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Probably Only 50K Have Signed Up For O-Care

From a desperately down-playing Associated Press:

Obama admin. posts low health care signups

The administration says fewer than 27,000 people managed to enroll for health insurance last month in the 36 states relying on the problem-filled federal website for President Barack Obama’s overhaul.

Note how the AP just blithely accepts the Obama administration’s Enron-like accounting here. These numbers are counting ‘selecting a plan’ which means putting it in a shopping cart.

On average, only about half the plans that have been selected end up being bought. So the number of people who actually bought insurance through the federal Obama-Care operation is probably closer to 13,500.

The dismal numbers released Wednesday by federal health officials were even lower than estimates recently circulated. There was one bright spot: States running their own websites did better than the feds, reporting more than 79,000 sign-ups.

But, once again, the states are using the same accounting gimmick as the administration. In reality, only half of those ‘sign-ups’ will probably buy a plan. So that means less than 40,000. So the grand total of people who actually bought insurance is probably only around 53,000.

Even so, total private insurance enrollment after the first month of the health care rollout was only about one-fifth what the administration had expected during that time period.

Or, more likely, one tenth.

Enrollment numbers totaled 106,185. A Sept. 5 administration estimate had projected that 494,620 people would enroll in the first month.

53,000 is about one tenth of their goal of 500,000.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says she expects things to improve…

How could they be worse? Still, she also went on to say that the marketplace is working.

From Yahoo News:

Obama administration on low enrollment numbers: ‘The marketplace is working’

By Olivier Knox & Liz Goodwin | November 13, 2013

On a call with reporters, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said she is “confident” the numbers will rise soon, noting that an additional 975,000 people have applied for insurance on the site, but have not yet enrolled.

“The marketplace is working, people are enrolling,” Sebelius said…

Somehow we are reminded of Janet Napolitano saying after the underwear bomber’s underwear failed to go off: "The system worked.’

Still, Sebelius is probably telling the truth. This is what she and Obama wanted. They want the old system to be destroyed and the new system to be a mess. So they can push for ‘Single Payer’ government run healthcare.

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