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Immigration Obama’s Worst Issue, He Pivots To Economy

From the Washington Post:

Immigration is now President Obama’s worst issue

By Aaron Blake | July 31, 2014

Immigration has emerged as perhaps President Obama’s worst issue — definitely for today, and maybe of his entire presidency — when it comes to public perception.

Wow, worse than his handling of foreign affairs? Worse than his handling of the economy? Worse than the handling of his myriad scandals? Worse than his handling of Obama-Care? That is really going some.

A new poll from AP-GfK shows more than two-thirds of Americans (68 percent) disapprove of Obama’s handling of the immigration issue in general. Just 31 percent approve — down from 38 percent two months ago…

We tried to find an issue on which Obama has earned such poor marks, at any point in his presidency. And even on what was long his worst issue, the economy, his disapproval rating rarely peaked over 60 percent…

That’s good. Because Obama is now going to try to convince us that he has done great on the economy.

From a couple of seemingly straight-faced reporters at The Hill:

Obama pivots to economic legacy

By Amie Parnes and Peter Schroeder | July 31, 2014

President Obama is tying his legacy to a growing economy, seizing on the administration’s successes in boosting the nation during financial woes. Bolstered by a string of positive economic reports, the administration hopes it can increase Democrats’ chances of holding the Senate this fall by highlighting Obama’s stewardship of the economy.

More broadly, the White House hopes to ride the wave of an economic recovery to improve Obama’s approval numbers over the final two years of his presidency, setting up a possible Democratic successor at the White House.

“It’s the best possible legacy item,” said one former senior administration official. “The elections in 2008 and 2012 were all about the economy and if the nation could bounce back after such terrible times. And look, it shows that, not only did we bounce back, but things are going to an even better place, one where a potential predecessor could build a foundation.” …

Oh, our sides. Obama has given us the worst economic recovery from a recession in the history of the nation (and maybe the world). Heck, just this time last month, we were told the country had negative growth and was about to slip back into recession.

But now they have manipulated massaged the GDP numbers (even changing what is measured) to show some growth, and happy days are here again. And Obama is an economic genius.

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One Response to “Immigration Obama’s Worst Issue, He Pivots To Economy”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Seems the avg California family forks over $2,370 every year for their 3 million illegals already. Somebody get Pelosi on the line! Press 1 for English!


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