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Illegal Aliens Leave AZ SB 1070 Behind

From the Arizona Republic:

Undocumented immigrants Christian Sanchez, 2, sleeps in between his dad Luis Sanchez and Marlen Ramirez while driving through Illinois.

Undocumented couple leave SB 1070 behind

by Daniel González – Jun. 27, 2010

A white Ford pickup with Arizona plates is driving north on U.S. 191 headed for the Utah border. Afraid of encountering police, the family inside is traveling at night. The pickup’s headlights cut through a sea of darkness.

The family is in a hurry to get out of Arizona, to get away from the state’s harsh new immigration law.

The pickup crosses into Utah at 11:59 p.m. Luis Sanchez breathes a sigh of relief as his wife, Marlen Ramirez, keeps driving. Both are undocumented immigrants from Mexico.

"Look," he says. "We are here. We have arrived in Utah."

They have made it safely out of Arizona, past the Maricopa County sheriff’s deputy they saw as they were leaving Surprise and past the highway patrol cars they saw along Interstate 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

They still have a long way to their final destination: Pennsylvania. There will be engine troubles along the way. And more police. And frayed nerves.

But the hardest part of the nearly 2,700-mile journey will be the end. Their final destination is where starting their lives over begins…

Luis and Marlen, both 33, lived in Arizona for more than 15 years. They are from the same small town, Xaltianguis, in southern Mexico, but they met while living at the same West Valley apartment complex.

Luis was 17 when he crossed the border illegally near Douglas. Marlen was 16 when she jumped a fence near Nogales. Both came looking for work.

Their three children are U.S. citizens because they were born in Arizona. The oldest, Luis Jr., is a quiet 13-year-old. Vanessa, 10, wears glasses and loves to talk. The baby, Christian, is 2.

Lawyers have told Luis and Marlen that they do not qualify for legal residency.

Luis has washed dishes at a restaurant on Grand Avenue, at a retirement home in Peoria and at a restaurant in Sun City West. For the past four years, he worked as a landscaper for a company that maintains office buildings in the West Valley. He earned $9.80 an hour. Marlen is a stay-at-home mom.

Luis got his jobs using fake papers. He has managed to keep working despite the recession and Arizona’s employer-sanctions law, which have made it much harder for illegal immigrants to get jobs.

The couple started thinking about leaving Arizona when Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio began conducting his crime sweeps two years ago, saturating largely Latino neighborhoods with deputies, stopping vehicles for minor traffic violations and arresting illegal immigrants. The couple said the sweeps made them feel like prisoners. They used to enjoy spending Sundays at the park. But to avoid the police, they started staying home as much as possible.

The day after Gov. Jan Brewer signed Arizona’s new immigration law on April 23, Luis and Marlen decided to leave.

They are not alone.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of families have fled Arizona, abandoning homes and apartments in already struggling neighborhoods. Many more are planning to leave. Some have returned to Mexico. Many are relocating to neighboring states, many of which may soon try to adopt laws similar to Arizona’s.

Luis and Marlen picked Pennsylvania. They have relatives there who say there is plenty of work

The unemployment rate in Pennsylvania was 9.1% in May.

Supporters of the [new Arizona] law say it does not allow racial profiling. But Luis and Marlen are unconvinced. They think that once the law takes effect, police in Arizona will stop anyone who looks Mexican to check their papers. They fear they would be deported, their children left behind.

Can you really call it “profiling” if you are in fact caught for being in the country illegally?

They built a life and a family in Arizona, so the thought of leaving brought them and their children to tears. But to them, the alternative was even worse.

"That is why we decided to leave, before something happens," Luis said

This article sobs on and on for a few dozen more paragraphs before ripping out hearts out with its triumphant ending:

At 9:45 p.m., Luis pulls into a rest area. He calls his brother, who says he should keep driving. Marlen thinks that is a bad idea. For the past half hour, Luis has been dozing off behind the wheel. She wants him to sleep. Luis is so tired he can hardly think. He spreads his map on the hood of the pickup. His brother tells him they are only 40 minutes away. But Luis’ GPS, a going-away gift from a friend, and the map say they are more like 90 minutes away. Against Marlen’s wishes, Luis keeps going.

The last hour and a half seem like an eternity. But they finally reach the exit. They make a few turns then drive through the center of a quaint town lined with mom-and-pop stores. This is their new home.

We thought they were going to Pennsylvania?

