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Insurers Want The Return Of (Evil) Catastrophic Plans

From the Associated Press:

Insurers will propose changes to Obama health law


WASHINGTON (AP) — Insurers want to change President Barack Obama’s health care law to provide financial assistance for people buying bare-bones coverage. That would entice the healthy and the young, the industry says, holding down premiums…

Tough luck. These are the very plans that Obama called evil and hated because they do not cover birth control pills and abortion and grief counseling.

After all, Obama-Care was not about getting more people to buy health insurance. It was about taking control of what insurers have to cover. In order to help transform America.

Besides, we were told that everyone hated these plans. So Obama was doing us a favor.

The proposed change is part of a package of recommendations that America’s Health Insurance Plans, the main industry trade group, plans to release Wednesday.

Others address how to smooth transitions for consumers who switch insurance companies, as well as making it easier for patients to find out which hospitals and doctors are in particular plans and whether their medications are covered…

Once people find out how few hospitals and doctors accept Obama-Care, they are going to run for the exits.

Given the polarized politics of health care in Washington it’s unclear how the industry’s latest proposal might advance. It might get a chance if Republicans in Congress abandon their crusade to repeal Obama’s law and start focusing on making changes to individual components…

Earth to the AP: the Republicans gave up their ‘crusade’ to repeal Obama-Care long ago. And that hasn’t made one bit of difference. Obama will only change the law the way he wants it changed.

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One Response to “Insurers Want The Return Of (Evil) Catastrophic Plans”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    No way! Seriously? You sucked the tailpipe of History’s unmanaged diesel and now you don’t like what you inhaled?

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