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Illegal Alien Backers Block Deportations

From the Chicago Tribune:

Civil disobedience new tactic in immigration reform fight

By Antonio Olivo

April 27, 2010

Chanting "Illinois is not Arizona," local activists escalated their push for immigration reform today by trying to block the deportation of illegal immigrants from a federal detention center in suburban Broadview, the first of what they vowed would be a campaign of civil disobedience.

After briefly blocking a departing van, two dozen protesters were arrested on disorderly conduct charges as part of a movement energized by Arizona’s passage last week of the nation’s toughest law against illegal immigrants. The law allows police to single out suspected immigrants and demand proof of legal residence…

Not quite. The Arizona law allows police officers to ask for identification when someone is being questioned on suspicion of a crime or infraction. Just like you or I would be asked for identification.

Frustrated that Obama has not acted on a promise to push for reform, activists in Chicago and elsewhere say they are planning acts of disobedience akin to sit-ins at previously scheduled marches around the country on Saturday, including a march past the White House.

In Chicago, thousands of demonstrators are expected to participate in a pro-reform march through the Loop.

"We have to escalate to another level because they have forced us," said Fabian Morales, one of those arrested and a principal organizer of Saturday’s march. "We’ve tried to do this peacefully and have not been given a peaceful solution. We have to look for another level."

By mid-afternoon, however, the deportation of 67 Mexican nationals went ahead as scheduled, with most of the prisoners deported for criminal violations, said Gail Montenegro, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Note that "most" of these deportees were not only in this country illegally, they had also committed (other) crimes.

The agency "respects the fundamental right of individuals to protest. However, despite the recent protests, ICE agents continued their operations as planned," Montenegro said in a statement.

The demonstrators numbered about 100 and included priests, rabbis, labor organizers and relatives of deported immigrants. Twenty-four of them planted themselves on the road, hoping to stop the federal bus that heads twice a week to O’Hare International Airport for scheduled deportation flights.

Oddly enough, the photographs of the event do not quite bear out the claim that “the demonstrators numbered about 100.” Unless, perhaps you include the media.

The “labor organizers,” needless to say, were from the SEIU.

But the first vehicle to pull out was a Kenosha County van ferrying illegal immigrants to Wisconsin, where they also were likely to face deportation proceedings. After a 15-minute standoff, the van reversed and headed back into the detention center as the crowd cheered and chanted "no deportations today."

The demonstration was more civil than disobedient.

Which probably means only bottles and rocks were thrown at the police. Unlike those violent Tea Parties.

The demonstrators, many of whom camped overnight outside the center, were taken into custody one by one without handcuffs about 7:15 a.m. They were taken to the Broadview police station, where they were charged with misdemeanors, processed and promptly released with May 24 court dates.

In Arizona they may have also been asked for identification, and those here in the country illegally could have faced being deported themselves. Wouldn’t that be awful?

Holding up photos of people who already have been deported, the protestors called the Arizona law a dangerous precedent likely to foment resentment against Latino immigrants in areas of the country where frustrations over illegal immigration runs high.

What is the logic here? If we deport illegal aliens, would not the Hispanics remaining in the country be assumed to be legal, fellow taxpaying Americans? Who would resent them?

"There is now a racial reign of terror spreading across the country and it has to be stopped," said Joshua Hoyt, director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights and one of those arrested

Is this not dangerously inflammatory rhetoric? Will Mr. Clinton be giving Mr. Hoyt a call?

And speaking of inflammatory things, imagine the outrage if a band of Tea Party supporters blocked a truck carrying welfare checks, as an act of ‘civil disobedience.’ We would never hear the end of it.

But trying to stop our country from ridding itself of dangerous criminals is somehow supposed to be a noble act.

Are we really that suicidal as a nation?

(Thanks to Nuthingbettertodo for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

27 Responses to “Illegal Alien Backers Block Deportations”

  1. nuthingbettertodo says:

    Protesters arrested after stopping van of deportees
    April 27, 2010

    Police are arresting demonstrators outside a federal detention center in Broadview this morning, minutes after they halted a van of deportees headed to O’Hare International Airport for a flight out of the country.

    Officers took the demonstrators into custody, one by one, as the crowd cheered and chanted “no deportations today.”

