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Iran: Bin Laden Held Captive Before Shot

From a conspiracy mongering Agence France-Presse:

Bin Laden was a US prisoner before being killed: Iran

Sun May 15, 2011

TEHRAN (AFP) – Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden was a prisoner in US custody for "sometime" before he was killed by the American military, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday.

"I have exact information that bin Laden was held by the American military for sometime… until the day they killed him he was a prisoner held by them," the hardline president said in a live interview on Iranian state television.

"Please pay attention. This is important. He was held by them for sometime. They made him sick and while he was sick they killed him," Ahmadinejad added.

What does it tell you about the current state of affairs when you’re not sure whether to believe Mr. Ahmadinejad or Mr. Obama?

In any case, how did the American military make such a robust man "sick"? Did they take away his blanket? His remote control? His porn stash?

He accused US President Barack Obama for announcing the Al-Qaeda leader’s death for "political gain."

"What the US president has done is for domestic political gain. In other words, they killed him for Mr Obama’s election and now they are seeking to replace him with someone else," Ahmadinejad said without elaborating

This was a safe charge on Mr. Ahmadinejad’s part. After all, everything Mr. Obama does is for domestic political gain.

On May 4, Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi too had cast doubt on bin Laden’s death, saying there were "ambiguities" over the way he was killed.

The Americans "said they threw his body in the sea. Why did they not allowed an independent expert to examine the body to say if it was bin Laden or not?" Vahidi said…

Maybe Bin Laden was really thrown down a well.

Still, aren’t all of these theories coming from the same Iran that Mr. Obama promised he was going to improve relations with? Whatever happened with that?

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3 Responses to “Iran: Bin Laden Held Captive Before Shot”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    While I am no fan of Iran’s sweaty Jockstrap w / ears, dingleBarry did use this for political gain.
    While he told us that now was not the time for grandstanding, he went around
    the US spiking the football in every end zone that allowed him to do so.

    Our Navy Seals may have made Bin BoBo sick with lead poisoning acquired
    from a tap to the chest but I’m sure they followed that up with the cure…….
    ……one tap to the head.
    Osama got what was coming because he has been making America sick since 9 / 11.

  2. proreason says:

    I don’t believe imanutjob’s theory any more than Spike’s fantasy.

    The theory that makes the most sense is that the sub-marxists in the administration imposed the hit on the Golfer in Chief, and he got lucky that OBL didn’t have his own little SEAL force in attendance. Not taking anything away for our SEAL heros, but looking back, the operation was a lot easier than anybody could have expected. It wasn’t like they had to land in a hail of gunfire of that there were machine gun nests or a warren of tunnels to overcome.

    It doesn’t look to me that Spike deserves any credit at all. Repeat, NO credit at all.

    • Right of the People says:

      I still contend Barry the Bungler didn’t even know about it until it was already under way and they yanked him off the golf course to sign the papers to make it legit.

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