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Indonesia Province Passes Stoning Law

From those tireless defenders of the faith at BBC News:

In this Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009 photo, a Muslim woman walks past by a sign advising people to wear Muslim attire at Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, Indonesia.

Aceh passes adultery stoning law

Monday, 14 September 2009

Indonesia’s province of Aceh has passed a new law making adultery punishable by stoning to death, a member of the province’s parliament has said. The law also imposes severe sentences for rape, homosexuality, alcohol consumption and gambling.

Opponents had tried to delay the law, saying more debate was needed because it imposes capital punishment.

Sharia law was partially introduced in Aceh in 2001, as part of a government offer to pacify separatist rebels. A peace deal in 2005 ended the 30-year insurgency, and many of the former rebels have now entered Aceh’s government, which enjoys a degree of autonomy from the central government in Jakarta.

The legislation was passed unanimously by Aceh’s regional legislature, said assembly member Bahrom Rasjid.

"This law will be effective in 30 days with or without the approval of Aceh’s governor," he said

Married people convicted of adultery can be sentenced to death by stoning. Unmarried people can be sentenced to 100 lashes with a cane.

Previously, Aceh’s partially-adopted Sharia law enforced Muslim dress codes and mandatory prayers.

"This law is a preventive measure for Acehnese people so that they will avoid moral degradation," said Moharriyadia, a spokesman for the Prosperous Justice Party.

A new parliament will be sworn in next month, after local polls saw the moderate Aceh Party win the most seats in the provincial assembly…

This is ‘incrementalism’ at its best.

Of course the BBC sees nothing wrong with Sharia Law for Great Britain and the rest of what is left of the Western World.

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11 Responses to “Indonesia Province Passes Stoning Law”

  1. RightWinger says:

    This article just make me ask more questions than has answering them for me.

    For example, “The law also imposes severe sentences for rape, homosexuality, alcohol consumption and gambling.

    Now when they say “rape” here, I assume by past news stories (out of the Muslim world), that the severe sentence is for the actual victim of the rape, not the perpetrators of the crime itself. I also assume that the adultery death sentance is strictly for the woman who are involved, not the men. They left out “honor killings”, so that must mean that’s still okay.

    But the question that strikes me is the punishment for homosexuality. Since leftists love homosexual “rights”, shouldn’t they be out in mass protest in cities all over the world against killing gay people? Or is the BBC and their leftist allies so afraid of offending Islam, Sharia law, etc etc, they are certainly willing to throw the gay community under the bus in the name of appeasment?

    • beautyofreason says:

      “that the severe sentence is for the actual victim of the rape, not the perpetrators of the crime itself. ”

      Of course it is. Women are less than dogs under Islamic law. Under Shariah a Muslim women needs four Muslim men of good standing to witness the rape and testify in court. Otherwise she is considered guilty of adultery, which can lead to beatings and/or execution under government penalties. “Infidel” women often have no legal recourse. So a guy could literally rape someone in a dark alley with nobody around, and her testimony would mean nothing. But the government could still give her a beating or worse, if she confesses the encounter. I’m not even going into honor killings sanctioned by families. I’m sticking to straight-up shariah dispensed by the government.

      And they wonder why rape statistics in Islamic countries are so low?

    • RightWinger says:

      beautyofreason – Speaking of honor killings (well at least intent to do so) have you been following the Rifqa Bary case? Truly disgusting what has and is being done to her by her parents, CAIR and the MSM following the case.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Yep Rightwinger. Her parents made preparations to return to their country as soon as the father found out that she had left Islam. Sounds like an honor killing in the making. She wouldn’t be the first in our own country. Remember Amina and Sarah? Bright young girls murdered by their Muslim dad for being too “westernized” – in Texas.

      Rifqa says her blood has become halal under Islamic law because she converted to Christianity, and thus it is considered pure to kill her if she does not return to Islam. All four schools of Islamic law agree on killing apostates.

      I’m not familiar with what MSM is doing with the case (I don’t watch it) but I hope the media does not jeopardize this girl’s safety by playing down her circumstances.

    • RightWinger says:

      I’ve been following the story at Atlas Shrugs site. The Orlando Sentinel has been very involved, more or less taking the side of Rifqa’s parents and trying to make it out like zealous Christians have gotten out of control to make a mountain of molehill. You know, the typical blame the MSM will pass out to give the Islamic extremists a free pass.

  2. beautyofreason says:

    Sickening. The “moderate Islamic” country where Obama grew up. He spent years in this country during his childhood, a place where FGM is also practiced against most women.

    So much for “moderate.” Is there really such thing as “moderate Shariah law?” I think not. Some liberals buy properties in so-called moderate Dubai, like Brad Pitt / Jolie to give their children “world” experience. But the morons don’t recognize that holding hands is against the law, and often being in the same room alone with a member of the opposite gender is prohibited.

    Someone should remind Obama that there is no “moderate Islam” if Shariah is involved.

    Islamic values are spreading because the West is giving up its principles in the name of cultural tolerance.

  3. proreason says:

    Everything is relative, right?

    Who are we to judge another culture’s practices that were developed to protect society before medicine, electicity, agriculture, etc. was invented. Or to judge practices that were developed to insure that the alpha males had exclusive access to the most attractive females.

    If they want to continue to mentally and physically mutilate women, children and other powerless people even though it is completely unecessary, barbaric and hideously cruel, who are we to judge?

    Let’s restrict our judgement to members of our own society who practice even more barbaric cruelties…..like Christians and conservatives.

  4. Right of the People says:

    How positively medieval!

    Beauty, you are spot on with the reason we don’t hear open protests about this from the MSM and the rest of the libtards. I can’t wait until some “progressive” (sic) city like San Francisco adopts Shariah law and they start stoning some of the happy people for their behavior. Do you think the MSM would say something then?

    Except for an extreme view of what should be done with these animals, I seriously don’t have a clue how to combat them.

    I know it seems kind of isolationist but as long as they keep their sixth century beliefs in the third world, I say let them have at it. On the other hand if they are in our country, that dog don’t hunt.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    What a sick and repulsive religion that has Barry in the closet!!

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Sounds exactly like barry: “”This law will be effective in 30 days with or without the approval ..”

  6. canary says:

    oh. I wonder how this will affect Obama’s mother’s biography and everything she has done to make Indonesia a better place for women.

    Also, will Obama be cancelling his family trip to Indonesia, his favorite country in the world, that he with out logic reason blames America for their troubles.

    And then Capital Hill leaked the NYC al-qaeda surveillance, which blew
    federal law-enforcement’s investigation.

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