    Minutes earlier, about two dozen demonstrators sat in the street outside the detention center and chanted “Illinois is not Arizona” as they planted themselves in front of the van.

    On Monday at the Daley Center Plaza, Ald. Daniel Solis (25th) joined a group of fellow aldermen, state representatives and community and religious leaders in speaking out against controversial Arizona legislation recently signed into law. The law, set to take effect in late July or August, will require police to question people about their immigration status if they suspect they are there illegally. (Antonio Perez/Tribune)

    After about 15 minutes, the van backed up and headed back into the detention center.

    The standoff this morning is part of the escalating anger among immigrant communities over a law passed in Arizona that, among other things, allows local police to ask for proof of legal residence.

    The protesters in the street — part of a crowd of more than 100 people who camped overnight outside the center — said they are ready to be arrested over their frustration at deportations throughout the country.

    “We have to escalate to another level (of demonstrations) because they have forced us,” said Fabian Morales, a principal organizer of a planned immigration march on Saturday that is expected to draw several thousand demonstrators.

    — Antonio Olivo


  2. wardmama4 says:

    -‘Are we really that suicidal as a nation?’-

    No – for decades the majority of Americans have been working hard, playing hard and (mostly) doing the right thing.

    These are not the majority of Americans and since the horrendous damage caused by The Won’s election (and what is not to say (evolving a new conspiracy theory here)) that the evil bushitlerburtonco did not do TARP to lure the rabid left into ‘going for broke’ after they stole the 2008 election? The rabid left can actually believe that Bush and his minions planned, set up and carried out a plan that killed 3000 Americans (but had the WTC been up to full working – could have easily been 10000) – yet can not grasp that he might have set up the (true) idiot coming up behind him? And how better to destroy the DNC – than letting them hang themselves on their own power mad inspired tearing apart of the Constitution, election laws and common sense?

    Back to my point – A part of America is insane – they feel justified in breaking laws, common sense and the Constitution based on their aggrieved imagination of the victimization of the particular special interest group they are paid to protest the majority of Americans about for that paid period. [Yes, I am being redundant on purpose] When the Constitution is enforced and these ‘non-profits’ are forced to actually make their own start-up and operating funds – these rent-a-mob sob sisters will be gone (hopefully America forever) to some place that they will find more comfortable – but I doubt it.

    The only way America is going to get rid of these perpetual whinny butts – is to repeal the 16th Amendment – cut off their financial lifeline and they will at least have to find gainful employment or flee to a country that encourages and finances whinny layabouts. But alas Ms Benjamin (of Code Pinko) discovered communist paradises hate whinny layabouts more than America does – and arrests them and then deports them.

  3. Petronius says:

    “We’ve tried to do this peacefully . . . . [Now] we have to look for another level.”

    If any more proof were needed, this is it.

    These Mexicans mean business. They’re a threat. They’re determined to take over, and they’re probably going to.

    Of course they can only take over literally in Arizona, California, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and Chicago. For now.

    But behind them are millions more Mexicans and OTMs from all over Latin America and elsewhere. And they all want in. And they’re going to get in, because the gentle Jesuses want them in and will let them in.

    Yes, nothing can stop the decline, once the will-to-live is gone.

    Going, going, gone.

    That’s the Rio Grande message.

    It has been the message of everything American for years, but now along the borderlands the message is deafening.

    The message has been heard at the INS detention center in Broadview, Illinois. It’s been heard in the halls of Congress. It’s been heard in the Department of Homeland Security. It’s been heard in the White House. And what are our leaders –– whose leaders?! –– their leaders? –– do we still have any leaders? –– going to do about it? Turn the other cheek with a vengeance! Wallow in their obsequiousness! Hoist the white flag of surrender!

    They want the entire population of Mexico, and say we’d be a better country for it. The Liberal Death Wish is triumphant.

    Down to the Banana Republics, things aren’t as warm as they seem
    None of the natives are buying any second-hand American dreams.

    Yes, welcome to America. But don’t drink the water. Headless corpses floating a few miles upstream.

    Yes, whose country is this anyway? Apparently not ours. There was a time when it was ours. But our time has passed.

    Going, going, gone.

