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IPCC Head: Tax Unsustainable Lifestyles

From the ‘Observer’ page of the UK’s Guardian:

Rajendra Pachauri accepts the Nobel prize on behalf of the IPCC in 2007

Western lifestyle unsustainable, says climate expert Rajendra Pachauri

Ahead of the Copenhagen summit, leading scientist and IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri warns of radical charges and regulation if global disaster is to be avoided

James Randerson
Sunday 29 November 2009

Hotel guests should have their electricity monitored; hefty aviation taxes should be introduced to deter people from flying; and iced water in restaurants should be curtailed, the world’s leading climate scientist has told the Observer.

Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), warned that western society must undergo a radical value shift if the worst effects of climate change were to be avoided. A new value system of "sustainable consumption" was now urgently required, he said.

"Today we have reached the point where consumption and people’s desire to consume has grown out of proportion," said Pachauri. "The reality is that our lifestyles are unsustainable."

Among the proposals highlighted by Pachauri were the suggestion that hotel guests should be made responsible for their energy use. "I don’t see why you couldn’t have a meter in the room to register your energy consumption from air-conditioning or heating and you should be charged for that," he said. "By bringing about changes of this kind, you could really ensure that people start becoming accountable for their actions."

Pachauri also proposed that governments use taxes on aviation to provide heavy subsidies for other forms of transport. "We should make sure there is a huge difference between the cost of flying and taking the train," he said. Despite the fact that there is often little benefit in time and convenience in short-haul flights, he said people were still making the "irrational" choice to fly. Taxation should be used to discourage them.

He dismissed suggestions that the actions he was advocating were insignificant next to the decisions that would be made at the UN’s climate summit which opens in Copenhagen in seven days’ time. "In a democracy, governments will ultimately respond to what the people want," he said. "If the people have a strong desire which can be demonstrated through their actions, as well as their vote at the time of elections, you can bring about a major shift in policy."

Pachauri caused controversy last year by advocating, in an interview with the Observer, that people should eat less meat because of the levels of carbon emissions associated with rearing livestock. He is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech at the opening session of the Copenhagen summit.

He said the opening bids from China and the US on emissions – announced last week – had given hope that a deal could be reached in Copenhagen, even if some details would have to be filled in later. "I think it provides momentum to the whole negotiations," he said.

Pachauri was speaking to the Observer before a public discussion at the Wellcome Collection in Euston with the philosopher AC Grayling yesterday. It will be broadcast by the BBC World Service on Wednesday.

He said that he also believed car use would have to be "curbed": "I think we can certainly use pricing to regulate the use of private vehicles." He added he was a supporter of former London mayor Ken Livingstone’s plan to increase the congestion charge to £25 for the most polluting vehicles. The proposal was dropped by Boris Johnson and the charge currently stands at £8. Pachauri also denounced the practice in some restaurants of providing iced water to customers who had not ordered it. "It is just an enormous amount of waste that we don’t even think about," he said.

Ultimately, Pachauri said the value shift that was needed would take a generation to take hold. "I think the section of society that will make it happen is essentially young people. I think they will be far more sensitive than adults, who have been corrupted by the ways we have been following for years now."

And the second part of this ‘interview’ from the Guardian:

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Leaked emails won’t harm UN climate body, says chairman

Rajendra Pachauri says there is ‘virtually no possibility’ of a few scientists biasing IPCC’s advice, after UAE hacking breach

James Randerson

November 29, 2009

There is "virtually no possibility" of a few scientists biasing the advice given to governments by the UN’s top global warming body, its chair said today.

Rajendra Pachauri defended the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in the wake of apparent suggestions in emails between climate scientists at the University of East Anglia that they had prevented work they did not agree with from being included in the panel’s fourth assessment report, which was published in 2007.

The emails were made public this month after a hacker illegally obtained them from servers at the university.

Pachauri said the large number of contributors and rigorous peer review mechanism adopted by the IPCC meant that any bias would be rapidly uncovered.

"The processes in the IPCC are so robust, so inclusive, that even if an author or two has a particular bias it is completely unlikely that bias will find its way into the IPCC report," he said.

