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IL O-Care Enrollers Paid Less Than A ‘Living Wage’

From the CBS News DC affiliate, WNEW:

Illinois Offering $9-An-Hour Jobs To Have Workers Sign People Up For ‘Obamacare’

August 21, 2013

CHICAGO — Working on a tight timeframe, Illinois is building an 800-person army of temporary workers to help people sign up for health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

The “in-person counselor” jobs, located in every corner of the state, range from a $9-an-hour part-time evening job in Clinton County to a $45,000-a-year project coordinator position in Chicago for someone with experience in community organizing and public speaking.

And never mind that according to the Democrat Party, anything below $12.50 an hour is not ‘a living wage.’ (Cf. the DC City Council versus Wal-Mart.)

Also notice that they are probably hiring temporary and part-time workers to avoid having to pay the Obama-Care employer mandate tax when it finally kicks in, in 2015.

The workers will help consumers apply for coverage, and will answer questions and explain differences between the insurance policies offered on the new online marketplace. They will help consumers figure out if they’re eligible for Medicaid or for new tax credits that will help many people pay for coverage…

In other words, they will do the job that organizations like ACORN used to do. In fact, they will probably hire the very same people.

Training began at the end of July and, so far, about 120 people have gone through the program, said Mike Claffey, a spokesman for Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn.

Each in-person counselor must complete state and federal training and a fingerprint-based background check to become certified by the Illinois Department of Insurance.

And you can just bet how thorough that background check will be. But what’s to worry? It’s not like they will have access to any personal information.

The training involves one day of online work and two days of in-person education…

Oh, that should make them experts on health insurance. But, then again, how much training does it take to teach people how to register to vote as a Democrat?

“The in-person counselor program in Illinois is in really good shape,” said Chad Shearer, deputy director of the State Health Reform Assistance Network, a project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and housed at Princeton University in New Jersey…

Chief among the challenges for states, Shearer said, is training people who are available for temporary, low-paying jobs to understand complicated concepts about shopping for health insurance and eligibility for new tax credits that will help many Americans pay for coverage…

"One day of online work and two days of in-person education" should be plenty enough for that.

“One of the things we know is that we need to meet the community members who are uninsured and underinsured at the places they convene. So we’ll be working with existing social and civic networks: black clubs, churches, the alderman’s office — that’s always a great place to network with the clients we’re trying to educate,” said Executive Director Malik Nevels, executive director of the group, which is working with the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. The United Way received $1.3 million for its in-person counselor project, among the largest of the Illinois grants.

Nevels said his group will hold a series of town hall meetings in the Chicago neighborhoods of Auburn Gresham, Chatham, and Greater Grand Crossing. “It’s consistent with our mission in terms of improving health outcomes for African American communities…" …

But don’t worry. This help will be available to all. Unless you look like an old white Republican.

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2 Responses to “IL O-Care Enrollers Paid Less Than A ‘Living Wage’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Good. Maybe they’ll starve and quit.

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    Not to mention that all these Temporary workers will appear to drive down the unemployment numbers just ahead of the 2014 elections just as the 2010 census workers did before that election.

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