    No more of those violent Tea Party racist Nazis. No more of those pasty-skinned old weepies with turkey necks and billed caps. Nope. We’re going to replace them with a new constituency. With constituents who are more compliant, more corruptible, more amenable to following orders. Constituents who lack allegiance to America, who lack the will to self-reliance, who lack a sense of individualism. Yes, come on in boys, there’s plenty of room at the trough.

    Just ask the gentlemen of the press. You know, those folks who have covered up for Nerobama for years. Just ask Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Incompetano. (Security? Ha!) Just ask Justice Sonia “the Shredder” Sotomayor. They all agree: Going, going, gone.

    Yes, the Rio Grande message has been heard loud and clear here and everywhere else in the world. “We’re going through, and you’re not going to stop us.” And they’re all coming.

    • Steve says:

      What a post, Petronius.

      Alas, it is all too true.

    • Mithrandir says:

      I am glad to see so much fight left in Americans, those who still think the country is worth saving. Perhaps they are still clinging to the ideal of Americanism, instead of the opposite reality.

      This is how empires end, when people get frustrated, stop fighting, and just let the barbarian hordes overwhelm the nation. Both political sides hate each other so much, they let the hordes come in just to rid themselves of the other.

      I personally have given up. Me, my friends, my family have so many stories of personal gov’t abuse, it is no longer worth fighting for…..

      ….but you keep trying, if it makes you feel better…

  4. Mithrandir says:

    I am guessing that no matter how ‘horrible’ these people make all this out to be, NOT ONE illegal immigrant will just get tired of it all, pack up and go back to Mexico……

    Not one.

  5. Right of the People says:

    I wonder how many of the protesters’ primary language is English?

  6. swee says:

    Rights of the People: Lot of Hispanics here don’t even know English. They don’t need to know it or speak it because signs and documents are in Spanish. These people, who don’t have any interest in learning English, will never assimilate.

    • Right of the People says:

      Precisely my point.

      Earlier groups of immigrants like my grandparents on both sides busted their butts to learn English and blend it as quick as possible. English was the only language spoken at home even though it wasn’t their native tongue.

      These mutts don’t want to be Americans, they just want the benefits of our society. I say screw them. And if they’re here illegally they need to go ASAP!

    • proreason says:

      I’m going to get attacked for this…..but the illegal immigrants themselves are pretty low on the scale of people deserving blame for this problem. I’m not saying they are innocent of wrongdoing, but others bear far more of the blame. Most of the perpetrators themselves are about as criminal as Americans who drive over the speed limits. They are just people trying to stay alive.

      The guiltier parties are:

      1) the US politicians who exploit them, notably the Moron himself, who pander for votes to keep themselves living in aristocratic splendor.

      2) the illegal alien lobby who defy the laws of this country. Some may actually be idealists. The greater number are simply agents of one of the other categories.

      3) the governments of the countries the illegals come from who hypocrically encourage the illegal immigration while enforcing the opposite policies for people who want to come into their own countries. Their motive is greed.

      4) the brain-dead, brainwashed libwits including every single person in the msm. Insofar as one could attribute a “motive” to these idiots, the motive is hatred of the real Americans who built this country. You know…people who actually work.

      5) the tiny handful of marxist revolutionaries who pull the strings behind the curtains of deceipt. To them, the illegals are pawns in the game. Their objective is the destruction of the USA.

      The end game of the illegal alien alien scramble dreamt up by the marxist architects is to undermine the US and collapse it from within. It’s one of about 20 fronts, all of which are active concurrently. It isn’t even hard to spot them. Just list the kinglette’s fan base.

      In the meantime, all of the sewer rats joyfully climb over the bodies of the destitute illegals themselves to feather their own nests, further their own agendas and run their own cons.

      Obama splits his time between category 1 and category 5. The more I see of him, the more clear it is that his ultimate goal is the complete destruction of this country. Every tiny action the man does is directed toward that goal.

      That’s what he meant by change.

    • Steve says:

      FWIW, PR, I largely agree with you.

      And I imagine most Americans would.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    U WANT IRONY? Liberals are AGAINST enforcing immigration laws but if I don’t put down WHITE MALE ON MY CENSUS FORM I FACE UP TO A $5,000 FINE!!! And so do the rest of you who are so endowed & inclined.

