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Illegals Get All You Can Eat Buffet, Cable TV, Doctors, Jobs

From the NBC Austin, TX affiliate, KXAN:

Karnes immigrant detention center softens its image

By Chris Sadeghi | July 31, 2014

KARNES CITY, Texas (KXAN) — A 29-acre facility which previously housed male illegal immigrants detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a makeover and a new purpose. The building nearly 100 miles south of Austin in Karnes City, Texas will now be the temporary home for immigrant women and children detained at the border. It will also be a much more family friendly environment…

Previously, the people being held at the facility were called detainees. Now they will be called residents. Guards are now called resident advisors. Even the facility itself will be referred to as a resident center rather than a detention center…

The amenities do not stop [there]. Families will be given a health examination upon arrival along with six sets of fresh clothing for each member. Doctor attention will be available at all times and residents will have access to a dentist. Even the walls of the center have been painted with many colorful characters and pictures as many children are expected to call it home…

Other amenities include recreational fields, a library, internet access, and a cafeteria which will serve three all-you-can-eat meals a day. Certified teachers will also be on site to provide year-round education and small jobs will also be available paying $3 a day for four hours of work…

[ICE field office director Enrique] Lucero said the average stay for an ICE detainee is 23 days and they will try to maintain that average at the Karnes County Residential Center which has 532 beds. Still, during a press conference after Thursday’s tour, he warned the accommodations should not be motivation for anyone trying to illegally cross the border…

Of course not. How could that be a motivation to people living in mud huts?

However, pro bono immigration attorney service will be available on-site according to Lucero and those seeking asylum will have an opportunity to see an immigration judge…

Some other facts about the residential center:

* Families will be able to move throughout the center freely from 6am to 10pm.
* Visitors will be allowed from 8am to 8pm.
* Cable television is available in each 8-person suite.
* Recreation activities include exercise equipment, a soccer field, basketball court, and volleyball court.
* A computer lab allows some internet access and email services but restricts social media.

All of which is far nice than what most colleges offer their resident students.

Here is another report on the same illegal alien ‘residence,’ which has a few more details. including the price tag.

From the ABC Rio Grande Valley affiliate, KRGV:

Immigrants to be Housed in ‘Suites’ Near San Antonio

July 31, 2014

KARNES CITY – … The feds said the rooms will be referred to as "suites." The suites are furnished with bunk beds, play tables for children, flat-screen television sets and landline telephones….

The center has a soccer field covered with artificial turf, basketball courts, ping pong tables and a weight room. Officials also have plans to install a playground.

A charter school from nearby San Antonio will provide schooling and access to a library for the immigrant children.

The immigrants will get medical screenings. Children will receive physicals within 24 hours of arriving at the center and women within a week. "There is a dentist on site," Lucero said.

There is a room where the immigrants will get to pick new clothes. Every illegal immigrant will be able to choose six sets of clothes, including shoes and socks…

The feds estimate it will cost approximately $74,000 a day to house 532 immigrants at the center. That’s an average of $140 a day per person.

Officials did not disclose how much the government spent to refurbish the center.

Those cost figures sounds to us like they are being lowballed.

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