It is now 12:25 Saturday morning. Luis makes a final left turn, entering a sprawling apartment complex with green lawns, three-story brick buildings, and a community swimming pool, a vast improvement from the complex they left in Arizona.

Everyone piles out in the parking lot. They hug each other and their relatives and cry.

Inside the apartment, Luis finds his mother, who moved to Pennsylvania two months ago. She puts her arms around Luis and hugs him for a very long time. Then she whispers in his ear: "Gracias a Dios, llegaron seguros."

Thanks to God, you made it safely.

Another triumph in the annals of the indomitable human spirit. Just imagine driving all the way from Arizona to Utah. (Note to Ms. Peggy West, Arizona and Utah border each other.)

And, thanks to God the new Arizona immigration law is working even before it goes into effect. Though the Utahans might wish Luis and his family had driven south.

By the way, the article failed to note whether Luis had a driver’s license or car insurance.

(Thanks to Infidel Joe for the heads up.)

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24 Responses to “Illegal Aliens Leave AZ SB 1070 Behind”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    If the other states such as Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Penn., and so on down the line do NOT adopt the same SB1070 as Arizona they will feel the influx of illegal immigration into these states very rapidly and if these states think times are hard now, wait until these illegals start to rape the economic systems they just arrived in. Finish the fence NOW!

    • Mithrandir says:

      That’s right.

      In 2 years, we will see Utah passing the same bill, how much do you wanna bet?

      Reminds me of the colonial states that didn’t want to invest in a common militia because only the British were harassing the Boston area.

      All states should be working together whether they are border states or not. -Divided we fall.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    HEY LUIS and MARLEN!!!


  3. bobdog says:

    Luis made $9.80 an hour because as an illegal immigrant, he couldn’t insist on being paid minimum wage. And he was paid in cash, which means his unscrupulous employer ripped his family off and dodged paying payroll taxes, and he almost certainly never reported the income. And his kids were raised as fugitives in an atmosphere of exploitation and a fear of discovery their entire lives.

    But his kids got to attend public schools, he was guaranteed medical treatment at any emergency room in the state, and he was eligible for food stamps and other government benefits.

    So, if I have this right, Luis has been exploited ever since he came to the US illegally, the taxpayers of Arizona paid for all his social benefits, and he has contributed nothing to the economy except to enrich his employers.

    His fear of being stopped for “Driving While Mexican” is largely a construct of the Obama administration for scaring the bejeezus out of illegals for political reasons. All he seems to care about is 12 million hispanic votes. Expect an Obama Emancipation Proclamation soon. It’s all about politics with this president.

    Mr. Obama still thinks he can get re-elected in 2012. I think he’s wrong as hell.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Luis made $9.80 an hour because as an illegal immigrant, he couldn’t insist on being paid minimum wage.

      Uh……minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.
      Lois is an idiot and most likely does not habla English even after being here for sooooo long.

      Again he and his troop are part of the problem. So keep running like a cockroach when the lights pop on!

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Like has been suggested numerous times, perhaps the time is nigh where the illegal immigrants should (must) go to the places where the votery seems inclined to give them sanctuary. Indeed, such places can only benefit from cheap labor, not having to pay taxes and draining the local infrastructure by flooding the emergency rooms, the classrooms and getting food stamps. Boston jumps right out at me, as does Frisco and a few other places that seem solidly in the amnesty camp.

    Careful what you wish for. As they leave the places they KNOW will enforce immigration laws, and go to places that they KNOW will not, watch the crime statistics and also watch the “new budget woes”.

    Soon to be heard quote from a loose-lefty mayor/governor. “We were fine until we noted that the ER’s are full and that applications for food stamps are up 2000%. We just can’t handle that kind of population change. We’re at a loss as to what to do.”

    (I suggest blaming Bush.)

  5. TwilightZoned says:

    “They have made it safely out of Arizona, past the Maricopa County sheriff’s deputy they saw as they were leaving Surprise and past the highway patrol cars they saw along Interstate 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff.”

    Amazing they were able to run the Arizona gauntlet without those racist police stopping them, for no reason, to inquire about their citizenship. (sarc)

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      If this law keeps driving them out of AZ, I’m guessing some in law enforcement might be happy to escort them OUT!

  6. David says:

    Not sure of Illinois law but is that a child in the front seat unbuckled? Hello Child Protective Services!

  7. Gizmo says:

    “Though the Utahans might wish Luis and his family had driven south.”

    I do wish they would. I am not looking forward to the influx of illegals coming north. Utah already has an illegal immigration problem. This state is too soft on them as it is.