  8. canary says:

    Videos Violent hitting, throwing anything not tied down, protesting in Arizona, as Dept Homeland Security Napoleno lied through her teeth that there is no violence as McCain says there is violence.

    2nd vidio shows areal view of just how bad it is.

    And DHS nor Obama will send the National Guard. And Illinoise wants the National Guard. Blame it on American hater, Obama.

  9. canary says:

    video & news from Chicago’s protestors & arrests, and do notice the SEIU signs egging it on.

    Violence in AZ on video (protestors throwing anything not tied down) after, protesting in Arizona, as Dept Homeland Security Napoleno lied through her teeth that there is no violence as McCain says there is violence.

    2nd vidio shows areal view of just how bad it is.

    And DHS nor Obama will send the National Guard. And Illinoise wants the National Guard. Blame it on American hater, Obama.

    Prehaps the real reason SF Mayor Newsome doesn’t want Californian workers going to Arizona is because he doesn’t want them to get hurt.

    Can’t they just have a cup of tea & be happy & cheerful waving little flags.

  10. lwdewhirst says:

    Come join the ‘Tea Pandrilla’

  11. canary says:

    You have to! Tiene (‘tee-‘eh-neh)
    Hurry up! Apu’rese (ag-‘poo-reh-seh)
    Run! Corra (‘koh-rrah)!
    Right now! Ahorita (ah-oh-‘ree-tah)!

    C-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-i-a. (point to map)
    This state is different! (!Este el estado pais es diferente!)
    Good Representive Garvin Newsome (muy bien el delgado)
    undocumented indocumentagdo (een-doh-koo-mehn-‘tah-doh)
    immigrant el inmigrante (ehl een-mee-‘grahn-tech)
    no visa! (no vee-sah)
    approved! aprobado (ah-proh-bah-doh)
    legal residente legal (reh-see-‘dehn-teh leh’ ‘gahl)
    si! (see) Yes!
    approved! aprobado (ah-proh-bah-doh)
    no passport! no el pasaporte (ehl pah-sah-‘pohr-teh)
    U.S. citizen! ciudadano de lost Estados Unidos ! (see-oo-dah-‘dah-noh
    deh lohs eh-‘staj-dohs oo-‘nee-dohs)
    Free! gratis! (grah-tees)
    It’s legal! Es leh’-gahl! (ehs leh-gahl)
    Go! !Vaya! (‘vah-yah)
    Hurry up! !apurese! (ah-‘poo-reh-seh)
    Get going! Vayase (‘vah-yah-seh)
    Goodbye! Adios! (ad-e-oooos)

    • caligirl9 says:

      La migra: What “undocumented workers” (called “wetbacks” back in the day) yelled when they saw INS vehicles on farm roads heading their way.

      As in
      La migra esta aqui! Corre!!!!!! Ahorita!!!!

  12. JohnMG says:

    …..”imagine the outrage if a band of Tea Party supporters blocked a truck carrying welfare checks……”

    Now why didn’t I think of that??

  13. canary says:

    Mexicans will get all the jobs, because they can speak English & Mexican.
    Which profession, whether it be McDonalds, teachers, Obama-care, government.

    And terrorists will just get into Mexico and come across into the U.S. that manner. We can not save the world. We can be an example, that other countries don’t wish to follow. We are a laughing stalk.
    I love all people of all races and colors, but I can’t save them.

    Isn’t this the anger Obama had. The anger that British came to show Africa how to do things. Anger that he would like to visit and see Africa without white tourists. See something like a Tarzan movie, walk barefoot without without Nikes shoes. Sit around the camp fire and cook tiger meat. Let the basket weavers prosper. Obama turned his nose up at British workers, missionaries, every white man with pasty hair and wearing kaki’s. Africa was his country, the black man’s country, and he was bitter that white people even visited, though we know it helped their economy, and it sure as heck was okay for his ancestors to travel and get free education, jobs, citizenship through marriage, etc. in the U.S. Germany, & England,

    Is this not just Obama’s own spread of manifest destiny with no borders. Is he going to rob the Latino’s of their culture and religion. How will the Catholic Mexicans adapt to the new Muslim America.

    What about America culture. We can’t even have a flag waving tea party anymore!!!!!! We can’t even say God Bless America anymore.

