it's unfair. But I don't. I think it's unfair to the people who lost their family members, their lives, their livelihoods, their homes, their opportunity.

And FEMA has done a poor job. It had no chance. It was (INAUDIBLE)…

PHILLIPS: But what about all those warnings…

PELOSI: … may I please respond?

PHILLIPS: What about all the warnings from the Army Corps of Engineers…

PELOSI: But the Army Corps of Engineers…

PHILLIPS: … years ago, saying there's a problem with these levees, there's a problem with this city.

PELOSI: Myra, Myra, Myra…

PHILLIPS: It's Kyra. It's Kyra.

PELOSI: … if you want to make a case for the White House, you should go on their payroll. But the (INAUDIBLE)…

PHILLIPS: I'm not making a case for the White House, by all means, believe me.

If you can't swallow Nancy's preposterous lies without choking, then you must be playing for the other team.

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