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Indian Eunuchs Gender Now ‘Other’

Another heartwarming story from the gorgeous mosaic, via BBC News:

In this photograph taken in October, 2009, Indian eunuchs show their voter identification cards at a polling station in Mumbai.

Indian eunuchs given separate IDs

November 13, 2009

India’s Election Commission has given eunuchs an independent identity by letting them choose their gender as "other" on ballot forms.

The commission said it had received representation from various individuals and interest groups on the subject.

So far, eunuchs were forced to put down their gender as either male or female.

There are about 500,000 eunuchs in India. Known as hijras, they comprise the hermaphrodite, transvestite and transsexual communities.

Eunuchs are feared and reviled in many parts of India, where some believe they have supernatural powers.

The BBC’s Geeta Pandey in Delhi says the election commission’s recognition of eunuchs as an independent group is a first step towards an official recognition of the community which has so far remained on the margins of society.

"The commission has duly considered the request and has decided to allow eunuchs and transsexuals to indicate their sex as ‘Other’ where they do not want to be described as male or female," the Election Commission said in a press release.

"Necessary instructions have been issued to all electoral registration officers through the chief electoral officers of all states and union territories (areas directly administered by the central government in Delhi) to give effect to the above decision of the commission."

The commission said it had received several representations from individuals and groups to include eunuchs in the electoral rolls with a separate identity.

"When the representations came, we readily agreed," Times of India newspaper quoted Election Commissioner SY Qureishi as saying.

"Why should a section of the population be left out? The decision will help in mainstreaming a section of the population," he said.

Most eunuchs earn a living by collecting cash gifts from people during marriages and child births.

But in recent times, with the decline in their traditional roles, many have been forced to work as commercial sex workers.

However some have contested elections and entered the public arena.

But correspondents say these success stories are rare.

This might be a handy solution for the problems in the Republican party.

Instead of conservatives leaving the GOP, maybe the ‘moderates’ could start their own ‘Other’ party. They certainly could pass the physical.

But, alas, just like in India, their success stories will undoubtedly be rare.

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5 Responses to “Indian Eunuchs Gender Now ‘Other’”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    From what I’ve read here, hijras describe the lib-loons of the (D)emocratic party except for Stretch Piglosi. She has got to be “Butch” for the pair she’s sporting!!

    BTW …… her jackass is showing.

  2. “Eunuchs are feared and reviled in many parts of India, where some believe they have supernatural powers.”

    I think, in the West, we simply refer to ’em as politicians.

  3. proreason says:

    Libwits should be able to list their sex as “progressive”.

  4. U NO HOO says:

    Uh, why not “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

  5. Chuckk says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama pushed for eunuchs to be covered in the “hate crimes” legislation. Thus locking up the eunuch vote for the Democrats much like they have cornered the black vote.

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