  14. canary says:

    California is going after capitalism.
    California is banning fast food restaurants from giving free toys to children with happy meals. No telling how this will affect Ronalds House for children with cancer. Most kids don’t even eat their food. They want the toys and to play on the playground. It’s not like they have the Blue Ridge mountains trail to walk off a plate of pork ribs, mac & cheese, pudding, like the Obama’s do.

    Well, there’s Obama’s big mouth saying that Arizona is
    asking families that might look a little dark skinned who go to Baskin & Robbins, to see their papers first. He says that’s pretty bad that a family can get arrested for just buying ice-cream. (of course soon ice-scream will banned in America)
    Oh get real Obama, like we can afford police officers to go around and ask for papers.

  15. beautyofreason says:

    “racial reign of terror…”

    Cute, real cute. He wants to compare people enforcing their own immigration policies to French revolutionaries who beheaded dissenters in the thousands? I guess he will issue a rabid denunciation of the much harsher immigration policies of Mexico, Saudi Arabia and North Korea? Saudi Arabia even deported people who signed a petition to requesting permission to build a church in the country. That’s how bad it gets.

    As for the reign of terror bit, I suppose he’s going along with the radical left and Islam’s false claims that the United States is a promoter of terrorism. It’s sort of like the “baby killer” crap that the left hurled at Vietnam war vets. Remember, if it involves United States we can do no good.

    “local activists…trying to block the deportation of illegal immigrants …a campaign of civil disobedience. ”

    Ok, lawbreakers oppose enforcing the law and promise to break more laws.
    And am I surprised? What complete disrespect they show our country.

  16. shortygurl_1991 says:

    well my opinion on this all is that we are all humans and should be treated the same it doesnt matter what color or where your from or what state you were born in because we are all made whole. you see evryone fghting over mexicans taking over well there not americans are getting lazy not saying all because i know a lot of americans work hard but i am saying that some americans are afraid of challenge and in mexico you have to work for it all and dont get much thats why they come here because here they make more and they can support there family. you go to mexico you make 20 dollars a day or some dont make even that. they are use to working hard and they come here to do the same and its not just to show that they do it better than americans because thats not what they want they want to be equal and so for those who think that they should go back to where they belong and that if they dont have papers to not come here well they have purposes for moving just like a lot of people move to different states throughout there life and they have freedom just like us or well they should but no laws block that for them and they arent able to come here with freedom they have to try and get by the hard way even if it means doing time is that a crime to come to a different country no it shouldnt be crimes are when someone is being hurt and obviously nobody is being hurt here they are all ok and for jobs being taken from americans and mexicans taking over why dont americans step up and be leaders too its everyones country. and yes its getting tougher and people may feel like they are beig run over by mexicans well stand up and try harder life isnt about waiting for it lifes about getting out there and doing it. so you feel like you dont like mexicans coming here then i dont know what tot ell you stop grinding your head into something that you hae no control over and dont make it worse by killing or hurting those who you feel dont belong because everyone belongs here one way or another so stand tall and get out there and do your hardest. we all have dreams and one dream isnt to judge others. some people dont have much to live for in mexico because they dont have much to learn but coming to the us helps them see more in there future and they want to learn more and get a better eduction and become better people and survive just like us americans. so dont judge be stronger than your outter self. rememeber we all have a purpose and were all humans no matter where we come from.

    • proreason says:

      my sentence diagramming skills have failed me

    • nuthingbettertodo says:

      This is the result of “English as a second language”.

    • JohnMG says:

      Why not stay where the hell they are and hold their own government responsible? Or better yet, engage in civil disobedience in order to force the necessary change as they are trying to do here? We all know the answer to that one, don’t we!

      So, yes, we’re all members of the human race…..we are all “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights”. So why don’t the people of other countries wrest those rights from their oppressive leaders as we did over 200 years ago?

      Nowhere in our Declaration of Independence and/or Constitution does it say we must condemn ourselves into involuntary servitude so that ANYBODY flocking to these shores ILLEGALLY can instantly possess what we’ve worked a lifetime to achieve and protect. Nowhere!!

    • caligirl9 says:

      Paragraph breaks and capitalization are your friends.

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