"Every single comment that an expert reviewer provides has to be answered either by acceptance of the comment, or if it is not accepted, the reasons have to be clearly specified. So I think it is a very transparent, a very comprehensive process which insures that even if someone wants to leave out a piece of peer reviewed literature there is virtually no possibility of that happening."

The IPCC, which was set up by the UN in 1988, is the world’s leading authority on climate change. It advises governments on the science behind the problem and was awarded the Nobel peace prize along with Al Gore in 2007.

Pachauri was responding to one email from 2004 in which Professor Phil Jones, the head of the climatic research unit at UEA, said of two papers he regarded as flawed: "I can’t see either … being in the next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Kevin [Trenberth] and I will keep them out somehow – even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"

Pachauri said it was not clear whether the wording of the emails reflected the scientists’ intended actions, but said: "I really think people should be discreet … in this day and age anything you write, even privately, could become public and to put anything down in writing is, to say the least, indiscreet … It is another matter to talk about this to your friends on the telephone or person to person but to put it down in writing was indiscreet. If someone was to say something like this in an IPCC authors’ meeting then there are others who would chew him up."

Jones has denied any suggestion that he tried to suppress scientific evidence he disagreed with or that he manipulated data.

Some commentators, including the former chancellor Nigel Lawson and the environmental campaigner and Guardian writer George Monbiot, have called on Jones to resign but Pachauri said he did not agree. He said an independent inquiry into the emails would achieve little, but there should be a criminal investigation into how the emails came to light.

Pachauri said he doubted that trust in the IPCC would be damaged by the affair. "People who are aware of how the IPCC functions and are appreciative of the credibility that the IPCC has attained will probably not be swayed by an incident of this kind," he said.

He pointed out that five days after the emails were made public, Barack Obama announced a major commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions ahead of the UN climate summit in Copenhagen.

Mr. Pachauri is insane.

And he has the Nobel Peace Prize to prove it.

By the way, didn’t Ed Begley, Jr. just tell us not to listen to anyone but scientists from the field of meteorology? And not just any kind of scientist, but experts in climate and weather.

Well, according to Wikipedia, Mr. Pachauri does not have a degree in climatology or any related field:

Rajendra K. Pachauri

Pachauri was educated at La Martiniere College in Lucknow and at the Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Jamalpur, Bihar.

HEC Paris appointed Pachauri Professor Honoris Causa in October 2009.

He served as Assistant Professor (August 1974 – May 1975) and Visiting Faculty Member (Summer 1976 and 1977) in the Department of Economics and Business at NC State.

Pachauri was awarded an MS degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, in 1972, as well as a joint Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Economics in 1974.

Actually, his degree in economics might come in handy.

Since that is really what this is all about – the redistribution of wealth.

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18 Responses to “IPCC Head: Tax Unsustainable Lifestyles”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    I’ll put money on it that Obama will attend this Copenhagen summit, apologize to the world for America’s life style, tell everyone that he will “Change” the way we live (thats for sure) and then tax the heck out of all Americans to pay for this change.

  2. untrainable says:

    Looks like Raj has the burden of proof on the wrong foot.

    “Every single comment that an expert reviewer provides has to be answered either by acceptance of the comment, or if it is not accepted, the reasons have to be clearly specified.”

    No Buckey, you have a theory. A theory is a theory is a theory. Until it can be proven beyond all scientific doubt. To do that, you have to look at real evidence, not the cherry picked tree rings of 3 trees, and the AlGorhythm.

  3. proreason says:

    Only Raj and his pals can live the Western lifestyle.

    Hey, what good is it to be an aristocrat if the serfs can do the same stuff you do.

    And since free markets make it possible for everyone (who decides to work) to live like princes of yore, something must be done to keep the masses in their huts.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    I am feeling nauseous.

    Of course, it is Western society that must cut off its own limbs and pay for its sins of past colonization, right ? It’s all the fault of the few people living comfortably in the world. We must better resemble the rest of the planet, the starving war-torn masses who live on under one dollar per day.
    Industry is bad. Right.