  8. spudmom says:

    Too bad the police didn’t notice the unrestrained two year old sleeping in the front seat. Had the father fallen asleep at the wheel, there would have been another tragedy. But I guess there wasn’t room for him in the back with the photographer taking up all the space…

  9. spudmom says:

    Aren’t you also amazed that this gentleman can support a family of five at under $10 per hour and have such a nice car to traverse the country? Why does my staff complain that they need more money?

    • proreason says:

      Well your staff pays income, fica and medicare taxes, pays for their medical cares, pays to have babies, pays for legal care when necessary and probably doesn’t get free clothes and food from “activists”.

      And your staff members probably also pay for everything they buy in stores. Of course, we don’t know that this couple steals, but we do know they don’t view the law as an impediment to where they live or their employment, so why should we believe that they pay attention to laws that protect private property.

  10. swee says:

    ok…how is the mother a stay-at-home mother with her husband’s low wages? Do you think government benefits might have anything to do with it? All those food stamps and more must be nice!

  11. swee says:

    Another thing: apparently this family isn’t that afraid of the authorities. If they were truly paranoid, they wouldn’t use their names, have their pictures or let a reporter travel with them.

    No, they’re outwardly brazen. They figure it’s a numbers game and they’ll be fine in Pennsylvania.

    Anyhow, if the couple got deported…why would they have to leave the children behind? That’s a choice. Take ’em with you, amigos!

  12. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Luis and Marlen, both 33, lived in Arizona for more than 15 years.”

    And of course, there was never ANY time to even try and make their presence here in this country legal. 15 years goes by so fast, ya’ know.

  13. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Undocumented couple leave SB 1070 behind
    by Daniel González – Jun. 27, 2010”

    I’m curious .. is Mr Daniel Gonzalez, the author of this dripping piece, here legally?

    Hmmm .. what’s your bet?

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”is Mr Daniel Gonzalez, the author of this dripping piece, here legally?…..”

      He’s probably their mule.

  14. mr_bill says:

    Luis seems to be driving a relatively new Ford truck. I’ll wager it’s newer than my vehicle. Of course, I pay taxes and don’t depend on the state to pay my for electric bill, medical bills, and food. On top of that, I pay to send my child to a private school so my offspring aren’t endoctrinated with the nonesense that passes for education in public schools. I suppose if I didn’t pay any taxes and didn’t pay any bills, I could probably afford a nice truck on the $9.80 an hour poor, opppressed Luis is “forced” to live on.

  15. Mithrandir says:

    A few exaggerated details were left out of their made-for-cable woman's show…

    ~….and their children love puppies and kittens, and did you know George Washington is their favorite hero?
    ~They had to burn all their family Christian Bibles (and their puppies and kittens) because they had to leave in a hurry because of the racist new law.

    The plot thickens

    ~Despite near exhaustion, they had to avoid racist cops, suspicious Tea Baggers on their way clear across to Utah.
    ~At one rest stop, the family had to dive into the outhouse septic tank to avoid the prying eyes of a Minuteman border patrol volunteer.
    ~At a gas station, they had to adopt a redneck accent to throw off the uncomfortable questioning of the white male Christian store clerk.
    ~Yet again at a Wal*Mart they had to say they were at the beach all day to a white male door greeter, explaining their slightly darker-hue-than-cottage-cheese complexion.

    Triumphant finale

    ~Blood/sweat/tears and true grit enabled them to leave the nazi-like conditions of the state they formerly loved.
    ~They left their hearts in Arizona, hopefully Utah will live up to its Mormon Christian principles and totally ignore their attempts to ruin neighborhoods, not pay taxes, illegally vote, overflow public schools, and cripple social services.

    They pray that this happens, but because of Arizona, they had to leave their Bibles and their Christian faith behind….and now don’t pray at all.

    (tears streaming down the children’s face, freeze frame at quivering lip, roll credits, slightly raise volume of super super sad music, fade to black…)

  16. beautyofreason says:

    Aw. Poor baby couldn’t stand the $9.80 an hour for a job that an American could have done. Maybe the stay-at-home mom could get a job and pause on having the border babies for a while? Fortunately they have only inflicted three such children on the state’s tab. When I worked in customer service I only made $9.50 an hour and I was happy for that amount. A nice chunk of that salary went to taxes.

    Hispanics who cannot speak English and who appear to be undocumented are in every city I’ve visited. They usually have several children in tow, who converse in Spanish as well. I have had people walk up to me and start talking to me in Spanish, assuming I know the language. I just stare at them blankly until they turn away.

