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Indonesian Karaoke Bomber Escapes From Jail

From a joyous BBC News:

Indonesia cafe bomber flees jail

An Indonesian militant jailed for a deadly cafe bombing in 2004 has escaped from prison, officials say.

Jasmin bin Kasau used a rope to climb the walls of Guning Sari jail on the island of Sulawesi, the prison’s security chief said.

Bin Kasau was serving a 20-year term for masterminding the bombing of the crowded cafe in the southern Sulawesi town of Palopo in January 2004.

The blast, blamed on Islamic militants, killed four people and injured three.

Police said at the time that the cafe had been targeted because it served alcohol and was Christian-owned, the Associated Press news agency said.

Police spokesman Dwi Hartono said police had searched Bin Kusau’s parent’s house but had been unable to find him.

Negligence by prison guards was thought to be behind the escape, he told AP…

They probably let him out in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan.

After all, what’s so wrong about murdering a few infidels?

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