    Only Western civilization should be regulated to death, though. Not China or India’s smoky factories. Not Saudi Arabia where the average Wahhabi family has multiple cars and large homes.

    Just Western people – preferably whitey. It’s the ultimate revenge.

    I get it. Global warming is a way of saying the rest of the world hates us and desires to cut us down to size by seizing upon simple liberties using fear mongering. Our lifestyle – namely living with electricity , clean water, plentiful food, and transportation when the rest of the world hasn’t gotten their act together – is embarrassing to third world cesspools and dictators everywhere.

    We must be punished for our behavior.

    My aunt is a Democrat. She suggested that the proposed ban on plasma televisions in California by the government was a good thing, because if people won’t do it then the government should enforce it. I wanted to tell her, sarcastically, that fat people worsened global warming according to one BBC article, and that she could stand to lose 150 pounds for the sake of the planet. But I’m too nice.

    • proreason says:

      Don’t be depressed Beauty.

      The future global commissars will be white, but there will be equal oppression for whites and blacks

      Don’t be fooled for a second. The crumbs will be distributed equally among all the races.

  5. Could you find someone who looked more like Satan? Then again Arafat comes to mind.

    Being a Hindu means he believes and practices in the caste system. He is of the “upper class” Brahmin caste. We are of the untouchable caste:

    “Varnas – Varna Sankara. All those, including foreigners, tribals and nomads, who did not subscribe to the norms of the Hindu society were contagious and untouchables. ” Wikipedia

    Yes, this guy is an elitist’s elitist.

    • mrbeverage says:

      he really resembles (in likeness and creepyness) the tea leaf reader, Grigori Rasputin, and apparently Rajendra K. Pachauri council is no different then the advise that was given by the mystic to the Romanov family, and we all know where that led. Both are con artist that have the ear of weak Leaders, and eat the undeserved fruits of their con.

  6. caligirl9 says:

    We be bad with our filthy western lifestyles.

    Best we bring back the plague in order to best adapt to a simpler way of life when we get rid of our “western conveniences.”. That way global warming/climate change or whatever they are calling it this week won’t get us. The “Black Death” will …

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    I think I’ll just go turn on every light in the house, take a really hot shower, run appliances I don’t need to use and crank up my truck and let it idle in the driveway to CELEBRATE the fact that I don’t have to read by candlelight, heat my water over an open flame, walk everywhere and get my news from the town crier. Or, even better, that I don’t have to spend all my hours before I sleep in my cave making as many good Folsom points as I can for my spears so I can spend the day tomorrow hunting all day or for several days to help feed my tribe.

    I mean, what a malodorous crock of ____ to try to lay on anyone.

    And, I’ll bet dollars will getcha donuts that Raj don’t smell like any rose.

  8. wirenut says:

    Haw! An elitist’s elitist, Good one ! If elitists have a caste system among themselves, I would love to hear the “who invites who” to their parties. Talk about decisions?

  9. BigOil says:

    This clown Pachauri has a degree in industrial engineering. Back in school, we used to refer to industrial engineering as imaginary engineering. He has the appropriate academic training to be the leading scientist at the IPCC.

  10. WTBFreedom says:

    I just registered on this site and saw this article.

    This is very very disturbing. It truly sickens me to see things like this happen to America and American people. I say America because I believe this man is insinuating that Americans are to blame for “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” or whatever it may be called this week. Maybe I’m just used to having food, indoor plumbing, lights that work (not those stupid bulbs power companies are handing out with mercury in them) and other such conveniences like a roof over my head but I believe people make what they have for the most part. Looking at our history, sure we aren’t perfect (Slavery was a bad idea but that is another rant), but our ancestors fought, bled and died for what we have now. We fought to build this country into the greatest nation on Earth where people can live free. Now I see this come under attack from this clown and others like him. Our own PRESIDENT included.

    If everyone else in the world thinks America needs to be taken down several pegs, then I say to them, get off your lazy butts and bring about some change for your own people. If we did it so can you. Do not hate me or America because we fought and still fight to keep what we have made for ourselves to better our own lives and the lives of American citizens.

