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Illegal Is Arrested After Letter To Obama

From tear soaked New York Times:

A letter from Caroline Jamieson, left, to the president seeking help to keep her immigrant husband, Hervé Takoulo, in the country led to his arrest. Federal officials are investigating.

Plea to Obama Led to an Immigrant’s Arrest


June 18, 2010

The letter appealing to President Obama was written in frustration in January, by a woman who saw her family reflected in his. She was a white United States citizen married to an African man, and the couple — college-educated professionals in Manhattan — were stymied in their long legal battle to keep him in the country.

Could the president help, asked the woman, Caroline Jamieson, a marketing executive. She described the impasse that confronted her husband, Hervé Fonkou Takoulo, a citizen of Cameroon with an outstanding deportation order from a failed bid for asylum.

The response came on June 3, when two immigration agents stopped Mr. Takoulo, 34, in front of the couple’s East Village apartment building. He says one agent asked him, “Did you write a letter to President Obama?”

When he acknowledged that his wife had, he was handcuffed and sent to an immigration jail in New Jersey for deportation.

But on Thursday night, Mr. Takoulo was just as suddenly released, after Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had been questioned about the case by The New York Times.

Officials said they were investigating how the letter — one of thousands routinely referred to the agency by the White House to gather information for a reply — had been improperly used by the agency’s “fugitive operations” unit to find and arrest Mr. Takoulo, who has an engineering degree and no criminal record.

While Mr. Takoulo is still subject to the deportation order, immigration officials acknowledged that their actions in the case seemed to violate their standard practice of not using letters seeking help from elected officials as investigative leads. The handling of the case also conflicted with the Obama administration’s stated policy of arresting deportable immigrants only if they have criminal records.

What a completely perverted system of justice we have today thanks primarily to ‘liberalism’ run amuck.

Mr. Takoulo had ignored a deportation order. Is that not a criminal offense?

The agency is investigating how it happened, a spokesman said, and has released Mr. Takoulo on an electronic ankle monitor while his case is reviewed.

“ICE has a zero tolerance policy for violations of civil rights,” the spokesman, Brian P. Hale, said in a statement, adding that if it was determined “that appropriate separation between lawful correspondence and investigations was violated,” the case would be referred for immediate action by the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the inspector general of the Department of Homeland Security.

ICE has “Zero tolerance” for “violations of civil rights” – like the civil right to ignore a deportation order and to stay illegally in this country as long as you can until you are caught.

But ICE has plenty of tolerance for ignoring our immigration laws.

Though the case is being treated as an anomaly that breached accepted procedures, a senior agency official acknowledged that there were no written guidelines on the handling of such letters, and that there was no way to know whether similar correspondence had prompted arrests and deportations.

It sounds to us like any clever illegal alien only needs to write to Mr. Obama or any government figure for help and they will no longer have fear being arrested for being in the country illegally – even after being ordered to be deported.

If the investigation bears out what officials have learned so far, “it also flies in the face of our stated priorities to target criminal fugitives,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the agency had not authorized further discussion of the case.

By all means let’s arrest the ICE officials who were foolish enough to try to enforce our federal immigration laws. Do they think they are in Arizona or something?

So far, it appears that Ms. Jamieson’s Jan. 10 letter to the president reached the executive secretariat of the immigration enforcement agency on March 8. The secretariat, which handles all official correspondence, sent it to the New York field office the next day, asking for help in drafting a response.

The letter explained that Ms. Jamieson, 42, had filed a petition seeking a green card for her husband on the basis of their 2005 marriage.

And never mind that Mr. Takoulo is only 34. This is not a ‘green card marriage.’ No way.

But before they met, Mr. Takoulo, who first arrived in the country on a temporary business visa, had applied for political asylum and had been denied it by an immigration judge in Baltimore, who ordered him deported.

So Mr. Takoulo has been in direct defiance of a deportation order for more than five years.

Only if the agency’s chief counsel in Baltimore agreed to reopen the case, the letter said, could that order be suspended long enough for the couple to safely go to federal immigration headquarters in Manhattan for an interview to prove that their marriage was not a sham.

Because the law states that if you show up before federal officers while you are under a deportation order they are supposed to arrest and detain you until the deportation order is carried out.