    One side of my family immigrated from Latin America legally and they do not receive assistance from the state. The other side is from good ‘ol American stock going all the way back to the Revolutionary War. To have so many illegal immigrants and welfare drainers in this country is a darn shame for people who respect the law and worked to come to this great land.

    And considering that we are America, why not have some standards in who comes here? How about productive and educated people who support our Constitution? The other day I saw a woman in a black burqa in 100 degree weather the other day. Not in a big city, not in the Middle East but in a podunk Florida town. Why, I ask, is a radical Muslim who supports shariah law allowed to immigrate to the country period? Or someone who can’t even speak English?

  17. misanthropicus says:

    Frankly, I pity some of these guys, yet that doesn’t lessen my resolve in this matter – enough is enough, the United States simply cannot pick up ad infinitum the tab for failing countries, cultures and civilizations –
    After all, it’s dba Obama himself who said it clearly today in Toronto that “the US cannot anymore pull out the the world from this crisis” (approx.) – i.e. buy stuff from them, ’cause we’re broke – let Paraguay or Greece do it –
    So, where we are?
    We can’t buy crap anymore from China ’cause we got no money (thanks god!), we have a 10% unemployment, that means no money and more problems on the pipe, we have an anxious nation that doesn’t want to put savings they have on the line, and we have 13 million illlegal residents, who on one hand burden to hell the LOCAL social services and TAXPAYERS, and who put significantly less, taxes-wise in the system – and, besides this, $30 billion dollars go in Sinaloa and Guerrerro instead of Denver, Bishop or elsewhere in the country –
    It simply can’t go this way anymore –

    Oh, I forgot – dba Obama;s crew also wants to sue the daylight from those Arizona racists –
    Oh, lord – this so insane!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I guess what’s being implied but not really stated plainly is this:

      Regardless of all their good intentions, the free ride must end. And yes, what that means by definition is the United States, contrary to liberal left opinion, really doesn’t need more mexicans.

      What the United States does need, is more people willing to work in an honest trade, for honest wages and above-the-table pay stubs. Imagine if all of these illegal immigrants paid taxes, had healthcare through a regular insurance program, etc. No fellow American I know has any gripe about that.

      The obvious reasons for wanting amnesty is a narrow-minded, short-sighted group of people who assume that all those given amnesty will vote. My inclination is that illegal or suddenly-made-legal, these immigrants couldn’t care less about going to the polls and casting a ballot. Truly. Sure, they’re likely to get out and “rally” and “demonstrate” but are typically politically lazy, like, actually, most of the rest of the legitimate citizen base.

      But, all of the arguments the left throws at us are moot. With such massive unemployment, we don’t need no stinkin’ mexicans. I don’t care how much they are trying to “get a better life”. And besides, that “better life” is about to be severely curtailed for all Americans anywayas hyperinflation hits, 6 dollar-a-gallon gas and the housing market completely being destroyed, among other things.

      All by design, I might add. If Obama indicates he “inherited a mess” from Bush, then the next president is going to inherit a complete disaster of a nation and must begin the arduous task of reinstalling constitutional government. Four years away from it is too long and we’ve only seen small tasks from his royal highness, the boy so far. He’s only just getting started.

      It’s no longer ineptitude but he’s seeing that people are catching on and he’ll panic and is panicking that he won’t be able to completely “transform” us into a communist bloc nation before his term is up. This is why poor, unwanted mexicans are so desirable to be made into the new statists by giving them everything.

      Oddly, they come here for the economic freedom that the US provides. Anyone can make money here.

      But this boy from Indonesia or Kenya has other ideas. Use the mexicans for his own purposes. Dupe them into cooperation by using that masterful baritone. But, inasmuch as I don’t want illegals here, I happen to know they aren’t stupid. And they are suspicious of anyone offering to help them. They left a corrupt government for a reason and can recognize another one much more quickly than your average lefty-loon American. They know what’s going on.

      Their primary task may be to remove themselves from possible detection and deportation, but after that, they are capitalists. Believe it or not. They may not operate under or respect this nation’s laws, but they are the ultimate capitalists and function under the radar a lot. They have had generations to get good at it and they are.

      I think it would be them who play Obama for a sap. Not the other way around.

  18. AcornsRNutz says:

    Hear that sound luis? That is me playing the worlds smallest flamenco guitar, and it cries for you. Now pack your belongings and get the hell out. And take the kiddies. This story made me throw up a little at my desk.

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