  11. GetBackJack says:

    Whatever comprises Rajendra’s diet looks like it making him unsustainable.

  12. kevinbrat says:

    RE: bigoil
    Even worse thaan the fact he is an ” Industrial engineer ” Is that the fact that he was educated at the ” Kutum Bakum Indian railway Institute ” then started his career at the Diesel Locomotive Works in Varanast, a wholly owned subsidy of the Indian goverrment railroad system, where they
    ” reverse engineered ” obsolete “American” railroad locomotives that had run out their patents. Even so the Indian railroad system is the absolute worst in the world, with the most devistating accidents imaniginable, due to shoddy engineering possible. So not only is he crappy engineer, he is also a crappy climate scientist. But to top even tht off he is also a self proffessed religious fanatic, who believes in the radical Hindu philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. (Think gaia )Witch most these idiots seem to profess to.

    • Helena says:

      How interesting. Looked up your “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and this is what I got: (from “vasudha”, the earth; “eva” = emphasizer and “kutumbakam”, “family”) is a Sanskrit phrase which means that the whole world is one single family. The theory originates in ancient Indian texts of India called the Upanishads and is considered an integral part of the Hindu Philosophy. And I do love it that he’s such a mickey mouse engineer. Perfect.

      All these utopian theories are such an easy sell, but impossible to implement. They sound great, like what we all want: universal peace and harmony. Unfortunately, putting them into practice invariably seems to involve somebody coming around and scolding and restricting and brainwashing the kids into squealing on their parents for non-compliance. There’s always such a “true believers vs sinners” aspect to it all, too. I guess since religious feeling has been stigmatized, the wanna-be evangelists and soul-savers have to turn to “climate sins” to get their rocks off.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      All these utopian theories are such an easy sell, but impossible to implement. They sound great, like what we all want: universal peace and harmony.


      Such is the basis of many a science-fiction novel. The reason sci-fi is so popular in certain circles is the utopian framework and foundation. Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke and many others exploited it to a fine point and yes, it does make for fun reading. Even the most ardent of Star Trek fans are often taken aback when I point out the socialist tenet of it. But in the real world and universe with so many variables that cannot be expected to adhere to the controls of a single author, corruption, self-satisfaction, greed, graft, etc. take hold and run amok with the original plan.

      This is why socialism and communism will always fail and have always failed. The people of the Earth need to be able to operate freely to explore, invent and reap the profit of their work. To do otherwise defies our own instincts.

  13. canary says:

    Consumer Reports: Rajendra Pachauri; ConsumerReports: Come Fry with Me by[Mark Steyn] Nov 29 2009

    In order to save the planet from global roasting, it seems entirely reasonable to ask Mr. and Mrs. Joe Peasant to subordinate their freedom of movement to an annual “carbon allowance” preventing them flying hither and yon and devastating the environment….Rajendrandra Pachauri?

    Hey, if you’re manning the VIP lounge at Heathrow, that name may ring a bell:

    Dr Rajendra Pachauri flew at least 443,243 miles on IPCC business in this 19 month period. This business included honorary degree ceremonies, a book launch and a Brookings Institute dinner, the latter involving a flight of 3500 miles.

    Wow. 443,243 miles. How many flying polar bears does Dr. Pachauri kill in an average quarter? Well, not to worry, he probably offsets his record-breaking ursocide with carbon credits from carbon billionaire Al Gore.

    And in any case it’s okay to devastate the planet on IPCC business — plus the occasional cricket match:

    So strong is his love for cricket that his colleagues recall the time the Nobel winner took a break during a seminar in New York and flew in to Delhi over the weekend to attend a practice session for a match before flying back. Again, he flew in for a day, just to play that match.

    P.S. I you’re waiting for some journalist to ask him about the contradictions between his lifestyle and the one he wants the rest of us to submit to, that sound you hear is cricketers chirping.


    • ptat says:

      Very concise, canary! Thank-you. Definitely an “elitist’s elitist!” It is becoming painfully obvious that most of the believers in globaloney warming are not afraid of increased costs of living, higher taxes, etc., because they can afford it! They’re rich!

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