Mr. Takoulo, who had helped write the letter, recalled how he had imagined the president would react. “My hope was that he would call the chief counsel and say, ‘This is ridiculous — just open this case,’ ” Mr. Takoulo said, adding: “He’s even said on TV that he needs engineers.”

Mr. Takoulo, who worked his way through Stony Brook University, says he now spends his days trading stocks from the couple’s apartment because he lacks papers to accept the engineering jobs he was offered when he graduated in 2008.

But we are supposed to believe that he has a stockbrokers license? Or is he trading stocks illegally?

Typically, officials said, the New York field office would have sent a letter like Ms. Jamieson’s back to the secretariat in Washington with a summary of the case, or would perhaps have referred the matter to Baltimore, where the old deportation case was based.

Instead, someone promptly sent it to the district’s fugitive operations unit.

Under the Bush administration, the agency had a record of portraying its raids as carefully planned hunts for dangerous immigrant fugitives, while instead going after easier targets.

How wicked of them. It certainly isn’t fair to just go after law-breakers if they are easy targets. Where’s the sport in that?

John Morton, who leads the agency under the Obama administration, recently said that it would no longer seek out immigration violators without criminal records, and that it was focusing its resources “on identifying and removing the most serious criminal offenders first and foremost.”

Is there nothing that the Obama administration won’t do to destroy our country?

This is the same old line we always here. There are always bigger crimes. In the end, maybe mass murderers are the only people who will ever be pursued under our legal system.

But even so, who can doubt that this gentleman can’t go back to his native country of Cameroon because of political persecution?

After all, that excuse worked for Mr. Obama’s Aunt Zeituni – even when her cousin is actually running her native country of Kenya.

Still, one has to wonder why all of these sons and daughters of Africa fight so hard to stay in the notoriously racist United States of America rather than return to the paradise of the Dark Continent?

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, June 19th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

16 Responses to “Illegal Is Arrested After Letter To Obama”

  1. bousquem says:

    So ICE is only going to deport the hard-core criminals. I have to wonder what their definition is to qualify as a hard-core criminal, probably have to be a republican or tea party person to be classified as a criminal by the Obama crew. I don’t get how the goverment can think only picking and choosing what cases to arrest and deport makes sense. The person gets the deportation order should be sent back to their country of origin ASAP, not this lets wait years and not go after them because they ignored the court order, and then never deport them if they make enough of a public stink or are politically connected. Also what about all the illegals clogging the welfare rolls through stolen or false identities sucking off the taxpayers and contributing nothing but violence, mobs causing destruction, gangs, and exporting US money back to their home countries.

    • Steve says:

      No, apparently the rule under Mr. Obama is that even after a deportation order from a federal judge, you can stay in this country until you are convicted of a serious crime.

      Which is a great situation, if you think about it. You can go on a crime spree — say robbing banks — and if and when you get caught and if and when you get convicted, you just decide you would rather go back to your home country after all.

  2. proreason says:

    “What a completely perverted system of justice we have today”

    At least we have a benevolent emperor as the judge and jury.

    Other than the occasional pirate who gets his head blown off without recourse, or people in Afghanistan who get obiterated by drones from miles away, or the occasional police sergeant who dares to arrest a black person, or somebody who deserves to have his ass kicked, or John McCain…..the social justice is swift and sure.

  3. canary says:

    Takoulo was questioned and responded he do whatever Obama requested him to do. Obama decided he’s a submissive educated keeper for Obama’s new Army.

    So, Obama shackled & chained his new slave so he can’t get away and go back to his country. A friendly kidnapping.

    Psychopath Obama must have ACORN and move on reading every letter.

  4. oldswimcoach says:

    Here is the real intent of the story:

    Immigration laws are racist and aimed at law abiding (aside from their penchant to break immigration laws), productive, professionals – we need engineers here in America right? Therefore we can’t notice or identify the 100’s of 1,000s of unskilled labor, or violent criminal element that makes up the vast majority of our illegal immigrants and the illegal immigration problem. Aside from Mexico, many of the third world nations pay to educate their youth in American (and other western nation’s schools), and end up with a “brain drain” because of lack of opportunity in their country of origin. That is not America’s (or the West’s) fault, but it is almost always a direct result of communist/Marxist ideologies of their home countries leaders or governments.

