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(Indicted) Rick Perry: ‘Real possibility’ ISIS Is In The US

First we have this, via Breitbart:

CNN: Over 400 British Citizens Are Members of ISIS

August 21, 2014

CNN correspondent Brian Todd reported that there were “more than 400 British citizens alone in ISIS” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Situation Room": “A U.S. intelligence official tells CNN they have indications of ISIS cells in Europe, which could attack US embassies and other American interests. The official says it’s not clear if those terrorists were ordered by ISIS or if they went on their own” Todd stated. And “a handful Americans are in ISIS right now, the number of Europeans dwarfs them, hundreds of British, French, German citizens are in ISIS now.”

He also said that there are conflicting reports about whether there are any ISIS sleeper cells in the US with CNN National Security Analyst and former CIA Officer Bob Baer reporting, “I have been told with no uncertainty there are ISIS sleeper cells in this country [the US],” and two US officials saying there isn’t any indication of that…

Meanwhile, the media seems to be mocking (the indicted) Rick Perry for his outrageous fear-mongering.

From The Hill:

Perry: ‘Real possibility’ ISIS in US

By Mike Lillis | August 21, 2014

Texas Gov. Rick Perry warned Thursday that Islamic terrorists might already have crossed the southern border into the United States with the intent of attacking Americans.

In a fiery speech delivered before a conservative audience {!] at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, Perry, who’s eying another presidential run in 2016 [!], said the federal government’s failure to secure the southern border has created "great concern" that militants representing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) might already have arrived from Mexico.

"There’s the obvious great concern that, because of the condition of the border from the standpoint of it not being secure, and us not knowing who is penetrating across, that individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be [crossing]," Perry said. "There’s a very real possibility that they may have already used that [strategy]. … We’ve seen historic high levels of individuals from countries with terrorist ties over the course of the last months," he said.

By marrying the two hot-button issues of immigration and terrorism, Perry is hoping to bolster his image as a hard-liner on both…

You see? Mr. Perry isn’t really concerned about the safety of the country. He is just riling up the right-wingers to score political points.

Thankfully, the high-minded Democrats have a much more humane take on the subject.

From the Daily Caller:

Dem Politician: Grant Illegals Amnesty Or They’ll Become Terrorists

By Tristyn Bloom | August 21, 2014

Democratic [Iowa] State Representative and candidate for U.S. representative Pat Murphy said Tuesday that if the underage migrants who have come to the U.S. from Central America aren’t given a “pathway for citizenship” they could become terrorists. Speaking with Iowa Public Radio host Ben Kieffer, Murphy said that “we need to make sure that we take care of the children that are coming up here.”

“They’re not from Mexico, they’re coming from further south,” Murphy continued. “We need to make sure that when we’re talking about these children we need to treat them like they’re our children or our grandchildren. If they’re gonna be refugees, which several of them are going to be, we need to make sure that we have—one, we take care of them, and we create a pathway for citizenship and set up education for them so they don’t become the same problem that we’re currently having in the Middle East—that they’ll be terrorists a generation from now.” …

And this guy is from Iowa?

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