    This article just proves “hard cases make for bad law.” I feel bad for the couple’s plight, but he needs to be deported in accordance with our laws, and come back into the country through proper and legal channels. I used to think we could make exceptions on individual cases by the merits of the case and the value to our society, but that is simply the initial step to open borders and lawlessness in our country because of how the left uses these cases to generalize to any and all other immigration cases.

    As an aside, I wonder how Cameroon would treat the wife if she just entered the country with her husband and lived there illegally. My guess is jail would be involved prior to her deportation. That part of the illegal immigration debate somehow never gets mentioned. Per the left, we are the only country with no moral foundation or authority to defend our borders against what could properly be described as an invasion.

  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I am really confused. If he’s married to a US citizen…what, exactly, is the problem regarding citizenship?

    I mean, I get all the hubbub about the deportation order…blah, blah, blah..but…if he’s married to a genuine, bonafide, US citizen, then, doesn’t he…..acquire citizenship as well?

    Or, has ICE made the determination that he marriage is a sham, a setup for the sole purpose of gaining citizenship? Often, when they do their investigations, and they find this to be so, then….out you go. And, the other spouse gets subjected to federal charges.

    Which, is as it should be.

    So, there’s more (much more) to this story than is written here, to be sure. But then, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Chinnubie says:

      I agree Rusty, there has to be something else going on here cause your right he should get citizenship via the marraige. Also, why aren’t there more quotes from the wife in question, the story seems to be about the horrible way we are throwing, semi-law abiding want-to-be-immigrants/citizens, out of the country with no success on our side.

      I mean the authors of this wonderful hart-wrenching story aren’t asking any pertinent questions to draw any real conclusion on the matter at hand. They raise more questions than they answer, not to mention, point out how miserable the United States happens to be at enforcing our borders.

    • Steve says:

      “I am really confused. If he’s married to a US citizen…what, exactly, is the problem regarding citizenship?”

      He got married after his deportation order.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Ah, so. That ‘splains it.

      Thanks, Steve.

  6. heykev says:

    Aside from the USA’s lack of “throwing the bum’s out” regarding anyone whose here illegally. We should demand that the laws be enforced. I know every time I’ve been to court (some speeding tickets in my ill-spent youth) I had to pay fines of be thrown in jail. There were consequences to breaking the law.

    It would be much easier to go after the employers who employ these criminals (anyone who is here illegally is by breaking Federal Law and therefore a criminal). If he does have a job as an engineer, how is his employer making payments to the IRS, etc. if he’s here illegally.

    He is stealing a job from an American. Does not matter at what level. if it’s for lawn maintenance or dishwashers….illegals are holding wages down for everyone else. We never hear of that angle in this or those costs to society…

  7. jrmcdonald says:

    A black man who got a degree and a job without a government program or handout? He’s lucky they didn’t shoot him on the spot!

  8. eyershov says:

    There is a lot of legal people here who avoid paying taxes and sitting on the welfare and stuff. The law should go after the immigrants who really do violate the law not after the innocent people. A very close person to me who never violated any law and whos parents are in a very bad condition and they dependent from this person got arrested despited of being approved by legislation… So where is the freaking justice here? Can anybody tell me who who and where should i write to in order to rectify this injustice??????

    • proreason says:

      Call your representative for the state legislature. In my experience, they are responsive to issues from their constituents. Even if that office can’t help directly, they may be able to give you advice on how to get help from a state agency or private business or charity. It’s part of their job.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      “There is a lot of legal people here who avoid paying taxes and sitting on the welfare and stuff. The law should go after the immigrants who really do violate the law not after the innocent people.”

      You gazing into the all powerful crystal ball about the people here?
      Here is your first lesson from me and I won’t charge you (this time)………..if you are here “illegally” you are a criminal.
      As for who and where you should write in order to rectify anything about this, I suggest Sheriff Joe Apiao or Gunny R.Lee Eremy.
      Grow up bleeding heart Lib!!
      You are part of the problem, bub.

    • proreason says:

      ld, I didn’t think he was talking about S&L, but your radar might have been better than mine.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      It seemed to me he was trolling and I may have jumped the gun about him (her) jabbing S&L but I’m not wrong about the latter.

      I’m a little edgy and guns’ up ready these days. Is it RBtini time yet?

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